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    Thread Restoring TWRP Backup - Freeze at Boot Screen

    Hey all, I've been having some problems restoring a TWRP Backup of the stock ROM. I made the backup and then flashed another OOS based ROM, but the phone seems to freeze at the boot screen when I restore my backup. Anyone else having this problem? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Thread OnePlus Launcher Keep Awake

    Looking at my battery use, the OnePlus Launcher is showing some pretty high keep awake times. Off charger for about 16 hours and it's showing nearly 2 hours of keep awake. Anyone else seeing this? I've tried clearing data.
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    Thread Doze & LED Notifications

    Hey all, I'm currently trying to figure out why my phone didn't go into Doze last night. I had quite a few wakes throughout the night and I just installed GSam to try and figure it out. I'm curious if enabling custom LED notifications through a custom ROM will keep the phone from going into...
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    Thread Encryption - Does it matter on this device?

    All, I've done some searching, but most compare benchmarks and such. I don't do a ton of file writing or transfers. So do you guys think (other than benchmarks) that encryption makes a difference on this device? What are your thoughts? Thanks
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    Thread Google Keyboard Settings

    Alright, this seems really pathetic, but I've been using Swiftkey for the past few years. I decided to give the Google Keyboard a shot tonight just for the hell of it. I have a couple questions because a lot has changed since I've used it. 1: What's the difference in having the "Spell Checker"...
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    Thread Moto Maker & Unlocked Bootloader

    All, Anyone know or had any luck returning their device for a "re-do" of their design after they have unlocked their bootloader? Thanks!
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    Thread Google Now & Battery Life

    I'm sure this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I haven't revisited it in quite a while. I really do enjoy Google Now and all the fun things it does for us. What are you guys doing to help out battery drain while using it? Are you using the "Battery Save" location function or some other...
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    Thread Wipe Dalvik?

    Is anyone able to get any options when booting into the stock recovery? It used to be that even if you didn't have a custom recovery, you could boot into Android recovery and factory reset as well as wipe the dalvik cache.
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    Thread CM/AOKP Mms.apk?

    Hey all, Anyone get a CM/AOKP Mms.apk working on their Droid Ultra/Maxx? I've tried using one posted in the MotoX forum, but it FCs when trying to type a contact name. Any ideas?
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    Thread Google Now Location

    Hey all, Anyone having location problems when using Google Now? I've enabled location reporting and history, but unless I open Maps before Google now, I don't get any location based alerts. Such as weather, etc... Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Recovery - Wipe Cache/Dalvik?

    So I booted into the bootloader and selected recovery. Once you get there, I tried volume up or down to select something, but I don't see anything pop-up. It'd be nice to know how to do a factory reset from recovery or maybe if there is a clear cache and/or dalvik in there? Anyone have a clue...
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    Thread [REQ] Speed up LED Notifications in Jelly Bean

    So, I've been running Jelly Bean for the past few days, and I'm loving it. It's been a little tough coming from AOKP and not having all the features, but I know they're working hard. I've noticed that LightFlow isn't working quite right yet with Jelly Bean. I was wondering how hard it would be...
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    Thread Worth it for ICS?

    Just looking for some opinions here. Amazon has the Kindle Fire refurb for $139. I currently have a Galaxy Nexus, but I've been looking into getting a tablet for a while. I will only be running ICS/straight Android on it and won't be using any of the preloaded apps and what not. Just wondering...
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    Thread Delete

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    Thread Slow Selection in Settings

    I've been testing a couple of different 4.0.3 ROMs for the past day or so. I've noticed in a couple of them (not sure if 4.0.2 has this or not) that when I go into the settings menu and click on something it highlights the selection and does a really, really slow fade until it changes to the...
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    Thread Faint Lines on Right Side of Screen

    Just got my Galaxy Nexus and booted it up. I opened up the settings menu and when I look on the right-hand side of the screen. I can see these ever so faint lines going down the whole screen. Anyone else have these? MODS: Please delete, sorry. I didn't search around a bit before posting. Just...
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    Thread Thanks to all!

    I just wanted to post to say thank you to everyone that has helped development on this device. It has been a long, bumpy road. I just ordered a Galaxy Nexus and it should be here on Thursday. Good luck to all and the future development on the Droid X2. To the devs that we do have; you've made it...