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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL-CRISPY][11.0][25/12/2020] Potato Open Sauce Project [STABLE]

    Which vendor should I use, I just get a bootloop? I've tried both v12.0.2.0 and v12.0.6.0, Chinese variant. [Edit] Nevermind, I had to flash the DM-verify encryption disabler zip.
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    Post Redmi K20 pro, Locked No Compatible OS

    Was there a way to flash without erasing, I cannot remember. But it sounds like you need to flash a rom version comparable to the current one (without wiping), boot, unlock bootloader.
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    Post Redmi K20 pro, Locked No Compatible OS

    It doesn't matter whether the bootloader is locked or not with miflash. Give it a go with the correct rom. As long as it's an official rom.
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    Post Favorite Rom || Discussion ||

    I've just tried Aosip for the week, and it's riddled with bugs. Gesture issues with recents. Wifi dropping out. Hangups in recents. Crashing apps. Average battery life. ?
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    Post [ROM][10]AOSiP[Official]

    I can't seem to find the "clear all recents" setting. Other than this, great battery life and performance. Minus thevweird lag spikes when using Google maps.
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    Post Favorite Rom || Discussion ||, because all of the AOSP roms share the same bugs. Such as the home gesture not working in the recents area when you hide the gesture bar. MIUI also has a much nicer status area. It also better integrates with my smart home devices and tells me the battery charge of my wireless Xiaomi...
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    Post Install youtube-dl in termux

    Can you please not use script tags, I'm unable to copy due to a bug in Chrome for Android.
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    Post How to root Nova 3i please help

    You cannot unlock the bootloader for this device.
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    Post Poco X3 upgrade or downgrade?

    I played with one in the shop, it's a downgrade. However the display size is nice.
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    Post is it still worth to buy in Sept./Oct. 2020?

    I kind of regret it. There's noting really wrong with the phone, it just leaves a lot to be desired. -The screen is very small and narrow & the bezel is quite large for a modern phone. -Battery life is pretty good, but not great. -The screen quality/resolution is not good. I find it quite...
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    Post Should I update to MIUI12?

    Just set your notification sound to silent/nothing. Who needs to hear a notification sound every minute. And OP. Just go for MIUI eu 12. It's perfectly fine. I prefer the optional new status toggle area. Performance on miui 11 was quite slow and sluggish, whereas the latest miui 12 releases are...
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [31-12-2020]

    That's unfortunate, my Chinese variant states Mi 9T Pro in the 12 about section. I successfully flashed this for the first time on my device. I must say, battery life is no worse than stock. But it's definitely more responsive.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Don't, it'll make it run worse with less battery life. This kernel needs a serious update.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    With actual use, it's not so good. I'm a deliver driver now, so I can tell when it's not lasting as long. It's still not bad.
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    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    Have you been using full screen gestures without the gesture bar? I doubt it. The revenge home glitch happens frequently on all AOSP roms. Bluetooth doesn't pair also.
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    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    There's quite a few bugs, the most annoying one's are: -The back gesture doesn't work if you hide the gesture bar down the bottom. Yet home works. -The home gesture frequently stops working when in recents.
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    Post AOSP ROM suggestion

    I've had a bad experience with all AOSP roms in the past, as they all suffer from the same bugs, and still do a year later: -The home gesture often stops working in recents. -When you do go home, for about a second, the launcher is unresponsive to taps. -On havoc, disabling the visible gesture...
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    Post Android 11 Beta 1 Port for K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro

    You don't think the devs have already thought of this? It's a lot of effort and time. Are you willing to fund them?
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    As of Miui 20.6.4, just use the stock kernel instead of this. It's faster, more responsive and provides better battery life. I'm amazed at how well it's running now.
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    Post {WARNING} FDE AI module and K20 / k20 pro devices. must read before installing

    It didn't brick my k20 pro a few months back. But I haven't used it since
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    Post MIUI 12 Beta Stable

    This is not stable. It's full of issues. Even YouTube's picture in picture feature is broken.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Not true. Working for me. Disable and enable the mod in magisk.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Disable the candy kernel module in magisk, reboot, re-enable, reboot. Worked for me.
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    Post [ROM][10]AOSiP[Official]

    I disagree. They're able to make changes to their kernel's too. Certain things could be taken, such as the removal of debugging.
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    Post Unlock nova 3.

    You cannot on a lot of modern devices unfortunately. FunkyHuawei charges a lot to unlock the device, I don't know if they're legit. Either way, there's no TWRP for this device. So there's not a way to root the device as far as I know. Just buy a Xiaomi, they let you officially unlock the...
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Fingerprint seems broken with miui 12.
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 12

    The version is wonderful. The Chinese release is a complete disaster, I've never seen such an unusable device. Just seem to have lost my gestures.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Deep sleep does work on a fresh install for me. Maybe you need to do the same?
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    Post MIUI 12 Closed Beta

    Don't even bother installing this. The stock Chinese rom has an incredibly poor user experience. Pretty much unusable. Filled with useless apps and terrible search engines. Oh, and no Google play.
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    Post Longer charging cable for 9T Pro

    After going through 30+ odd cables over the past 5 years, the only decent ones seem to be the magnetic ones. They don't tend to bend and are considerably less prone to damage.
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    Post MIUI 12 Closed Beta

    Hell mean he loses his dark grey colours. It ends up with an inconsistent green tint.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Why are you still using Android 9?
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    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    Backup all of your data. You'll need to format your internal memory. If you've already wiped the OS, then you've lost your data. Once you've flashed the rom, DON'T REBOOT just yet, download 'DM-VERITY, FORCED ENCRYPTION, AND DISC QUOTA DISABLER' from: This will...
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    Post Englezos Kernel - 0.12 [January 15 2021]

    This might be a little too aligned with power saving. I came from Candy kernel, and this kernel in comparison doesn't even register touches at times. It's also quite sluggish. I like the idea though.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL] AIM ROM v4.1 [10.0.0_r35][Raphael][27/05/2020]

    The thing which bothers me about all these non-miui roms is that they all share the same gesture bugs. Can you swipe home when in recents? Does the back button stop working when in recents?
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    There's no reason to use that outdated rom. Flash and the latest vendor.
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    Post HELP with space on Root Directory

    I'd say that's a permission issue. What utility are you using to copy the file to a root location?
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Sure. But I'd install as your rom.
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    This device is terrible, I'm glad my partner bought one and not me. Xiaomi wins out in every way at the same price point.
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    Post [APK] Coronavirus Tracker for Android - Corona Smart Tracker

    Very good app. I wish Google didn't block it.
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [31-12-2020]

    Thanks for adding in miui support again. The battery life without this kernel is a little sad.
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    Post MIUI 11.0.1 killing apps and notifications nightmare.

    You might just want to upgrade your rom. Those early versions of 11 were extremely buggy.
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    Post Post your Redmi K20 Pro Homescreens!

    Stock miui looks a hell of a lot better than some of the icon themes you guys are using.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][raphael][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project

    I had to google the difference between the vendor EEA and non-EEA. Chinese roms use non-EEA, 9t european use EEA. Worked for me.
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    Post Stream netflix in 1080p

    Did you backup your vendor partition? I'm not sure if you can use someone elses.
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [31-12-2020]

    I used it quite heavily over the day and 10 hrs later 62%. I'd have probably 45-55% on stock. Battery doesn't seem worse by any means, if anything, it's surprisingly better.
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [31-12-2020]

    I'm using this kernel on 11.0.5 and animations disabled and it's like my phone's taken steroids. Everything is blazing fast.
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    Post Need help for custom rom!

    Just buy a new phone. This device does not have a stable modern android rom. Among other things, the lack of ram just doesn't cut it. I'd personally buy the Xiaomi Redmi note 8 It's one of the few modern brands which has bootloader unlocks, snapdragon chipsets (compatibility) and great prices...
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    Post LG promises to do better and kick off Android 10 updates 'this year'

    I'm so glad I got a Xiaomi K20 pro instead. Android 10 on the day it came out, custom ROMs too.