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    Thread [Q] Best for battery

    I recently purchased a HTC 10. I have it rooted and s-off. I find the battery life rather poor, again it was kind of expected as my old HTC 7 and 8 were pretty poor. The 10 came with the latest and last sense firmware which is Oreo. Last week I downgraded to Nougat firmware and installed the...
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    Thread [Q] Sunshine and not rooted

    I just bought a used HTC 10 yesterday. It came with stock Oreo and locked, basically an untouched device. I have used HTC before and played with them many years ago. Anyways, decided to unlock the bootloader and flash a custom rom. All great however I am finding the battery life is pretty poor...
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    Thread [Q] Budget with best wifi

    Hello all, I am staying somewhere with a relatively weak wifi signal. Some of my devices get more bars than others. Can any recommend the best budget device that has the overall best wifi reception? Ie the device can pick up on a weak signal better? I want to use this device to bluetooth as a...
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    Thread [Q] Oreo battery life

    Hello Since upgrading my firmware to Oreo 8.1 I find the batter life on my G5 Cedric poor, and it's even worse if I flash a custom 8.1 rom. Currently on Atomic 8.1, and with light to moderate use after 7 hours I go from 100% to 35%. I don't know whether it's a case of my battery needs...
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    Thread Xposed on 8.1

    Hi I just recently flashed the 8..1 firmware on my Cedric, it works great. Has anyone successfully got Xposed to work? I tried the flash the latest version from Rovo dated back to January 2018, but it causes a bootlop. If it is not going to work, I guess I'll flash a custom rom to get some...
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    Thread [Q] J6 mods

    I just got myself a J6 device. Very happy with it so far. As there are no custom roms for this device, are there any xposed mods that may work for the firmware, such as center clock, advanced power menu? Thanks,
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    Thread [Q] Upgrading to Oreo weird things with 4g

    Ok, for the past for few days I'm having problems upgrading to an Oreo rom. I have the xt1675 UK based cedric, running Nougat stock. I am actually now in the Netherlands on a Dutch provider and the phone works fine. However as soon as I flash an Oreo based rom in TWRP, the phone cannot find my...
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    Thread [Q] twrp 64 bit

    I've not flashed a rom on my G5 for quite a while and have forgotten a few things. Before that I was an avid flasher on the HTC and Nexus devices, but the G5 is a little bit trickier! I have the normal TWRP installed, with the stock rom and xposed. I would to finally try an Oreo rom, but I...
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    Thread [Q] Battery friendly?

    Hi I have newly rooted G5 Cedric, I was happily using the stock rom with xposed and gravity box, which gave me pretty solid battery performance. But I missed a few tweaks and mods so I flashed the last release of RR, which is a 7.1 rom. I haven't gone to Oreo as I am using 32bit version twrp...
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    Thread [Q] Internal storage incorrect

    Hello, I have a rooted stock G5 (Cedric). A few days ago I installed the official twrp and created a back up to the interal storage, so I could flash xposed and gravitybox. Everything works fine, however I installed an external sdcard and created a second twrp back and this time to the...
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    Thread [Q] Installing twrp

    Hi all, I just recently purchased a G5, with the 2gb ram. I assume this is Cedric? Do I need to download the 64 bit Cedric release of twrp? I have unlocked the bootloader, but a bit confused about twrp. I have twrp image, and I know how to use fastboot commands. My query is during the...
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    Thread [Q] GPE/Sense for battery

    For an aging M7, is there is a noticeable difference between a GPE and Sense rom? I am thinking of flashing the GPE+ rom from Santod, as I quite like the clean android feel and was hoping with less HTC clutter it might have slight better battery life. Can anyone offer some insight whether there...
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    Thread [Q] Theming htc framework

    Hello, I'm currently using Maximus HD which has the Sense 7 launcher and apps, but obviously being based on Lollipop Sense (5.0.2) does not have the full theming capability of newer Sense roms. Are there any xposed mods that anyone is aware of that can change the framework colours, such as in...
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    Thread [Q] Speaker protection

    Hello, Love my M7 phone, had three of them in the last five years or whatever. Unfortunately they have all developed the same fault, the speakers go crappy and end up sounding all "farty"!!! It seems to be because of the work I do. I'm a machinist by trade and will all the metal and crap, the...
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    Thread [Q] Rom for my old M7

    Looking to re-use my old M7 for a few months. It is unlocked and twrp installed, and the latest firmware onboard. Looking for a rom that is stable, good with battery and has some nice tweaks especially centre clock and status bar mods. I prefer Sense based roms as I like the HTC keyboard and...
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    Thread [Q] Sense roms customised

    Hello, There are quite a few Sense roms for the m8, which of them is likely the most stable and offering the most custom features? I used to like the Venom Roms, but their website has not been up for quite some time. I think the ARHD roms are good, with using Sense Toolbox, but the Toolbox...
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    Thread [Q] MIUI roms for the M8

    There appear to be a couple of MIUI roms for the HTC M8. One is on the MIUI site itself and there are several on the xda forums. I could do with advice as to which is likely to be the most stable as a daily driver for this aging phone? I've been a Sense user for an age but fancied something...
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    Thread [Q] Whites washed out after flashing rom

    Hello, For the first time in a long time I decided to try a different rom on my M8. I have been running ARHD (latest) or the latest MaximusHD, but for a chance I flashed FlymeOS. It flashed fine but I noticed all the white colours are washed out and have a pink/orange hue compared to what they...
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    Thread [Q] Battery life

    I guess the M7 is an aging phone by now, however before I decide to trash the phone, can anyone offer a rom that offers the best possible battery life from this phone? I am currently using Viper rom 8.0, but the battery life is not so good. I am not sure if all the tweaks are a drain on the...
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    Thread IOS status bar layout for HTC Sense

    I'm currently running Maximus 53.0 on my M7, with xposed installed. I love the rom, but was curious to know if anyone knows of a mod that can mimic the status bar layout, ie centered clock, signal and wifi on the left, battery to the right? It seems most, if not all go as far as centering the...
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    Thread [Q] GPE rom

    Evening Is Skydragon probably the better or best of the flashable GPE roms for the M8? I could not find too many without requiring the conversion, but Skydragon seems the most well read thread. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] First M8, need rom

    Hello, A friend sold me his M8 phone and I have managed to unlock and install the latest twrp on the device, obviously I am still s-on but as I am currently on the latest baseband I won't really need s-off as the moment. There are so many roms for this phone, but what I am after is a stable...
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    Thread [Q] Storage question

    My Nexus 4 had the latest factory image 5.1, I then rooted my device and flashed PureNexus marshmallow. Everything works as it should,except my sdcard is showing at only having about 500mb of space remaining. I have a 16gb device, I am guessing with the rom, one twrp backup and my apps, I...
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    Thread [Q] Seeking specific rom

    Hello I've dug my old N4 for some use while my current device is in for a repair. Been a few years since I last used it. Madhi rom was the last one I flashed, oh yeah the good old days. Can anyone suggest a stable and battery consistent rom that has status bar tweaks that allow the battery...
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    Thread [Q] A300FU poor signal/reception

    I've had the A300FU a few weeks ago, got it used as a spare phone. I have been using it for a week as my HTC speakers have died, however I am finding the signal strength/reception is terrible on this phone. On my HTC in the same location, I get two bars and a stable 3g, the same can be said for...
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    Thread Best under £100 device

    My HTC has died and due to funds I am limited to something under £100 for now. I'd like a screen 4.7 or above, decent resolution and pretty all much the usual goodies for a daily phone use, ie 4g, bluetooth, tethering etc. Of course I am not expecting HTC 10 quality!!! But most budget phones are...
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    Thread [Q] Stable rom for A300FU

    Just picked up a cheap Samsung A300FU, which is running the stock Marshmallow firmware. I believe I have successfully rooted and flashed TWRP to the phone. It is currently running the latest Marshmallow Samsung stock rom. I'd like to flash a stable Lollipop or Marshmallow rom, but I have no...
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    Thread [Q] System updates with mobile data

    Curious to know, is it possible to force a stock rom to perform a system update over mobile data? I converted my M7 to GPE stock, then tried to update the system software but it insists on doing so over wifi only and not mobile data. I have unlimited data (well more or less) and could easily...
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    Thread [Q] Change battery icon colour (5+)

    Hello, Curious to know if there are any xposed modules available where I can change the colour of the battery icon, or individual status bar icons for Lollipop and above? I do like Gravity box, but that will only colour all of the icons and not individual ones. Other than that, I can only find...
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    Thread [Q] Reception GPE v Sense

    Anyone know if there any noticable differences between a GPE based phone and a Sense based phone on the M7, I am mostly referring to signal reception. Does one offer better reception than the other, obviously with the most upto date firmware flashed for those roms. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] returning to stock

    I'm giving my Nexus 4 away to my wife. Can someone point me to a guide to return my old Nexus 4 back to stock, remove twrp and all that? I am ok using adb commands. Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] Latest flashable stock rom

    Hello, I am handing over my Nexus 4 to the wife to use. It is unlocked, with twrp ready and running. Can someone advise on the latest flashable stock rom, anything that is bells and whistles free, stable and with best battery life. Any rom is fine, Lollipop probably is the best owing to...
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    Thread [Q] Battery useage

    What can I realistically expect from a Nexus 4 with the original battery? I've tried flashing various roms, all with varying results, some better than other. With average use, occasional browsing, whatsapp, text messaging and the like, I can go from fully charged to around 30% in around 8...
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    Thread [Q] Going back to 4.4.4

    Currently running the latest/last Euphoria rom on my n4, prior to that it was factory OTA'd up to 5.1 so the radio is bang up to date I would imagine. For nostalgic reasons, I want to flash Mahdi rom. Is it as simple as flashing the rom on twrp, or will I need to flash via adb the the newest...
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    Thread [Q] MIUI roms in the N4

    I see a few of the MIUI rom threads have been closed. Is there no longer a stable MIUI rom for the Nexus 4, especially v6? I assume whatever MIUI roms there are, are likely based off Kitkat? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Kitkat / Lollipop space useage

    Back on the old Nexus 4 for now. No idea how I managed with 8gb back in the day after enjoying 64gb with my htc. I guess I'll need to be thrifty!! With the OS installed, it leaves about 5.7gb or there abouts. Give another 1gb or so to apps, another 1gb to various bits and pieces, it soon eats...
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    Thread [Q] Bringing my N4 out of retirement

    My current phone, HTC M8 has almost died on me. The speakers are shot and to be honest the battery is getting worse, it really isn't worth fixing considering it's beaten up condition. For now I need speakers, so I'm thinking of digging out my mint condition Nexus 4. It is unlocked etc so it is...
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    Thread [Q] Battery life on sense 7

    What's the general consenus on battery life with Sense 7 roms these days compared to Sense 6 (Kitkat) which IMO was probably the best? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Bottom speaker

    My bottom speaker has developed an issue in the last few weeks. I thought at first it was a custom rom problem as I do enjoy a flash or two! But nope, stock rom, custom rom, whatever rom the bottom speaker sounds distorted/buzzing. Not sure if any crap has managed to work it's way inside the...
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    Thread [Q] Sense 5 or 5.5 roms

    For nostalgic reasons I want to install a Sense 5 rom on my m7. I could always flash an early ruu, but I'd rather avoid stock as I would be plagued with system updates forcing me to Kitkat and Lollipop. Can anyone recommend a rom, or more especially anyone know where such a rom could be...
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    Thread [Q] ADB device offline

    Not had this before, I just switched to 5.1 GPE via the conversion option. Everything went smoothly, device works well. However now I cannot get the phone connected through adb. It says "device offline". I have tried killing the adb server and restarting it, made sure adb debugging is on...
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    Thread [Q] Status bar mods for Sense roms

    Hello, Are there any Xposed mods that can change the icons in the status bar for Sense 6 roms? I know Viper roms have this feature built in but wondered if any xposed mods were capable, thus meaning I could use any Sense 6 rom. Also wouldn't mind being able to add a custom network name to the...
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop aosp/gpe status bar theming

    Hello all, Currently running a stock GPE 5.1 on my HTC device. I also have xposed installed, with GB for the usual tweaks. I found with Kitkat there were a few more mods available for theming the status bar, ie changing the icons to an IOS, MIUI or other theme. All the icons changed, however...
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop ruu

    Anyone know where I can find a stock Lollipop Sense ruu that I can flash to restore an M7 back to stock? Previously I have been using a euro JB based ruu from htc1guru, but it's a pain starting out on Jellybean, and upgrading from there but that website only goes up to a Kitkat radio for a euro...
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    Thread [Q] Sense 7 dialer on Sense 6

    Anyone know if the Sense 7 dialer can be installed over the Sense 6 dialer on a Lollipop based Sense 6 rom? I quite like the white background of the Sense 7 dialer over the darker Sense 6 dialer. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Sense 7 thoughts?

    Been a while since I moved away from my M7, however I am looking to resurrect the phone and maybe flash a Sense 7 rom. When the ports first came out I noticed battery life was rather poor, if not very poor. Perhaps something I was doing wrong at the time, but I never returned to using a Sense 7...
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    Thread [Q] Opensuse and ADB/Fastboot

    Hello, I am primarily a windows user but have tinkered with various Linux distros over the years. Really enjoying running the latest Opensuse 42.1 with the kde desktop. My wife wants me to root her Moto G 1st edition, which I did a few years ago on Windows 7. Curious to know how Opensuse and...
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    Thread [Q] MIUI on the x1032

    Hello, I currently have an x1032 Falcon phone with the latest Blisspop rom, with the stock firmware that comes with the Tesco UK factory image which is lollipop. I want to have something different on the phone, miui looks the best option and fancy having a play with it. Can someone recommend...
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    Thread [Q] OTA through stock recovery problem

    Trying to flash the latest 5.1 OTA on a phone that has been converted to GPE. Have put the OTA file on the internal storage, accessed stock recovery but the "apply from phone storage" is missing. No option to flash the OTA from the internal storage. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] MIUI

    Hello all, Looking to put miui on my old m7 which the wife now has, she likes the skin that miui uses and I must say, it does look very nice even if a rip-off from ios. There are two ported roms on the miui site, a v6 and a v7. I didn't want to post questions about the other miui rom in the...