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    Thread Question about GPS

    I was about to pull the trigger on the XZ Premium but Notebookcheck's review mentioned that the GPS is slow, unable to lock indoors, inaccurate and falls behind a number of devices: As GPS performance is very...
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    Thread "ok google" voice detection while screen off?

    Can anyone with an S7 tell me if it has "ok google" voice detection while screen off? Early reports seem to indicate that it doesn't - which will be a deal breaker for me. Thanks...
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    Thread [Q] Question for Rooted Users

    Does the dreaded yellow caution triangle appear the boot screen after flashing a factory image and using CF-Root through Odin?
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    Thread CPU/GPU Throttling

    So I've had a Z1 for a couple of days now and it's been great but yesterday, while playing RR3, I noticed that it got extremely hot and the game starting dropping frames - something that never happened in my time with the Xperia Z Ultra. So, today, I ran 5 consecutive Antutu runs on it and...
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    Thread HTC One - International Purchasing Options

    Right then, The HTC One has already been priced and put up for pre-order on several renowned websites who ship worldwide. All such buying options will be consolidated here. ETA for the majority of the websites is 15 March. All prices listed below exclude VAT. 1. Handtec - £420/$648 - LTE...
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    Thread Help with Problem with Facebook messenger

    Hi guys, So i just bought the One X but i'm having a weird and frustrating problem with Facebook Messenger (see attached): "There was a problem connecting to Facebook. Please check your connection and try again." I have a GS3 and a One S and neither of them are having this issue - even after i...
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    Thread about to switch to the one xl (x325s)

    I'm about to make the switch from the GS3 to the asian/international htc one xl (x325s) and i just to know one more thing: root. I've read here that root is NOT possible on anything later than SW version 1.85. according to the store i'm purchasing it from, its shipping with either 1.88, 1.89 or...
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    Thread HTC Radar or Lumia 800 - Battery

    Greetings from the dark side(s) I’m looking to buy my first WP7 phone and have narrowed my options to the subject phones (yes, I’m aware of the price difference). Because of WP7’s brilliant social network integration, I plan for it to be my ‘work-horse’ phone which I will carry with me at all...
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    Thread Live Wallpapers that don't lag

    I know a lot of people think they're useless but, for me, it's a guilty pleasure of sorts - i find them to be irresistible and it's one thing that makes iphone fanboys seethe with envy. Unfortunately not all of them are optimized to run smooth on our devices - i've only found two so far which...
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    Thread [SOLVED] big USB problem - really need your help, xda!

    having real problems here.. I Flashed harcores speedmod k12g on darkys 7.5 rom (great kernel and great ROM, may i add!) and lost USB connectivity to my PC - the phone just does not recognize that it's connected to a PC via USB - it merely charges as if it was connected to the wall charger. Even...
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    Thread Definitive fix for the Galaxy S mp3 skipping/pausing/glitching problem

    Hello all, Coming from an iphone 3gs, I've had a wonderful experience with the Galaxy S, thanks in large part to the XDA community - Supercurio in particular. His EQ fix for eclair elevated the Galaxy S audio quality over the iphone 3gs (IMO) which i used as my main music player, and with...