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  1. kindie75

    Post POLL: How many days did it take to ship your Moto X?

    Ordered 10/9 Est ship date per Motomaker 10/28 shipped 10/17 I received a notification from FedEx that my phone was picked up today and on its way!
  2. kindie75

    Post Official Galaxy Nexus Car Dock with TRUE 3-pin functionality! (2012-08-10 Update!)

    Besides having to take my case off the phone every time I dock my phone and shaving the volume area. I am pleased with the dock!!
  3. kindie75

    Post [GUIDE][CDMA] A Literally Fool Proof Guide To Installing .211 (ICS).

    ??? I can't get past the option 15. It says "system cannot find the path specified". Any one please help!!! Nevermind I forgot to extract the damn zip.......idiot!!
  4. kindie75

    Post Refurbed T989s... Any good?

    I have a Epic Touch I am selling!!!
  5. kindie75

    Post [How To] Fix push notifications in the official Facebook app

    I have done this and it's not working for me :( I followed all the directions to a T. I'm on a sgII rooted/stock ICS FC15. Any tips anyone can help?
  6. kindie75

    Post [Q] do females use xda?

    Yes we do! Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk