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  1. roar109

    Post Dormi- Baby Montior

    I have been using it with an old Galaxy tablet for the past months; it's very useful and on noises it turns the screen of the parent device.
  2. roar109

    Post Nexus 4 In Mexico

    Yes, telcel will bring it to mexico something like 10k mexican pesos with plan, dam is too high Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
  3. roar109

    Post Nexus 4 In Mexico

    I live in Mexico, and the only way I found to buy one is usa-address+usa CC, but because I not have neither of that, I was thinking in use entropay for usa CC and a family address for deliver, also was looking for negrielectronics but it is overpriced.
  4. roar109

    Post [28-06] [ROM] TripNDroid Revised - Endeavor Unleashed | 015

    Just for the record, If I press the volume button while I watch a youtube video the youtube app crash and also the OS drain my battery very fast.
  5. roar109

    Post [KERNEL][VANILLA][11/10] EternityProject Kernel 3.4.37 v1.0b | NEW BASE! |

    How it work?, just otg cable directly to the phone and a usb storage?
  6. roar109

    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 33.1 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 4.18.401.3

    Can you please post a mirror, I tried to dl it 2 times, but is slow and I dont have 1 and a half hr to dl this, can you consider the torrent maybe? I know anyone can wait 2 hrs for dl something, but not always have time to wait or the connection available.
  7. roar109

    Post [KERNEL][VANILLA][11/10] EternityProject Kernel 3.4.37 v1.0b | NEW BASE! |

    Someone did OTG work out?, no one said that works, is any command we need to put or only on-the-go must work?
  8. roar109

    Post [ROM] [APR 25] KingCobra3D 2.4 | BEATS | AROMA | SENSE 3.0/SENSELESS | PDROID

    I had not installed this rom for a while, but the ui installer rock as hell, good rom man thanks.
  9. roar109

    Post ★ Post your HTC One X home screens ★

    My simple default ui
  10. roar109

    Post [ROM] [APR 25] KingCobra3D 2.4 | BEATS | AROMA | SENSE 3.0/SENSELESS | PDROID

    Thanks man, it work. Sent from my HTC EVO 3D X515a using XDA App
  11. roar109

    Post [ROM] [APR 25] KingCobra3D 2.4 | BEATS | AROMA | SENSE 3.0/SENSELESS | PDROID

    Everything is good, except that I cant take video, change amaze camera and kernel just to see what happend, any ideas?
  12. roar109

    Post [GUIDE] Win 95/98/XP and Linux OSs (Knoppix/Ubuntu/Redhat etc) on your Android!!!

    I tried debian and redhat img's but neither of them can get keyboard work, so I stuck in the login console window. I read in previous post that holding the menu button the keyboard show, but only it did a lot of enters. Any ideas?
  13. roar109

    Post [ROM/DEV] MDJ's IceCreamSandwich 4.0.1 Alpha1 [WIP]

    Great man, I really wait for someone who can do the port :D
  14. roar109

    Post Free 50GB Storage Box Account

    [email protected] Many thanks man
  15. roar109

    Post Shutoff EVO 3D, won't charge or Turn on without battery pull!!

    My EVO rogers did the same, but pulling the battery off and back doesn't work just turn the light on for a seconds and nothing happen, but with the cellphone on it charged well. I can live with this issue meanwhile I didn't completely drain my battery , the problem is I had a extended battery...
  16. roar109

    Post [DEV][UPDATE] Backtrack 5 - Multi-Device Linux Chroot Solution - Debdroid Beta V2

    You know if this package/distro will work with a honeycomb tablet? for example a SGT 10.1 with root?
  17. roar109

    Post [Tools] – SU/BusyBox/Misc – Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Update: 6/18/11)

    Oh thanks, let me try that zip and i'll tell you what happen.
  18. roar109

    Post [Tools] – SU/BusyBox/Misc – Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Update: 6/18/11)

    I did the procedure and the SGT just go to h3ll, got stuck in a samsung boot logo with a lot of dead pixels, just did restore a nanbackup and work again, i have 3.1 TW with root... Ideas?
  19. roar109

    Post [GUIDE] Build Debian image to run on Tab via chroot

    Thanks man, after rooting my SGT i have been looking for something like this, i'll try it when arrive home.
  20. roar109

    Post [ROM]IO fastboot for retail unlocked bootloader

    Ok, thanks but i have retail with locked bootloader, so i pass
  21. roar109

    Post [ROM]IO fastboot for retail unlocked bootloader

    This only work with IO version or retail version will work too?
  22. roar109

    Post Dou you guys see Music Hub on your device?

    Someone has use it?, i try to use but say "is not available in your region" because am i in mexico, but i feel curiosity about what can did.
  23. roar109

    Post [Q] Auto Brightness Changes Extremely Frequently

    Is very anoying, i was moving my head while the screen increase the brightness and move my head and decrease... over and over. So i switch to a custom brightness.
  24. roar109

    Post Google+ Invites - instant signup links

    Hey man can you send me a invitation too? roar109[at] I really apreciate it :)
  25. roar109

    Post [Mod] Ubuntu on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

    Nice, this is the kind of things i like to see over the forum, thanks man
  26. roar109

    Post [Q] Do you still recommend the Galaxy Tab purchase?

    I had mine for a few days, and i love it, have some issues like samsung stuff FC, the browser for example when i try to send a PM in xda forum is a lag or something, is anoying but nothing to worry about it. I recommend this tablet, is light, thin, looks nice, HC have their flaws but is not...
  27. roar109

    Post Anyone get it to sync with their mac

    I think i read somewhere what the SGT cant charge it with the usb cable connected to a computer port, my SGT indicate the same X with my MBP. The kies app with the least samsung drivers works fine, but is bad i cant mount the sdcard like a hd storage.
  28. roar109

    Post Mac Kies Beta Released

    I download and install that kies pkg, but when i connect the SGT only show a "samsung modem" and nothing happen, i disabled usb debug and the tablet say kies is connected but my mac dont do anything, any ideas? update: omg what a big jerk haha i didnt see the Kies app forgot this.
  29. roar109

    Post [Q] Can anyone confirm Amazon is now shipping unlocked tabs??

    16 gb grey came locked...
  30. roar109

    Post OMW To pick up my EVO 3D. Glad to be back to the EVO Community.

    Well done sir, i use a hd7 for a couple of weeks but i think WP7 is not ready to be compare with android, just wait for the mango update and see what happen.
  31. roar109

    Post HD7 and Android - Use this thread for your questions about and stay On Topic!

    Is a language thread or a android on HD7? come on..
  32. roar109

    Post Estimated arrival date: June 20 2011(Amazon)

    Someone know somehing about J&R pre-order ship day? i was thinking about cancel that preorder and do it in amazon.
  33. roar109

    Post If you have S-Off and Updated via OTA

    That was easy, i think when install OTA will be s-on but no,install RA recovery was fast.
  34. roar109

    Post [Q] Is the new HTC EVO bootloader really locked??

    Ok, with mistakens and trying is how we learn. The only thing good is the posibility to restore to a previous nanbackup with RA i think.... I test gb with sense and is ok, but no big changes for me, just some features and a better performance. Sent from my PC36100 using XDA App
  35. roar109

    Post [Q] Is the new HTC EVO bootloader really locked??

    The apk download the zip because not install it automat., say install it in recovery, but fails for the signature even when i toggle sign signature. I try different things and search for who make the su works.
  36. roar109

    Post Ra recovery?

    I put the zip file and install it automatic with bootloader, very easy.
  37. roar109

    Post [Q] Is the new HTC EVO bootloader really locked??

    Nice i'll try it now and see what happen, thanks man, i need some instructions, i see the s-off and that but the recovery that was installed i think is the htc with simple and basic options. update: In fact that work very well and fast no complaints, thanks again man, you have the SU app...
  38. roar109

    Post [Q] Is the new HTC EVO bootloader really locked??

    So, you did stock and then the RA recovery was gone right?, later install manually the RA with the zip with the bootloader and you have a stock 2.3 with custom recovery? That sounds nice
  39. roar109

    Post Chromebook Google IO email

    I recibe the mail today, but just send me to a preorder in, but when i access say sold out :mad: I saw the mail to late. I better wait for the galaxy 10.1, because want a free chromium model but buy one, no way better buy other things. The mail, without links :D .
  40. roar109

    Post [Q] Gmail Works But not market or browser

    I dont think that could be a tablet problem, maybe a connection problem, your wifi or 3g have some kind of firewall? I say that because if the OS can connect to something the connection in the android system works, but if specific programas not, maybe can be the provider. I just saying.
  41. roar109

    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for pre-order

    I consider that even check retails stores, but while i wait for at least jun 8, and see what happen.
  42. roar109

    Post Htc unlocked!

  43. roar109

    Post WP7Android Project On The Market!

    Thanks man, is a greath ui, very simple, just 2 comments i want say: 1. How in the name of god can i remove the tile's for principal stack? (forgot this, i not read the howto for the begining :P) 2.- Transition between "desktop" or tile's principal to programs are a little not responsive and...
  44. roar109

    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for pre-order

    No I cant use dhl, ups or fedex because is to expensive to my country, so i send with know people o family that comes to mexico. The rates for electronic things are high for import to my country, that is because or i go to usa or i send throw someone in the border, if I open the box now is mine...
  45. roar109

    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for pre-order

    I prefer not disturbing them when i make my deals, just se what happen with j&r if not, amazon, ebay, best buy, etc never leave us...
  46. roar109

    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for pre-order

    No, they don't ship internationally, but i have family in usa, so i pay with my CC with billing address outside usa , after the ship arrivees i just go for it or they send me to mx. :D I think i read in someplace in J&R what just with a good CC and a ship address in the usa you can buy things...
  47. roar109

    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for pre-order

    I am not in the usa for local pick up, but i really wish J&R don't do that.
  48. roar109

    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for pre-order

    I pre-order mine a few days ago in J&R, i send a mail to customer service asking when they ship the tab 10.1, this is what they told me (copy/paste): "Thank you for your inquiry. We are expecting a shipment within the week of 6/27. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your...
  49. roar109

    Post HTC EVO 3D Pre-Sales TODAY

    I cant find anywhere the pre-sale, I look in best buy and radioshark and no success :(
  50. roar109

    Post [Guide]Access to /system, wireless dual mount, wireless root shell

    The ssh over wifi with sshdroid was easy, can now access to all files from my terminal in mac. Thanks for the tip :D