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    Post [Q] Build Quality

    Mine looks the same and I have seen the gap on other watches. It varies. I have gotten it a little wet on the sides from washing my hands and so far no issues here. It should not affect the IP 67 certification. I wonder if the pink hue on white screens could be fixed with a software update...
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    Post [Q] Build Quality

    I have another question for anyone on here. Does your screen show a sort of pink line of pixels at the top when a white screen is shown? I think it may just be the way these displays are made but I wasn't sure.
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    Post [Q] Build Quality

    Bump.....anyone notice this?
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    No gap pictures Ok so as of this post I have seen 6 galaxy s5's and all six of those had this gap. I would conclude that this is normal, however, I am curious. Would anyone else mind posting a close up picture of their device for reference? How about those of you that say you do not have the...
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Could you post a picture? I will take a look at mine and let you know. I do have a small one at the bottom though so I think its normal.
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    Thread [Q] Build Quality

    I just got my gear live and I was wondering if anyone else has a noticeable gap on either side of their gear live? Also, it seems that the heart rate sensor on mine looks crooked. Is this how it is supposed to be? The heart rate monitor seems to work fine. Although, I have not really tested...
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Thank you for posting a picture!! I have seen a few others and they have the issue as well so I don't think it will be a problem. Also, thank you to everyone else who posted in here. I am grateful for these forums. -Nathan
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Update I just thought I would provide an update on my situation. The replacement device that I received DID have the gap as well, but it is not near as bad as my old device. I am going to keep this one. Thank you all for the help and advice!
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    I have a hard time believing that you guys don't have it considering I have seen 3 phones, all brand new, and they all look like this. When you say you don't have it, are you saying that your phone DOES NOT look like mine in the pictures I posted, or just saying nope without looking.?
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    That is the point. For me, the only part that gather lint is in this gap between the screen and top bezel. I have another picture here that will show you the nature of the gap. I used a piece of paper for scale. The piece of paper can fit right in between this gap, even folded. Picture 1...
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Has anyone taken a look and compared yet?
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Pictures Here are the links for the pictures. They are on my box account: Compare this to your device and let me know if it looks similar. In the meantime, I have...
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Went to the AT&T store. They had two there a black and a white one. They both look exactly like mine. So I will post the pictures of mine and tell me what you guys think.
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    No problem! Just checking. Alright well it looks like I am going to try and do an exchange. Now my only worry is what will happen if the replacement has the same issue?
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Do you guys actually own a GS5? Could you check yours and see. It is not big, just enough to fit a piece of paper into. And is that confirmed that it would compromise the ip67 certification? I mean do you really know that for sure? Not trying to be rude but just inquiring.
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    I will try and post pictures tonight. If anyone else could post picture of theirs we could compare and see if maybe this is just the design of the phone. Again, thank you all for replying!
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    Post [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Well take it for what it is but at least you are not alone. There are two of us with this issue. As for whether it is normal or not, well I am not sure and that is why I posted here. I am with you on the warranty. I will not take a refurb phone. I will check a couple in the ATT store...
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    Thread [Q] Bezel gap normal?

    Just got my new black Samsung galaxy s5 on att. I have noticed something that I hope will not become an issue that would cause me to have to exchange the phone. I noticed a small gap at the top of my screen where the screen meets the bezel. There is some dust that has gotten in there and I...
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    Thread Samsung Stock Browser Issues?

    Has anyone had any issues with the stock Samsung "Internet" browser? I was using it today and I got an "Internet has stopped working" error. It kind of worries me since I have only had this phone for a week. Has anyone else had it crash on them? Is it a normal occurrence? It has not...
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    Post [Q] Default messaging option?

    Thank You! That definitely gives me a good idea of how the messaging works! I gave you a thanks on your post!
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    Post Back cover secure?

    Oh ok. I was under the impression that there was some sort of sensor that detects how tight of a fit the cover has. lol. Samsung has all these sensors in their phones so who knows.
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    Thread [Q] Default messaging option?

    I was thinking about getting the gear 2 for my birthday, but I saw it uses the built in Samsung messaging app. I use hangouts and like it alot better. Is there a way to change how you send messages on the gear? Can someone confirm that you can use hangouts instead of the default SMS app...
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    Thread Back cover secure?

    Just got my GS5! I am really liking the phone so far, I just have one question for you all. Every time I reboot the phone I get a message saying check the back cover. Does this mean my cover is not on correctly or does it show this message every time you boot whether it is secure or not...
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    Post Android 4.4 account sync encryption?

    I don't like bumping but this hasn't been touched in a week or so. Any thoughts on my question?
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    Thread Android 4.4 account sync encryption?

    I am going on a trip this winter and I want to bring my 2012 Nexus 7 with me. I am always very security conscious and so I usually don't bring my devices with me because I am forced to use public wifi on trips. It got me thinking this year, does Android sync feature use TLS/SSL to encrypt the...
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    Post nexus 7 2012 - 4.4 OTA kitkat little artifacts

    I have this issue as well. Really annoying I hope google fixes this!!!
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    Thread [Q] Kit kat issue

    I just updated my 2012 nexus 7 to 4.4.2 and I am having issues with little pixel looking artifacts appearing when rotating the screen and when switching users. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Post Vibration motor clicking?

    Maybe it can be fixed by a software update?
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    Post Vibration motor clicking?

    What do you guys think it might be caused by?
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    Post Vibration motor clicking?

    ok thanks for the input
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    Post Vibration motor clicking?

    How long have you had your one x? Ive had mine since launch and it hasn't gotten any worse so im hoping its not that big of a deal.
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    Thread Vibration motor clicking?

    Is it normal for the ATT hox to make a clicking noise when you press capacitive buttons or when typing? Does anyone else notice this? Its like a small clicking noise every 2 or 3 presses. I was just wondering if this was normal because my hox has no other problems. I have exchanged mine 4 times...
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    Post [Q] Creaking body normal?

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? Do they all do this?
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    Post how fast is at&t 4g lte ?

    I dont know what your talking about. I have LTE AND hspa on my phone! Lte phones that can switch between both are much better because you can take advantage of LTE
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    Post Exclaimation and issues!

    Just did and works like a charm thanks alot!!!
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    Post Turned on randomly?

    Ok. This may have been what happened to me but I was pretty sure I had turned it all the way off. hmmmm anyone else like to join in?
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    Thread Exclaimation and issues!

    Ok so I just got back from the device support center and my phone was acting weird. The touch screen was not working so I booted into recovery and got a little android with a triangle and inside the triangle there is a yellow ! sign. Can I like flash the recovery partiton? How or can I restore...
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    Post Turned on randomly?

    Almost 200 views? No one has ever had a hint of this problem?
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    Thread Turned on randomly?

    Ok so I turned my HOX att off last night. When I was waking up this morning it turned on as I was getting out of bed. I was kind of confused. It may be something simple im not thinking of but has anyone heard of it randomly turning on?
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    Post Now Available!

    lol. They will find something
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    Post Used atrix 2 Check?

    Thanks guys!!
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    Thread Used atrix 2 Check?

    I just bought the atrix 2 on craigslist and I would like to check if it is rooted and or flashed. How can I check both of these things?
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    Thread [Q] Creaking body normal?

    If I press on the housing (glass) hard then press the plastic grey part on the bottom it creaks. Is this normal? I am only asking because it started doing this after I used an otterbox case.
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    Post at&t ISIS discussion

    I didn't know that thanks! Im hoping it will be useful.
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    Post [Q] SIM card compatibility other phones?

    I was thinking about it but heard they were all crappy. Any one you recommend?
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    Post Anyone have this happen?

    I hope HTC releases an OTA soon...
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    Thread [Q] SIM card compatibility other phones?

    Just got a one x and was wondering if there is a phone I can buy as like a backup phone but, since the one x uses a micro sim I was thinking only the iphone uses a micro sim. Am I wrong are there any other smartphones on att that use micro sim?
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    Post Micro usb port on the HOX

    I will for sure! If it gets worse ill call HTC for an under warranty repair. Its actually not as bad as I make it sound though lol. I might be overreacting.
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    Post MHL (micro USB to HDMI) adapter works fine!

    Doesn't HTC have an official one?
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    Post Phone slowdown/lag

    This seems like a decent explanation. The multitasking on the One x is really bad so this doesn't surprise me. I really hope HTC makes an update for this.