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  1. nasif619

    Thread [ROM] [4.4] Unofficial Omni rom source build.

    hi XDA after taking a long hibernation i am back to xda. almost 2 years. i was developing for galaxy s1. just compiled one of my favourite rom. this is off course an unofficial build. enjoy. Requirements: - CWM Touch or latest TWRP (if you have a metadata error when flashing...
  2. nasif619

    Thread [ROM][4.1.1][Unofficial] AOKP JB [24/07/12]

    Hi everyone, this is the unofficial Aokp port for you guys. Aokp JB is is in very early stage now. so this is just a taste of Aokp. Credits: 1. AOKP 2. Roman 3. CM Team 4. Pawitp 5. Stratosk for his great kernel. 6. sykomaniac 7. dastin1015 For this 8. Perka for this 9...
  3. nasif619

    Thread [JB][4.1] port from galaxy nexus Uploded

    Ok guys this is my jb port from nexus s leak. working: 1. boot 2. touchscreen. 3. camera [partially] 4. wifi[partially] 5. vibration download 2n release with no on screen button. really in initial stage. credits will update the op with everything when i will come...
  4. nasif619

    Thread [4.0.4][ROM] Dark Knight 5.5 [27/4/2012]

    Hi Everyone, This is a android 4.0.4 ROM. This rom is fully ported Galaxy Nexus ROM. i will try to fix all the bug you encounter. As i fixed lots of them so all should be fixed. IF YOU LIKE MY WORK HIT ON THANKS ,,,,,,,,,
  5. nasif619

    Thread Closed

    Moved to Dark Knight 4.0.4 please no more comments here. for theme , i will make these theme for 4.0.4 as well. i will ask moderators to close this thread. sorry for the mess .
  6. nasif619

    Thread [Rom][28/8] Ultima Plus GB [with all new feature]

    finally I finished my rom. based on official. i hope you guys will enjoy it. thanks. I am telling that it is the fastest. check yourself The quadrant scores are after an implemented hack. Phone will be smooth after few reboot.
  7. nasif619

    Thread LG Optimas 2X Keyboard for all ROM

    This is my Lg keyboard from my rom. Should Work on Every rom. Download: Installation: 1.Install as custom zip. if it does't work put the file manually using root explorer. 1.Extract the Zip into your sd. 2.Go to system/app. 3.copy the Hime.apk to...
  8. nasif619

    Thread [ROM][baseband 67]Ultima 4 Fastest Froyo [Zkernel] [25-6]

    I am really happy to bring you the Fastest froyo [Hopefully] for your X10 from free x10 sourse. very big thanks to z and J and T.A big thanks to T because i took lots of twicks from him. trying to ask his permission but could't find him. all the cridits goes to them.special Thanks to...
  9. nasif619

    Thread [ROM][MOD]CM7 Modified Speedy (honeycomb and galaxy s2)[11/5/11]

    First of all, This is a Modified rom of CM7 By jerpelea(the legend). Inspired By Honeycomb and Samsung gala s2. Speedy and for better battery life. clean theme. Go launcher and go dailer.custom dock. Apps are rebuild. If there any paid apk just let me know, i will remove it. Rom information...
  10. nasif619

    Thread [Poll] Which custom rom is your favourite ?

    There are lot's of rom available now on XDA. Its so hard to find which one is the most popular, good, stable rom. that's why i decide to make this poll.
  11. nasif619

    Thread Samsung Gala s theme for CM7 11 Beta 1

    Modified framework same as samsung galaxy s. Its my first theme so guys allow me. i will provide u guys more theme in future. I will update this theme everyday. This is now only available for CM7 v11 (from my favourite J) Download link...
  12. nasif619

    Thread App remover causes Reboot on CM7 009

    I tried lots of app remover . but all of the causes reboot on CM7 009. need some help.
  13. nasif619

    Thread [Q] CM7 009 reebooting on se logo

    My x10 is rebooting on SE logo. tried all the way. need some help.