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    Thread [Q] SYSTEMUI constantly crashing on XT1033

    As the topic suggests, I've experienced System UI constantly crashing on me. It crashed and then come back to normal a few seconds later and sometimes it just keeps crashing on me in A loop! I've tried to switch ROM and kernel but it didn't work out for me. (N5X with The Green Machine) And...
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    Thread [Q]Moto G PPSSPP gaming performance?

    Hi, i'm planning to get Moto G late in June. I want to know how well PPSSPP run on this device. Can it run the following games without lag? -The 3rd Birthday -Persona 3 -Monster Hunter -GodS Eater Or any other PSPgames. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] How to recover files from lost.dir

    Hi! As the topic suggests, i want to know how to recover files from lost.dir Recently, my photos suddenly moved to Lost.dir directory in my SD card and rename the file extension one by one is going to take forever(I have over 1000 photos) Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!:D...
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    Thread [Q]My x8 wont vibrate after falling down ...

    As the thread topic suggests .. My x8 just wont vibrate after falling down about 20cm high Then i turned on the phone, it just wont vibrate (i still can turn it on tho) Haptic feedback, anything related to vibration wont work ... Is it a hardware damage? Thanks ...
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    Thread [Launcher][4.0+]Atom Launcher (Formerly Nemus)

    Hi everyone, I'm here to share a launcher called Atom Overall its good,smooth launcher .. Download and some screens at the attachment Original Thread :o
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    Thread Bluescreen when flashing kernel

    Hi everyone .. I have a problem here .. When i was going to flash a kernel, my computer always crash .. Its like 1. holding the back button 2. Plug in the usb to my phone 3. Then my computer crashed ..(Bluescreen.. WTF):crying: GG driver installed , tried flashtool still didn't work ...
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    Thread [APPS]SGS3 apps

    Hi! heres SGS3 apps that works on our X8 ! 100% TESTED (ICS) Live Wallpapers Luminous Dots AND Deep Sea! (ICS only) App Flipboard (Tested on GB and ICS) : Cool social app Screens and downloads at ATTACHMENTS ! (Sorry, but, no screens for flipboard. Give me one if you can(Try it, you wont be...
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    Thread [GUIDE][CM9]How to apply HDPI themes to MDPI

    This is not my discovery, i just want to share it with u guys Original thread here 1. Install this app(LCD Density Modder 2. Download the HDPI theme and install it DON'T APPLY IT. 3. Open the app and change the density from 160 to 140 and click "Save & Reboot" It'll ask for root and click...
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    Thread INSTAGRAM!

    Someone here using instagram ? Please follow me on instagram @sidewalk Or leave a username here and i will follow you .. Thanks !!
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    Thread [GOOD NEWS] Another ICS incoming :)

    Firdaus Petra is working on a new ICS :) Called "FD-Ice" !! Click;) Or this ;) Just want to post what Mr. Firdaus posted on Xperia X8 Indonesia Facebook Group. Feb 23rd 2012: GSM, camera, and radio didn't work Feb 24th 2012: Mr Firdaus said that he went back online with working VGA Camera...
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    Thread [Q]Does X8 support .FLAC audio files?

    As above Sent from my E15i using xda premium
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    Thread [q] panic! I bricked my phone ?!

    Hi, Looks like my phone is brick .. I tried to flash home launcher(nozomi one) but when i reboot the phone, the phone didnot respond(just vibrating, green led, no bootanimation) Now it only shows red led light when i tried to push the power button PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Im in panic now ...
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    Thread [Q]What theme do you use?

    I just want to know theme u guys r using .. So ... Feel free to comment here :) Sent from my E15i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Newly released nAa or alfs?

    Which is better? Newly released nAa 10 or alfs 07 ics? I always seeks for PERFORMANCE and OC ability Please comment here.. Any comments WILL be APPRECIATED!! Sent from my E15i using Tapatalk
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    Thread What exactly these cpu governor do?

    Such as interactive, interactiveX, savagedzen, scary, minmax... Could the governor affect oc performance? Any comments will be appreciated.. Thanks.. :) Sent from my E15i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy on Fire 2 not working ?

    It always show gof 2 is not responding or something like that when i tapped the app .. How to make it work on my x8 ?? Any comment will be appreciated .. :) Thanks .....
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    Thread [Q] Froyo Pro ?

    Is it good ? Compare to GDX,miniCM etc. Gaming performances ?
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    Thread [Q] GDX vs MiniCM?

    Which have the best performance ? (stability and game performance, etc) GDX with alfs MiniCm with nAa Any comments will be appreciated :) Sent from my E15i using Tapatalk
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    Thread [q] why i cant connect my phone to my computer?[SOLVED]

    Hi, I recently have trouble connecting my phone to my netbook and pc .. When i connect my phone to my pc, it just wouldn't connect.. It keeps showing "Turn on USB Storage" Its really inconvenient coz i hv to turn off my phone then use the card reader to copy file ... Any comments will be...
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    Thread [SHARE][LAUNCHER]SSKIN Butterfly + Launcher I discovered this launcher a few days ago .. And i decided to share with you guys .. Overall its a pretty good launcher.
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    Thread [Q] Red light then my phone hangs

    Hey, i encountered some problem, why my phone hangs and then red led light flashing Then i hv to put out my phone's battery to put my phone back on That really scares me.. Any comments will be appreciated Thanks!! Sent from my E15i using XDA Freemium
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    Thread Transparent statusbar for X8?? [SOLVED]

    Any way to make our X8's statusbar transparent? Any comments will be appreciated!! :) Edit : I'm now using GCR 8.5 now .. LOL But i found a possible solution here : Solution Thanks to anyone who had commented and help me in this thread .. THANKS GUYS !!! Edit: leave a post in this thread if...
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    Thread [Q] How to change font

    How to change fonts on my x8? I didn't like the default system font ... Any comments will be appreciated !! Thanks !:)
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    Thread [Q] How to change font

    How to change fonts on my X8? I didn't like the original system fonts -_- .. Any comments will be appreciated !! Thanks !! :)
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    Thread GingerXperiaRay vs. MiniCM 2.1.6?

    Whose better?(planning to change my rom ... hehe) Or U can give me another option ... Any comment will be appreciated :) Sent from my E15i using XDA Freemium
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    Thread 9mm on X8 ?

    Is it possible to run game like 9mm,Adventure of Tintin on our X8? Sent from my E15i using XDA Freemium