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  1. matze19999

    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    I have the problem that if I use my phone in my car (tesla model 3) over bluetooth and someone calls me, he can't hear me. I have to switch to the phone's speaker to make the microphone work. Idk if the bluetooth mic isn't working on other cars / speakers. Maybe someone can test it?
  2. matze19999

    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    Changelog for the latest build 11-11-20: • Merged November Security Patch • Improved App Lock • Added Automated DC Dimming • Added Powershare support • Added option to set default home page • Added translations for a few languages • Updated icon overlays from Android 11 • Fixed Quick Unlock...
  3. matze19999

    Post Getting Widevine L1 back while bootloader unlocked

    There is no way to hide a unlocked bootloader and because of that, it's not possible to have widevine l1 with an unlocked bootloader.
  4. matze19999

    Post What is SMT Download, really?

    no, on the phone its both the same. you just change the mode in msm download tool from "upgrade mode" to "smt mode". This allows you to reflash all partitions, even IMEI
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    Post What is SMT Download, really?

    It allows you to re-flash all partitions with a qualcomm flash tool. You can start it by turning off your phone, hold the louder button and plug the phone into your pc.
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    Post The whole EFS/IMEI Partition is messed up. In need of urgent HELP!
  7. matze19999

    Post [ROM]-[23.07.20]-Havoc-OS-3.7-[10.0.0_r40]-[Official]

    Is there a way to make the microphone louder? It's extremely quietly. It's the only problem I found in this rom ?
  8. matze19999

    Post bank apps and root

    The app checks your bootloader state. Just go back to stock if you really need the app
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    Post Custom ROM

    No. Use a substratum theme or buy an iphone
  10. matze19999

    Post Battery Experiment

    Thx for sharing
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    Post OnePlus Buds APK - 7Pro

    Youre searching for this one?
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    Post Device needs old Google account after factory reset

    You have no chance to access the phone without the code. Its the google FRP lock.
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    Post Download and Install but just want to download
  14. matze19999

    Post [ROM][12-AUG][10.0]Potato Open Sauce Project[UNOFFICIAL]

    OOS => POSP => format data Not Format data => POSP => format data
  15. matze19999

    Post IS There a better rom than OOS nowadays?

    What you mean with stock android ? GSI make many problems and there is no other vanilla android available
  16. matze19999

    Post Not able to change bluetooth codecs in developer mode

    I think the 7 Pro can't use aptx LL and adaptive, thats why you can't enable it.
  17. matze19999

    Post Lock Bands Without root

    I don't understand it. Why would you lock a particular band on purpose?
  18. matze19999

    Post Lock Bands Without root

    you mean unlock, right?
  19. matze19999

    Post transfer 250gb

    the "stock" cable is a USB 3.1 Cable....
  20. matze19999

    Post transfer 250gb

    WIFI or USB, choose one of them. USB 3 is actually pretty fast
  21. matze19999

    Post Guestions about Rooting , bootloader, new oneplus 7 pro

    you dont need busybox pro and superuser. flash only the magisk zip file. the other questions are correct
  22. matze19999

    Post Security?

    the camera mechanism won't stop working. If you don't want to your phone to send anonymous user data, use a custom rom without gapps...
  23. matze19999

    Post my model number showing different in about section

    ask your developer, maybe he changed something there. ---------- Post added at 11:33 ---------- Previous post was at 11:33 ---------- I think you can't flash a wrong kernel. TWRP would abort
  24. matze19999

    Post Warp charging making battery life shorter?

    placebo, it doesn't matter how fast you charge the battery
  25. matze19999

    Post Setting the active slot through terminal

    As far as I know, you can only change it over TWRP or fastboot command
  26. matze19999

    Post [Substratum] AOD ClockStyles

    Is the text also available in german?
  27. matze19999

    Post Widevine and Root

    There is no way *facepalm*
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    Post [GUIDE]enable 960Fps slow motion like 7t pro!

    Just don't search for the app
  29. matze19999

    Post [Substratum] Lockr - Minimalist Lockscreen

    Works with substratum lite btw :) Thanks for this mod!
  30. matze19999

    Post Battery life has been bad for many years now...

    doesnt make a difference, you can use warp charge without problems. He just gets the bad battery life from his apps, which are syncing all time in the background.
  31. matze19999

    Post Update firmware on custom ROM

    I think you will break your data partition if you do this. You can try it, but I think it won't work. I would backup the phone phone (apps + internal storage) and do the procedure, most likely it will fail. BTW, its illegal on the internet to pretend to be another (real) person :) Just use...
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    Post Accidently Removed OxygenOS

    wtf are you talking? xD
  33. matze19999

    Post very frustrating to install lineage

    boot to other slot & sim will work
  34. matze19999

    Post Charging Feature

    you can enable it with root
  35. matze19999

    Post Oneplus 7 pro overheating?!

    73° is nothing... youre phone cant overheat, it will throttle down to prevent overheating... just play and have fun.
  36. matze19999

    Post Increase battery life

    just write a .sh file, but the commands in and run it frequently
  37. matze19999

    Post OP 7 Pro QUALCOMM CrashDump mode

    If flashing with MSM doesn't work, youre phone is bricked. Send it back to OnePlus
  38. matze19999

    Post [RECOVERY][DUALBOOT][MAGISK][3.3.1-79][Unified]Unofficial TWRP for OnePlus 7/7 Pro/5G

    Zackptg5 how do I have to format the mounts.txt file? I tried to write the name of every folder in a line, but it didn't work.
  39. matze19999

    Post [RECOVERY][DUALBOOT][MAGISK][3.3.1-79][Unified]Unofficial TWRP for OnePlus 7/7 Pro/5G

    OnePlus is the only phone manufacturer, which covers this in its warranty
  40. matze19999

    Post Camera Flash Focus Question

    Does it work with the latest stable?
  41. matze19999

    Post How to restore Widevine L1?

    yeah, just reflash the original one or use mdm download tool
  42. matze19999

    Post Android 11 Developer Preview Launched By Google

    wtf are you meaning? Should a OS suprise you everyday with a gift?
  43. matze19999

    Post OnePlus Fingerprint Control

    Version 6 works on latest OOS version, you just have to select the image and then reboot multiple times :)
  44. matze19999

    Post [APP/THEME][ROOT] OPFPControl — Custom Fingerprint Icons and Colors

    Select the image one time and then reboot multiple times
  45. matze19999

    Post [APP/THEME][ROOT] OPFPControl — Custom Fingerprint Icons and Colors

    Version 6 is working for me on OOS 10.0.4 You have to select the image again and then reboot multiple times :)