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    Thread Does there exist a Android 5.1+ and 2GB RAM head unit that isn't terrible?

    It doesn't seem like it's possible to find something with Android 5.1 (or later) and 2GB RAM. The only one I can find is the InDashNet unit except that one seems to still be in beta and buggy. Doesn't anyone make something with 2GB RAM and a modern release of the OS? Getting real sick of my...
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    Thread Unlocking SIM card slot

    Does anyone know of any service that can actually unlock the G3 D851 as of now? I searched through the old threads and tried the ones people mentioned but they're all just refunding an saying they don't have a code. I tried having a friend request an unlock from T-Mobile but they want the SIM...
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    Thread Does Google Wallet work offline with HCE?

    Google Wallet on the Nexus 5 uses HCE (host card emulation) which puts the secure element "in the cloud" instead of a physical secure element on the phone. The old way with the secure element on the phone works fine without network connectivity because once provisioned it is exactly like an NFC...
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    Thread ATIV S T899 Engineering Phone - COMPLETELY UNLOCKED - Useful?

    Hi guys, I bought an ATIV S on eBay "AS-IS" and the guy said it stopped booting after he tried resetting it. I thought it'd probably be the i8750 and I could flash it with the ROMs available but it turned out to be a T899 engineering unit. I was able to get it to boot because one of the startup...
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    Thread AT&T Lumia 920 on AWS 3G (1700/2100) IS POSSIBLE

    I have seen this question asked multiple times on this forum so I thought I'd just make a thread. The AT&T Lumia 920 has the hardware to support pentaband 3G including AWS. This means you CAN use it on T-Mobile and the other Canadian AWS carriers like WIND and any of their MVNOs. Unfortunately...
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    Thread Other party can't hear on speakerphone?

    I have a T-Mobile 8X and when I turn on the speakerphone the other side can't hear me but I can still hear them. Both sides can hear when speakerphone is off. Has anyone else had this issue? I've hard reset and still have the same thing so it leads me to believe it is a hardware issue. And just...
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    Thread Anyone using a non-AT&T 8X on AT&T?

    Is anyone here using a non-AT&T branded HTC 8X on AT&T with everything working on 2G and 3G? I don't care about 4G for this particular case. Does Voice, SMS, MMS in both directions, and data work? Does AT&T detect it as a smartphone and require the right data plan? Thanks. Edit: I decided to...
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    Thread Possible to repartition?

    Hi, Is it possible to repartition the internal storage on the GS2 to be like newer Android 4.0 phones? I don't like having the 2GB + 11GB split, and my Galaxy Note 2 handles it much better.
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    Thread Update is live

    I just checked for updates and my phone is downloading it now. Good luck everyone!
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    Thread I have a prototype Focus S, is it of any use?

    I bought a "Not For Sale" Focus S on eBay. It seems to be a prototype and I was wondering if it is of any use for development. Maybe it has an unlocked bootloader? I don't know much about it. In the about page OS Version: 7695.WM7_Main (mojobld).20110620-1512 Firmware revision number...
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    Thread Internet Sharing with AT&T

    Is there any way to get around the internet sharing restriction on AT&T? My data plan doesn't allow tethering but my Android phones with custom ROMs don't care. Is there any way around this? My old Samsung WP7 phones which were hackable could be forced to allow it using provxml and registry...
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    Thread RAM Usage (CM9)

    Hello, I have CM9.1 stable installed on my Galaxy Note. I've noticed that almost every time I open chrome it has to reload all my tabs because it's been seemingly cleared from RAM. In the apps settings when I go to running my phone is using 500MB RAM just sitting idle. Why? When I add up the 7...
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    Thread Bluetooth mice on Windows 8

    Hello, I have Windows 8 Release preview installed on my tablet (Dell Latitude XT3). I previously had Consumer Preview installed on this one and on my previous tablet (HP 2740p). Everything I have tried has had issues with my Bluetooth mouse. It will work for about 5 minutes then just...
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    Thread [Q] Anyone using a non-AT&T branded SGS2 on AT&T?

    Hello, Is anyone here using a non-AT&T branded SGS2 on AT&T's network? If there is, do they recognize it as a smartphone or can you get away with a dumbphone data plan?
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    Thread Deal Alert: Refurb DVP 8GB $160/16GB $180

    Thought people might like this. It doesn't seem to state which version (T-Mobile or AT&T) it is, but I'm sure you could ask.
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    Thread On screen keyboard mode switcher button problems

    This is probably going to not get any responses as most people aren't using the on screen keyboard, but I'll post it anyways. Has anyone's on screen keyboard had the mode switching button break? This is the button in the bottom right that lets you switch between full keyboard, thumb keyboard...
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    Thread PenTile screen?

    I'm considering purchasing a Dell Venue Pro for AT&T. At $300, it seems like a pretty good deal, even if the new ones are coming out soon. My question, does it have a PenTile screen? That would definitely be a deal-killer.
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    Thread Power Button Malfunction... Any way to remap and disable?

    Hello, I have a Telus Milestone and the power button seems to have malfunctioned. It seems to be randomly sending presses to the phone. The screen will randomly turn on and off and bring the power button hold menu. When booted into recovery at the exclamation mark screen, the phone will...
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    Thread WiFi WPA2-AES and Thawte Premium Server CA Not Working

    I am trying to connect to my work's WiFi and am having trouble. The wifi is using WPA2-AES, MSCHAPV2 phase 2 security, and requires the Thawte Premium Server CA certificate. I managed to install the certificate after a long time using this site and uploading...
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    Thread [MOD] Battery Percentage with Sense UI?

    Is there a battery percent mod (that shows the exact percent in the battery indicator by the clock) that works and looks good with Sense UI?
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    Thread Default Manila 2.5 background?

    Does anyone have the default Manila 2.5 background (circular gradient) as an image file? When I cook Manila into my own ROMs there is no background, just plain black. I can't find the default background anywhere.
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    Thread Programatically detect hardware version?

    Is it possible to detect which hardware version a certain HTC phone is? Like if it is a RHOD100, RHOD210, RHOD300? Or if it is a T7373 or T7377? I don't mean going by what the ROM says, because you can flash a T7373 ROM on a T7377 and the T7377 will think it is a T7373 in some places. Could...
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    Thread Manila 2011 will not work.

    Hello, I am cooking my own ROM for the Rhodium. I currently have it working fine with Manila 1922 from LEO ROM. What I did was dump the official WWE 6.5 ROM from HTC and added the Leo EXT packages to it. I cooked using most of those and some from the Rhodium and it works fine. Now when I...
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    Thread [ROM][WWE] RIM-ROM CLEAN WM 6.5.3 23529 Sense 2.5 2011_2812 Landscape eReader|FEB 12|

    This is the first ROM I'm cooking. I focus on: Lite memory usage No third party programs No programs that only a minority of the users will use I present my first ROM. Before this I didn't know how to cook a ROM but I learned! I decided to cook this ROM because I was not satisfied with...
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    Thread Disable ResProxy?

    Is there a way to completely disable HTC ResProxy? I don't mean set it to Dynamic, I want to see what happens when I completely disable it. Will I stop having memory issues if I do? After a day or so I can only have 1 -- at most 2 -- programs in the background. All I have running right now is...
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    Thread Stock taskbar with incremental battery meter?

    Is there a way to get the stock white taskbar icons but with the battery indicator that shows each individual step? I can not find this anywhere.
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    Thread [REQ] SMS Auto-retry (low signal/no signal)

    The way Windows Mobile handles sending SMS when in low or no signal areas is very annoying. If it fails to send the message it stores it in the drafts with a link to try resending it in the conversation view. You can tap the retry link but if it fails again it will store it in drafts AGAIN and...
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    Thread 6.5.3 RAM issues?

    Is anyone else having severe RAM issues with 6.5.3? After a day I'm down to less than 20MB free if I have Opera open! I think it might be something I install. Here is the list of CABS I install that I think could have some effect on the system. ShowcaseSuite (I disable auto-run, only manual...
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    Thread How do you make 6.5.x themes?

    I have been searching for the past 15 minutes but can't find the answer! What do you use to make 6.5.x themes?
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    Thread 6.5 Insane RAM usage?

    I have tried multiple 6.5 ROMs including multiple EnergyROMs and even the official HTC 6.5 ROM and they all have the same problem. Very high memory usage. It just keeps climbing. After one day of pretty normal application usage, I'm at only 40MB free. And having Windows Mobile close things...
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    Thread Freezing while off!

    I flashed the Official HTC 6.5 ROM on my Tilt2 and the phone randomly freezes while it is off (sleeping). I miss calls and messages. I have to soft reset to get it working again. This didn't happen with EnergyROM and I never used the stock at&t ROM so I can't comment on that. Does anyone else...
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    Thread Default TF 2.5 / new 2.1 Wallpaper?

    Where can I find the default TF3D 2.5 wallpaper? It is also the one used in the 6.5 unbranded ROM for the new 2.1. I like the default wallpaper, but when I have it set to default the home screen plays the annoying weather animations. If I can get the wallpaper, I can manually set it as the...
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    Thread A2DP Problems

    Sometimes the audio skips when I'm using bluetooth headphones, and it seems it lowers the quality of the sound each time it skips so that it can have a better connection. Whenever it lowers the quality, it never brings it back up, even if I put the phone right next to the headphones. Is there...
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    Thread Threaded messaging text box behind softkeys?

    This is driving me insane, I have put up with it for too long and I just need to find a solution. I can't remember when this started happening, if it is a 6.5 or a 6.1 and 6.5 thing. It has happened on both my old Raphael and on my new Rhodium. The problem is when you are in a conversation...
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    Thread For devices without CTRL on keyboard

    Could we somehow map FN+X, FN+C, and FN+V to be cut, copy and paste? On my FUZE and AT&T's upcoming Touch Pro 2 there is no CTRL key and X, C, and V do not have FN mappings. It would be cool for FN to do it.
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    Thread [HELP] Automatic Vibrate App based on light and G sensor

    I should have asked this before starting work on my program but I should ask it before I work too long. Has someone made a program that monitors the light sensor and g sensor and based on that set vibrate? I am working on a program for my Touch Pro that will do that following before setting...
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    Thread Request: SMS retry?

    It is annoying when you have little or no signal and you send an SMS only to get an unable to send SMS notification. It would be great if it could auto retry (AND get rid of the draft when the SMS is successfully sent). Is there such a program? Couldn't find one on google or here. Could...
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    Thread FUZE flashing problems! DPAD screwed up!

    So my FUZE was working fine since I bought it when it first came out. It was on Stock ROM, Radio, and SPL. I decided to flash the EnergyROM to try out the new Manilla. I installed the Hard-SPL, flashed the radio, and then flashed EnergyROM 2.0 32209. First thing I noticed was that...
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    Thread USA Touch Diamond

    I have a USA Touch Diamond that I am going to sell but I need to revert it to stock ROM/RADIO/SPL. I can not find the ROM (1.93.422.4) and I do not know which SPL it had on default? Does anyone know? EDIT: Found this For the ROM. It is...
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    Thread Turn off email notification when off peak?

    I have push email and 2 email accounts set to sync every 2 hours. Is there a way to keep push on and still sync the other 2 email accounts but turn off vibration during certain times like at night? I don't want my phone vibrating when I am sleep as it sometimes wakes me up.
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    Thread Max GPS satellites in use?

    I have both an HTC FUZE (AT&T Touch Pro) and a US Touch Diamond (DIAM110). On my FUZE, TomTom and GPSTest show a maximum of 8 satellites at once in the signal strength meter, yet on the Diamond it shows 13! Do all Diamonds show 13 at once or just the US ones? I am asking because my FUZE has a...
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    Thread FUZE remove PTT and Video Share from dialer menu?

    Is this possible? I dug all around the registry and can't find it! They make the menu too big to fit on 1 page so it gets the annoying scroll arrows (which for some reason 50% of the time when I open the menu it immediately starts to scroll down by itself like I am holding the down arrow down).
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    Thread USA Touch Diamond

    Is it safe to use the Hard-SPL on here on the USA GSM Touch Diamond? I was wondering if there are any differences between these ones and the rest (since these ones have USA 3G capabilities)
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    Thread US Diamond compatible with all radios?

    I have a US Diamond and was wondering if I flash one of the other radios, will I loose US 3G? The diamond occasionally locks up and has graphical issues (looks like white noise or static) and was thinking a new ROM and Radio might solve it.
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    Thread Change IMEI?

    I don't think this topic is banned here because there are other posts with how to do it for older HTC phones. I was wondering if there was a way to change my FUZE's IMEI to that of a dumbphone so that I can sign up for the $15 data plan. I currently have the $20 internet and 200 messaging plan...
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    Thread HTC Diamond Dialer W/ Smartdial?

    Is there an HTC Diamond Dialer with Smartdial that implements it in the same way as the reTouched dialer? The only ones I see implement smartdial in a really ugly way.
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    Thread Keyboard tactility

    Is the keyboard on the Touch Pro similar to the Kaiser's keyboard or is it more similar to the 8525? The 8525 had a nice, tactile keyboard and you could feel the keys clicking very well. My Kaiser has very soft keys and you can barely feel the click, and some of them have become so bad that I...
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    Thread Request: Lookup phone number before picking up

    Because 3G is getting so popular and it is possible to have a data call during a voice session, I thought this would be a good idea. Unfortunately, I do not have any skills programming with anything but C# and only very basic things. I think a program that takes an unknown incoming phone...
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    Thread Send SMS when there is service

    Is there a way to make the phone wait until there is service to try to send an SMS? Its annoying, since it is always getting and dropping the connection when I am in my basement, and instead of waiting until it catches a signal, it just says that the messages failed and puts it in my drafts...
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    Thread vTap

    I downloaded vTap and loaded it onto the latest HTC Official WM 6.1 ROM and it closes when you press the play button to start a movie. Does anyone know how to fix this?