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    Thread Features lost when Rooting?

    I asked in one of the root threads and didn't get a reply. From looking through the existing threads I understand that you lose samsung pay and the hidden folder feature. I can live with those but is there any other features lost when unlocking the bootloader? 1.) Once knox is tripped will...
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    Thread Case with Uncovered Buttons?

    I have the spigen slim case that has the top and bottoms exposed along with the power and volume buttons exposed. The problem is I have dropped my phone a few times and scuffed the metal. I would like more of TPU or really anything with a bit more protections but with the power and volume...
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    Thread Rooted Mac Spoofing... Not possible?

    I've looked all around (including searching) and besides a few posts with one or two replies i haven't found much. One post I found on XDA mentioned that "ifconfig" on android is different than standard Linux and to list the adapters you use "netcfg" but that command didn't have the ability to...