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  1. LENO7

    Thread Can you help me port OneUI 3.0 for OnePlus 8 Pro?

    Hi. Can you help me port OneUI 3.0 for OnePlus 8 Pro? I would be grateful for that.
  2. LENO7

    Thread (REQUEST) Ported OneUI Apps For OnePlus 7 Pro

    I want to use install Samsung Caller & Dialer& Phone & Contacts, messages applications. Is there any valiant to help?
  3. LENO7

    Thread OmniROM TreskMod vs Evolution X

    Both roms are AOSP-based and both allow us to experience Pixel features with advanced settings. Well. What are the differences between the two rom? Also, is TreskMod safe? Why doesn't the developer post on XDA forum?
  4. LENO7

    Thread (REQUEST) OneUI 2.0 Port For OnePlus 7 Pro

    Hi. I've seen some of the OnePlus models ported to the Samsung OneUI rom. Can the same be done for OnePlus 7 Pro?
  5. LENO7

    Thread Swipe To Call App?

    Hello. Before that I was using the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. In "Contacts", I could call someone by swiping to the right with one hand. Is there an app that I can use on OnePlus 7 Pro? Or do I have a chance to port the Samsung app to OnePlus? Sorry for the bad English. :(...