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    Thread Unlocked at&t v30 on T-Mobile?

    Anyone have this working fine? Sent from my LG-V30 using Tapatalk
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    Thread At&t v30 update

    Still 7.1.2 so not sure what the change log is. Sent from my LG-V30 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Has anyone got VOLTE TO WORK ON AT&T?

    Has anyone tried using an imei from an AT&T phone? Etc.... Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Backlight is uneven, brighter on the buttons side...

    Is anyone else seeing this on their V8-7480? I don't remember this being like this..... I'm wondering if I have something defective? Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Apps install on SD Card by default

    Is there a setting in missing...? and if not what is the best option you found that doesn't create complications to the system. I am rooted and using xposed. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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    Thread [KitKat][RoM]&[KERNEL]&[RECOVERY][I9505-XXUGNG2-4.4.2][SHOstock-i v8.0] [07/27/14]

    TO SEE SCREENSHOTS, CLICK HERE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XDA:DevDB Information [RoM]&[KERNEL]&[RECOVERY]SHOstock-i, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S 4...
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    Thread Tester with i9505 and older bootloader willing to test Kitkat

    We are looking for a reliable tester that knows what they are doing in regards to flashing and troubleshooting. I9505 required with old bootloader to test our kitkat build. Wifi should work if we did our job right. We are located in #shostock on the irc freenode server. Thanks!
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    Thread [KitKat][RoM]&[KERNEL]&[RECOVERY][I337-XXUGNG2-4.4.2][SHOstock-i v8.1] [07/27/14]

    TO SEE SCREENSHOTS, CLICK HERE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XDA:DevDB Information [RoM]&[KERNEL]&[RECOVERY]SHOstock-i, ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S...
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    Thread [RoM]&[KERNEL]&[RECOVERY][I337UCUAMK2-4.3-JB][SHOstock v3.1] [01/13/14]

    SHOstock RoM for i337 presented by shoman94 & jeboo SCREENSHOTS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XDA:DevDB Information [RoM]&[KERNEL]&[RECOVERY]SHOstock, a...
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    Thread [How To] SecMms mods

    Replace code = BLUE Remove code = RED Add code = GREEN Based on I337UCUAMDL Here we go: Add toggle to disable Screen ON when receiving a message: Go here: \SecMms\smali\com\android\mms\ui\MessagingPreferenceActivity.smali Change this: .line 876 .local v2...
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    Thread [FIX] systemUI, framework-res, SecPhone compile error

    This is for those having compiling issues with systemUI.apk and framework-res.apk and the error is a layout error. Here is what I did to fix it. For example the error in framework-res that pops up: "@layout/keyguard_transport_control" which is in keyguard_screen_unlock_portrait.xml Just change...
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    Thread [How-To]CRT-OFF Animation Toggle (made using XXEMB5 [4.1.2])

    I'm posting this here as I helped Kryten2k35 make this for his base XXEMB5 (4.1.2) but they are all likely very similar. The code is very similar to the SGS2 and I have edited it for this base. My original thread is here: I've been...
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    Thread [How-To]CRT-OFF Animation Toggle (made using XWLSD Nordic 4.1.2)

    I've been having many PM's on how to create this toggle and honestly I have been meaning to post this for a while. Firstly thanks to Mirko-ddd for enabling Crt-Off Animation which allowed me to do this. Thank him HERE No need to enable from the link above as I have included it with this...
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    Thread [How-To] Potential Media Scanner Fix for XXLSJ-MS1/XWLS8-LSD-LSE-LSJ

    As you all know a lot of people have a media scanner wakelock. It's a well known issue across all Google JB Phones. Google has implemented a fix for 4.2 which seems to fix it but there are still things that should be done by users. Googles FIX...
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    Thread [Kernel] v2.3a[XWLS8-LSD-LSE-LSJ-LSN-LSS & XXLSJ|MS1] JB i9100 [Light & Simple]

    [Kernel] v2.3a[XWLS8-LSD-LSE-LSJ-LSN-LSS & XXLSJ|MS1] JB i9100 [Light & Simple] This is Stock based Kernel that will be a no frills just work kernel. We're posting this to help our fellow i9100 counterparts get relief from the lockscreen bug and Exynos Exploit. We hope you enjoy and give...
  17. shoman94

    Thread [RoM][XWLSZ-4.1.2-JB][SHOstock3 v4.0] [10/13/13]["RiseUp Edition"]

    SHOstock3 RoM for i777 presented by shoman94 & jeboo sqsKEIR6MqA IK3uDmA3m8g
  18. shoman94

    Thread [RoM][XWLPY-4.0.4-ICS]SHOstock2 v6.2 [11/13/2012](FINAL)

    SHOstock part deux! V6.2 Come to IRC channel #shostock Also feel free to use my sig below! PLEASE REVIEW CHANGELOG FOR CHANGES AND ADDITIONAL FEATURES Please post the bloat/apk's you would like and I'll post them in Post#2 Thanks to: Samsung for device and TW Entrophy for Kernel...
  19. shoman94

    Thread [Theme] Tangerine 1.4.1 (SHOstock RoM 1.9.4) 03/05

    Originally made by sonnysekhon here: This theme required ALOT of changes so I hope you like. Partially transparent: Dialer/Contacts/Gmail/dropdown CRT Animation Many Themed Apps.... Update: 1.0 for SHOstock RoM 1.2; lots of little changes...
  20. shoman94

    Thread [ROM][2.3.6]UCKK6 "SHOstock" [1.9.4][03/02][SuperHighOutput!] FINAL

    No Bling here.... Just like it fast! Thanks to: Donaters: mjgspr95-paleman27(x2)-Xpakage(x2)-K Rich-phjnky-coreyM-hchxoom-Ryukou-stevehkim-sd7318-Evodon84-k1ska-nathanmurray (x2)-Jank4AU-Captpt-joeybear23-dschreiber69-jhermit-AraboDroid Entrophy for Kernel lindroid for 14 toggle mod gtg465x for...
  21. shoman94

    Thread {THEME}(03/02) MattedBlues (SHOstock v1.9.4 ,unNamedv1.31, Serendipityv8.2)

    Thanks to MaxRabbit for donating the server for the themes. I'm starting a collection of Themes I am porting for use on ROMS I use. First up is mattedBlues I just love this theme. Not as easy to port since I'm a noob and it hasn't been made for SGS2. Thanks to jabbawalkee for creating the...
  22. shoman94

    Thread [Official Themes]For Continuum v6.1 (9 Themes!!) [NEW! Frost] [NEW! Tangerine]

    Thanks to MaxRabbit and FroggyStyle for donating the servers for the themes. I'm starting a collection of Themes I am porting for use on Continuum V6.1 ONLY. This is to prevent breaking mods that Cezar put into the ROM. PLEASE REVERT IN BETWEEN FLASHING THEMES OR S%&T CAN BREAK. Download...
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    Thread [Theme] MattedBlues for Continuum V4

    Changes in 3.2.1: Changed MMS bubbles, 4 bar signal working now(DUH), should have themed icons for market and spareparts.... hopefully. Worked for me. First Big the thanks to the creator of this theme: jabbawalkee Second Thanks to xtremekilla09 for making the HoneyComb Lock-Screen. Hopefully...
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    Thread XDA Server

    Is it just me or has the forums been sluggish the last 2 days? I've had page not found errors randomly since yesterday and today. Even happened to me using the XDA app. Are there server issues with the new servers?
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    Thread Flashing an unofficial rom ?

    If I flash to any of the developed roms,can I flash back to the stock jf6 rom using one click and be as if I never flashed it? Any tricks have to be done on top of the one click? Thanks, jason Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I897 using XDA App