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    Thread Unlocked phone?

    I recently upgraded my phone to replace my Galaxy S3. I still have it rooted and bootloader unlocked, with 4.3 ROM I was wondering, if this phone is already unlocked for international use? Or do i still have to take it in to a VZW to do their magic? Also, do i need another Sim card from vzw or...
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    Thread Minor Update VRALHE – Definitely Not Jelly Bean Atleast it has the enchanced e-mail that most people want, thats specific to our S3.
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    Thread Restoring/Flashing ROMs

    Hi everyone, im bascially new to the SGS3 development, but very fond of it after upgrading from my DroidX this past weekend. I've been doing as much reading as i can and know almost everyone about the phone now, i just have some questions. Now that we are unlocked can i easily restore my backup...
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    Thread New update 4.010.13

    Just recieved 4.010.13_COM_GEN2 from .10 update here in the states 14mb download, seems to have done a app preinstall process again.