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  1. xuso

    Thread [SOLVED]Problem with Spotify App ¿Works fine for you?

    I've just bought a spotify premium account but when I try to login on Android's Spotify, the app just reboots and ask me for the user and password again.. and again and again :( Anyone with this problem or anyone with Spotify working to discard O1 imcompatibility? SOLVED. Look below :D
  2. xuso

    Thread [APP][30 JUL]ALTDRAWER 0.7.1 Alternative APP DRAWER [Perfect for MIUI] [Many options]

    CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT HERE :) I even sent him all my source code and new features. Thanks to everyone for that all support comments, but this is the end, I can't continue the development by myself :( Enjoy the new app ;) ----------------------- Hi, xda people, this is my first app. It's...
  3. xuso

    Thread Problem with auto-sync / push (Whatsapp, GTalk, Mail...)

    I'm the only one who have problems with autosync/push on these services? Whatsapp messages arrives me 30 minutes late :( On my other friends' androids works fine, It's because the phone? On every rom i've tried...:(