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  1. ItsMeBdon

    Thread Screen pattern lock ICS

    Okay so on my phone I use the pattern lock and on the lock screen it has emergancy number which is 911. I ride bikes so when its in my pocket my phone turns on and starts calling 911 by accident. Also when I put on the swipe lock it doesn't have it but when its in my pocket it turns on and gets...
  2. ItsMeBdon

    Thread Google+ and play books

    Does anyone know the APK files for Google+ or Play Books? I think that Play Books is part of Google+ but i cant find the APK file for it.:confused:
  3. ItsMeBdon

    Thread [CWMR ZIP]I927UCLG9 Stock ICS

    READ: I am not held responsible for whatever happens to your phone!! Flash at your own risk. Stock 4.0.4, CWMR flashable. Works on Rogers and AT&T. How to install: Install this Then put on root of SD card boot into CWMR and do a Factory reset, and wipe dalvik and cache...
  4. ItsMeBdon

    Thread APK/ODEX

    Does anyone know the Apk and or Odex for At&t Navigator, Google+, and Google messenger?
  5. ItsMeBdon

    Thread Rooting Captivate Glide on version 4.0.4

    This is how to root your samsung captivate glide on ICS version 4.0.4 Step 1 Go over to and scroll down to ARM devices (2.0 – 4.1). Then you will see 3.2-RC2 under it is a link to the download, click it to start the download. Step 2 Ounce you have downloaded it...
  6. ItsMeBdon

    Thread CM9 captivate glide

    Okay... does anyone know whats going on with CM9 for captivate glide? Ive seen post of it going to happen but haven't seen it yet so could someone please update me on whats going on? Thanks. Sent from my Captivate Glide i927