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  1. Myst3ry

    Thread Unlock ATT M8 convert to T-Mobile?

    So i have tried searching, but i keep reaching dead-ends or answers that have no details what-so-ever. Im on t-mobile, and can get an unlocked ATT M8... what would i need to do to get that m8 as close to a stock t-mobile m8 as possible? can i just bootloader unlock and then just flash a...
  2. Myst3ry

    Thread Sprint Samsung Moment Dev.?

    Hey all, so I might be getting a Samsung Moment for my mother within the next few days, but since it is old and has a slow processor, where can i find some development for this phone? I just want to root and and install the most stable, quickest, good on battery ROM on it... any suggestions? by...
  3. Myst3ry

    Thread Monster iBeats by Dr. Dre for $38.99 + free shipping

    These are the ones that came with the Rezound and Sensation XE :D I would LOVE to buy a pair, but the rent is due soon! haha oh well, atleast maybe some of you could get in on this deal! :) and if you're super rich, grab a pair for me ;)