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    Post Is there's a possibility of any custom ROM now?

    it is possible but don't have developers. {Mod edit}
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    Thread Nokia 4.2 Source Code has been released

    the source code for the nokia 4.2 has been released, i hope there is someone that would be developing for this device, i would do it but i don't have the hardware and or the knowledge. Nokia source link
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    When I'm connected via Bluetooth i can hear them but when i play music i can't hear anything it's playing on the phone. I have force-disable A2DP but no luck
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    Great work on this build i have to say everything works well but not my Bluetooth have changes the settings in the phh menu but still no luck if there's any advice please let me know
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    Post [AINUR AUDIO] SAURON MK III [paused] | NARSIL MK I [upd 01.01.2021]

    Can anyone tell me what the spearker drc is in the audio policy configuration. I disabled it and the audio quality is 10 times better.
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    Post [6.0-11.0][Magisk]Dolby Digital Plus[upd.20200519]

    I've flashed the module on my nokia 4.2 on Android 10 and everything works but i just wanted to know can i flash this ainur Narsil
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    Post [SCRIPT][UNIVERSAL][v2] Project Duality - Automated Dual Speaker Patcher

    Great work on this script. I have edited my mixer paths to make it louder and it works but now i want to edit my mixer_path to convert it too dual speaker. There's a problem i don't have deep buffer speaker in my mixer and can't figure out where the loud speaker is located. Any advice would be...
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    Post [Moved] [ARM64][GApps] BiTGApps Pie 9.0.0

    hi great work on this gapps but i cant seem to download any apps from the play store. I'm using arm pie
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    Post [EOL][KERNEL][N/O/P/Q][All Variants] Intelli-Kernel

    The link seems to be dead Can you please add me. This kernel is just simply amazing. Thanks
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0.0_r47] [KLTE+VARIANTS]

    Somehow that worked thanx alot
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0.0_r47] [KLTE+VARIANTS]

    Hi guys I've vot something weird happening. I updated my phone's baseband, modem , charged the device via TWRP till a 100% and 30 minutes after. The device worked fine with 1 charge today but now I seem to charge the device past 89% and as you can see through smartpack kernel manager the...
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0.0_r47] [KLTE+VARIANTS]

    Could you explain how to do that please
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0.0_r47] [KLTE+VARIANTS]

    OTA updates Using this rom for a few days now and I have to say it's amazing. But just a question. I have a custom kernel and configured the way i like. should i flash the kernel again after i updated the rom via OTA
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    Post [ROM]-[Official]-Havoc-OS-[9.0.0_r47] [KLTE+VARIANTS]

    try installing Gpu drivers. i updated it and it worked for me
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.x ALL VARIANTS

    Hi to everyone For anyone experiencing app freezing for a few seconds Just update the Adreno330 drivers This worked for me