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    Thread Changing from LOS to Miui 11

    Hello everyone, I am now on lineage os 17.0, can i flash this android 10 file (V11.0.3.0.QFKEUXM) via my orangefox recovery ? Im on Mi 9T Pro. (Netherlands). So can i flash the official ROM in the orangefox recovery on top of lineage os (and the Chinese vendor) without any problems? Regards...
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    Thread Android Oreo?

    Hey guys, is Android Oreo coming to Moto E? or was nougat the last rom for this device? Sincelary, Jason.
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    Thread More space for apps Fix?

    Hey, im having a trouble with so less space, Is there a fix to have more space with xposed or something? Anybody help because i need more space
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    Thread good stable, fast, battery saving rom

    hey, can anybody give me a good rom that has this: battery friendly, customizen options and maybe Android 6.0
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    Thread [Q] How to install Bootanimation

    Hello. How do i install a custom bootanimation on my S3? ive already downloaded two files named CWM_CustomBootanimation_Disable and Enable. and the bootanimation. CWM SGS3 NexusHD
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    Thread DorimanX Kernel for android 4.4.4

    Hello, Today i downloaded NeatRom ( android 4.4.4) For the battery life etc etc, And i also read that the dorimanX kernel is battery friendly, but where do i get the one for my android 4.4? I have now a kernel installed ( CM recovery+ kernel for Kitkat -odinflashable), The version of CWM is...
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    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S2 lost root while installing android 5.0

    Hello Peeps, Yesterday i downloaded and installed Android 5.0.2 on my S2 but i lost my root.. How can i root it again? Just with the latest siyah kernel? or doesn't that support CyanogenMod 12? Best Regards Jason
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    Thread [Completed] Recovery v6.0.5.0 for S3

    Hello, Can anyone give me a download link for v6.0.5.0 version of clockworkmod recovery? (s3) Because i want to install android 5.0.2 on my sister her S3
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    Thread [Q] New Recovery for Samsung S2

    Hello people, Yesterday i got the Samsung S2 for my birthday and i want to put android 4.4 on it but i need a new recovery but i don't know how to upgrade my current recovery? can anybody help me please? My phone is rooted and runs the Siyah kernel /:edit , after i i downloaded the zip file en...