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    Thread Great deal on TF700 tablet and dock

    Groupon is selling refurb TF700s (gray and gold) for $349 with the keyboard dock...
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    Thread Browser2Ram--reduce/eliminate browser lag--Root only

    I'm not sure if this app has hit the Xoom yet, but since it has worked wonders on both my Transformer Infinity and my Nexus 7, I tried it with my Xoom, and it really improved my browsing experience. It works on AOSP browser and Chrome and may also work with other 3rd party browsers...
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    Thread [Q] RESOLVED! From CleanROM to What? With Scott gone, what's the next big ROM?

    I was surprised and sad to find that Scott (scrosler) has moved on to a new device (Nexus7, SGS Note2...) and left us with a great ROM (CleanROM v2.4) but with no clear path to the future. I have used Baked Black Bean and Hiemanshu's various offerings and there is lots of potential there...
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    Thread Great Performance! This thing flies!

    :good:Yes, this is yet another thread about the TF700 Infinity but this one is to counter all of the negative threads created by folks who come to xda--a developers' site, crying about their laggy Infinity, when all they have to do is unlock, root and mod -- choose from CleanROM 2.3, Clemsyn's...
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    Thread Staples has some Xoom Clearance items including standard dock
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    Thread US and Canadian TF700 Owners: ASUS delaying OTA until early next week.

    It's what Gary Key said:
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    Thread I have a perfect Infinity TF700--I love it!

    It was suggested that those with great Infinity TF700s who are happy with them post about how great their tablet is. I've been saying that mine (32GB Amethyst Grey with the TF700 AG Keyboard Dock) is a fantastic device and I wouldn't trade it for anything currently on the market. My tab is...
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    Thread Could Jellybean have improved the Xoom's screen color saturation?

    I have been using EOS Jellybean nightly for almost 24 hours and I wonder if my eyes are deceiving me---the screen colors look richer and more saturated. I've been quite happy with my Xoom's screen, but it's clearly not as vibrant as my SGS2 Epic 4gTouch, which has a super vibrant screen. I...
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    Thread [Q] Has anyone tried the ZAGGSafe Smartphone Warranty?

    I searched but don't see a similar thread. ZAGG is offering a two year smartphone warranty for $99 that covers unlocked phones, also covers water damage with a $59 deductable...I think it will be cheaper than paying monthly insurance premiums. Probably most savings if you will stay with your...
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    Thread Off-Topic: MotoActv Rooted! Tiniest Tablet

    I know it's tiny and probably pretty silly, but who doesn't want one of these rooted and sporting the Honeycomb launcher and the Android Market? :D GPS WiFi Bluetooth FM Radio relays calls/texts from Moto smartphone in BT range, etc.... plays games Now that the Team Eos ICS nightlies have (at...
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    Thread New Team Tiamat Rom is now available for Verizon 4G LTE

    Enjoy the Rom from bigrushdog and solarnz:
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    Thread Attn: New Xoom Users

    For all you guys and gals looking to root and enjoy the goodness of custom ROMs and kernels, PLEASE don't go digging up ancient rooting methods and old, obsolete kernels and other ephemera. There are more old, outdated threads floating around page one in the Development Section and people are...
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    Thread Set DNS app

    Useful app, and it did speed up my browsing and market downloads, a lot!
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    Thread [Q] What are you wishing for in future roms/updates to improve your Xoom experience?

    It's quiet in here while 3G Xooms are in transit getting their long-awaited 4G upgrade.:D So what is coming down the road that you might feel excited about, or what is on your wishlist? In this thread I'm not looking for a ***** session, but just an assessment of where we are in terms of...
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    Thread OUTDATED[Guide] Setting up/using adb/fastboot-unlock, flash custom recovery & root

    OUTDATED[Guide] Setting up/using adb/fastboot-unlock, flash custom recovery & root Below is a great guide to rooting, from several sources, (mostly taken from pingvinen's "An Idiot's Guide to Flashing the Xoom" and a guide by publicanimal. and I hope it helps. You can find the links to all of...
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    Thread If you are having trouble wilh Swype You might try flexT9

    This alternative works really well. I had it for my previous 7" tablet but when I got the xoom it was no longer available. They now support the xoom and I've reinstalled it. Is from the makers of Dragon Naturally Speaking. It costs 4.95 but includes 4 input methods: swipe, voice input, writing...
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    Thread Known App Conflicts Causing Problems with Xoom

    I hope that this thread can be pinned so that we can all be warned about serious conflicts with app updates and versions and some of the kernels and roms we have flashed. Still hoping this thread will be used for solid advice. Please contribute. Some of these apps/versions are consistently...
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    Thread Don't install the latest Xoom recovery 4.0.0.x from CWM yourself a favor and don't use this recovery--it doesn't see your external sdcard and prevents you from flashing anything from the microsd. Use Solarnz's cwm recovery or, instead.
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    Thread Warning: Partition SDcard in Rom Manager is too close to Home and Back buttons

    There are other threads warning about not partitioning the (internal) SDcard in Rom Manager (will result in real brick), but "fat finger syndrome" may be partially at fault for some of these disasters. Just be careful, and if you hit "partition SDcard" by accident when trying to hit Back or...
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    Thread [Q] Constant FC on My Apps- wifi/rooted/tiamat 1.4.0--please help!

    I keep on getting this message: the application market (process com. android.vending) has stopped unexpectedly . please try again. I have tried clearing the cache, clearing data, everything but reflashing the kernel. I don't know what happened. Since I have a custom kernel, I haven't received...
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    Thread ClearSpot 4G Personal Hotspot is working perfectly

    I don't have a phone I can tether to, so I got a Clear Spot personal 4 G hotspot and I've got a fantastic signal everywhere I've tried so far in Boston. Seems I'm surrounded by their towers. Now I'll never put this tablet down...I'm addicted.:D
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    Thread [Q] Has anyone used Killswitch with success?

    I installed it today and set it up for a tablet as per the app's instructions, even shortened the confirmation time a bit, but it seems to not work for my A7 set-up (Dextermod 1.3, no additional patches). Has anyone tried this app? Does it work for you? Update: it just froze my...
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    Thread [Q] What are your top five essential apps for backup, maintaining your device?

    I feel like I've downloaded half of the market in search of a suite of essential apps...lots of options out there. From the experienced users/developers (and knowing the A7 and its quirks), what would you recommend to create a comprehensive set of apps for backup, cache cleaning/battery saving...