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  1. jokubas00

    Thread [HDPI][App][CM10.1] S4 Style Browser 1.2

    I never thought I could do anything with smali without a guide... Well. I was wrong After almost giving up 2 times, lots of code fixing and layout styling, I introduce you to S4 Style Browser TEST IT PLEASE, NO MATTER WHAT THE COMMENTS SAY. I got it running on 3 different CM10.1 based ROMs...
  2. jokubas00

    Thread [MOD] S4 Themed Notification Drawer v3.0

    PRESENTS Changelog: V3 New Style New font size New toggle images New indicators Separate BG Mobile Data Toggle position fixed Black BG And More... Known Issues: Mobile Data Toggle: Yeaaah... After I fixed the position. BAM! It works differently. YOU tell me
  3. jokubas00

    Thread Galaxy S Photoshop Kit [v2.0]

    I present you, what I did with my Photoshop powers. The thing that every ROM needs, Galaxy S (Plus) Device, Completely Remade. Make your threads even more amazing, with some fancy pics. You won't find anything as detailed as this. „Just Turn off that ugly Samsung Logo and be Happy” On a side...
  4. jokubas00

    Thread i9001 new firmware 02.17

    Hey, there is a new firmware update for i9001 on samfirmware: I9001XXKPP_I9001VITKP2_VIT No link for now, because of samfirmware being on maintainance. Source: samfirmware on twitter edit: what a hack @samfirmware?there is no update.