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    Post [ROM] [8.0.0] LightROM Lite v1.0 For G610X

    Screen just stay black after flashing and rebooting (clean flash). Provided md5 hash doesn't match the Google Drive ROM File. Can you please verify?
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    Post [TREBLE][ARM64][VENDOR] Project Treblue for G610X

    Try flashing TWRP through Odin 🤞 Edit: I think you can hold power button and volume down in order to leave recovery and than boot to Download mode to flash TWRP through Odin
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    Post Android 11 one ui 3.0 rom needed

    Sorry buddy, that's not how things works, you can try build it by yourself and see why it isn't available yet. Demanding will not help you. I hope you can understand, I not meant to be rude.
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    Post THEREALROM | 復活者 - Pure Edition [G610X, G611X - 9] Let me know if you can't download it, I don't know yet how to manage permissions well so that other people can download it. Also I'll be removing the file soon, since it is not mine and I don't have permission...
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    Post THEREALROM | 復活者 - Pure Edition [G610X, G611X - 9]

    Flash Oxygen Kernel v6.0.138 and edit the camera-feature.xml file (located at /system/cameradata/camera-feature.xml) adding the following lines: <local name="CAMERA_FRONT_FLASH" value="true" /> <local name="CAMERA_SCREEN_FLASH_VI" value="true" /> Save the file and reboot.
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    Post THEREALROM | 復活者 - Treble Edition [G610X - 10]

    Very good ROM but, the fingerprint is not working for some apps (X-plore File Manager, Bank apps), it's gives the error: "Fingerprint create key: keystore operation failed" and "Fingerprint init cipher (provider exception) keystore operation failed". Clean flash and only Create vendor + ROM...
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    Post [KERNEL][J7 Prime/ON NXT][8.0+] Oxygen Kernel v6.0.138

    Look at the previous page, someone re-uploaded it:
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    Post [ROM] [9] [SAPIENT_OS] [V.3.0] [GALAXY_J6_PORT] For [GALAXY J7 PRIME]

    Sorry but what's the problem with the mentioned instructions? Do you already have TWRP installed? ( If so, install the Create Vendor 2.0 through TWRP...
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    Post [ROM] [9] [Treble] sapient os v2.0 galaxy a6 port by divyam variya

    Very good ROM, the only "problem" for me is the recent apps view that sometimes when I click on an app it freezes the phone for some seconds, IDK why this happens but just installed Good Lock 2019 + Task Changer and switched it to Carrossel layout and it's fixed.
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    Post [Treble][ARM64][AOSP][G610X]Project_Spaget X

    With SpagetX you can, just follow the instructions, and use ARM64_AONLY GSI (avoid sGSI)
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    Post [Treble][ARM64][AOSP][G610X]Project_Spaget X

    For me this also happened some times but you just need to flash the "" and "" also after you flash the ROM. Yes, flash it before the ROM and also after (before the first boot). At least for me this solved the problem all the times I...
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    Post Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610M - G610M/DS - Android 7 Nougat Stock ☆ TTT - SPL 2018-06-01 ☆ Here is it, install the 3.2.3 version. But please, speak in english here,it is against the rules to use another language as only a small number of people will...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    The G610(M) variant have a frontal flash instead of the notification led. But mine is working fine without having to install any fix/patch...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    Yes but, in your ROM only some applications can be enabled, while in other ROMs all apps can (I believe it is a modification they made in the Dual Messenger app to become compatible with not only Messengers but with any apps instead). Maybe you can implement it, I researched but didn't find how...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    Gmail it's working fine for me. OP, Is there a possibility that you can bring Dual Messenger for all applications like other ROMs? The ROM is perfect, that's the only thing I'm missing. Thank you so much for your work!!!
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    Maybe you can bring Dual App for every app in this new version, would be awesome!
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    Post [Xposed][MOD][4.0+][09-02-2021] KMod FWA v2.8.3 - WhatsApp privacy & customization

    It is working fine for me on Pie (WhatsApp 2.19.216/KMod 2.7.6/EdXposed always updated), but, the only things that's not working (at least for those I have tried);is the Customization>Chat>Text Format>Text Colors (Text Sizes are working), and app language option which doesn't apply, the app...
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    Post [RECOVERY][on7xelte] TWRP 3.3.0 for Galaxy J7 Prime

    The screen you are referring to is the download/flash mode, you're probably using the wrong combination of keys to boot in TWRP. When your phone are showing this message, hold the volume down and power buttons and when the screen goes black switch the combinations to volume up, power and home...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    1) I didn't faced any bugs yet, but I use my phone just to play some games like Clash Royale/Brawl Stars and for WhatsApp, so maybe there's some that I don't know. Game Tools is not working for me but I think this is not really a bug since there's a fix for game Home/Launcher, I just don't know...
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    Post [ROM] [9.0] Venom One UI® [OFFICIAL] [G610X] [Full-Stable]

    The ROM only booted up for me when I flashed Helios Kernel before the ROM, I didn't thought it was a thing, this is a precious tip for those who were not getting it. Honestly, I was almost giving up with Pie ROMs, ultil I get this one installed, didn't faced any of the problems that made me...
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    Samsung Sound Assistente is not working again (it had been fixed in v5.0)
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    I installed the Magisk version through the repo, placed a enable_detach file in /cache and rebooted. The app is here but, after some time it always update by yourself, even it not appears anymore in "my apps" list in Play Store and when I search for it there's no option to enable/disable the...
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Simple but with awesome features! Luke KLWP: cXyy9WwQg04 Sent from my on7xelte using XDA Labs
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    Downloaded from afh and not faced any problem dude, probably your downloaded was corrupted or something like that. The only thing I'm missing in V5 is the Dual Messenger for all apps, it's showing only few like WhatsApp and Messenger, not everyone installed. And don't do dirty flash guys, I...
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    Download the two files I attached above and copy the "/system/vendor/overlay/framework-res__auto_generated_rro.apk" from your currently running system to my "re-enable_navbar" file as an backup, and flash the "disable_navbar" one. If after flashing it the ROM don't boot up, just flash back the...
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    I made a package for who wants to disable navbar and is having trouble to do, just flash in recovery and reboot. For v4 only (not tested in other versions, do a backup before if you're going to try).
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    That's not a request for modules but for help, since the module I'm looking for isn't listed here at xda (at least I did not find it here) and "old". I need help to setup the "Download Redirection" module to not trigger requests from "", the fact is I don't know how to...
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    Guys can someone tell me if it's possible to run EdXposed in the lastest version of this ROM? If yes, could you upload the exact files you used to get this working? I've tried everything possible (serious, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.k.), but my EdXposed Iinstaller keep showing me it isn't activated even...
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    Thread [Q] Messed up the Front Flash after changing it's intensity

    my girlfriend used some application to change the front flash intensity of my SM-G610M and then uninstalled it because it did not work, at least not immediately, because after restarting the phone the flash does not work in the camera app anymore, instead the screen flash mode is being...
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    Has anyone managed to fix the front camera flash on the M model? I tested the fix made for Oreo but it did not work, it's the only thing I miss in that ROM :(
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Pretty basic and simple Samsung Home Screen.
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    I'm looking for a module to block force close popups for Android 7.0. I remember testing one toolbox module with that option but it's are not working and I don't remember the name of it to test again. Can someone suggest me other?
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    Post [ROM][OneUI][9.0] BlackBird OS For G610X

    The only problem I'm facing with this ROM is a bit of lag to show up the dialogue to perform a action, like when you are in a file manager and click to open a sound file, it takes like 4 seconds to pop up the options of which app you like to use to open it. But it is a very little inconvenience...
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Always simple :good:
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    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    I'm not familiarized with this widgets, so just edited some I've found :) Enviado de meu SM-G610M usando o Tapatalk
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    Post [LOGCAT] Can't set any secure screen lock

    Dude, you saved me, I already had lost my hopes , the directory you mentioned was really missing permissions, I just did what you said and the problem was solved, I really wanted to be able to retribute what you did for me, I'm very grateful to you, thank you bro, you're awesome!!!
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    Thread [Q][LOGS] Can't set secure screen lock (Settings crashing)

    I was using a ROM with Android 8.1 but decided to go back to a Nougat, based on the Stock ROM of my Samsung J7 Prime (SM-G610M), but after that I can no longer add any safe screen lock since the Settings closes after I enter the Pattern/Password, and this becomes an endless cycle. The strange...
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    Post [LOGCAT] Can't set any secure screen lock

    Even after flashing Stock Rom through Odin the problem persists, omg... Tried flashing Stock and doing full wipe after too but no sucess... I think some protected/secure partition are messed up, because I noticed now my wifi password are not being saved after a reboot too, and after I flashed...
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    Thread [LOGCAT] Can't set any secure screen lock

    I was using a ROM with Android 8.1 but after returning to the NovaOS (Nougat) ROM whenever I try to add any secure lock screen method (PIN / Pattern / Pass) the settings application force closure. After trying to set Pattern method the settings app just force close, but after trying to set...
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    I'm searching for a mod that allow to replace/delete assets in apps without need to decompile/resign (and change signatures). My goal is replace sfx sounds from a game that not allow to be recompiled because this cause failures to login. Anyone knows something like that?
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    Thread [ Bootlogo ] Stock J7 Prime bootlogo

    Previously I had installed a custom bootlogo in my J7 Prime and after a while I wanted to get back to the original, then I extracted it from the Stock ROM (BL>param.bin) and I am sharing here with you. If it had already been posted, feel free to ask the moderator to delete the post...
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    Post [Ask Any Question][Newbie Friendly]

    I'm trying to make a shortcut to quickly switch Google Play Games account in a specific game (Clash Royale), does anyone know if it is possible to do through terminal emulator? I have tried using the "am start" command to call sign-in activity from GMS and Play Games, and the game only have the...
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    Thanks dude, this worked perfectly!!! Sent from my Samsung SM-G610M using XDA Labs
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    Does anyone know a module to make all notifications to be expanded by default on Samsung Nougat roms? I tested some available in the repository but none of them worked :(. My device: * Android 7.1.1 (Nougat, API 25) * Samsung SM-G610M (AOSP-Based ROM) * ARM * Verified Boot is deactivated
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    Is possible for you to upload to another server? I cannot download through Mega, because it has size limits for download, I think other people's maybe may have this problem too.:(
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    Post [INDEX] Xposed Modules Collection | Post Modules' Requests Here!

    is possible to create a module to ˜change˜ the version of an application? ex*: to use a older version of Facebook app without displaying messages to update or simply bypass others version checkˋs