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    Post SIM card issues
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    Post Indonesia non stable Pie vpn forced update will fix?

    you tried rebooting and then updating? It took mine a few goes to work.
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    Post Update Pie (December)

    reboot and try to update again, do this a few times. mine did this but a reboot or two and it fixed itself, dont know if its the same issue though
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    Post [BETA] [OTA] Upgrade to Android 9 Beta PIE through a VPN

    I used that ghost VPN with a one day trial and connected to indonesia and it worked first time last night.
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    Post After upgarede pie use that free app (nothing to do with me) to easily access the system tuner again in pie. you can indeed now add the battery % on the right, but it will turn into a dot notification if another icon loads up as well...
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    Post SIM1 showing twice

    turn off phone, take out sim, restart, go to apps and find the settings app and clear the cache for the settings app. turn off, put in sim, start phone.
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    Post Please help! Screen just turned off and wont turn back on!

    I had the exact same issue the other day, scared me to death! I managed to get into recovery mode with the power and volume up while charging cable inserted and selected reboot device from the menu after doing the button press to bring it up
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    Post August security patch starting distribution on NOKIA 7+

    Ah right, thanks. Bizarre, the August patch is still locked down but this one isn't.
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    Post August security patch starting distribution on NOKIA 7+

    Hmm. You sideload the August patch?
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    Post August security patch starting distribution on NOKIA 7+

    is that with a non sideloaded phone or anything weird? what network? ive nothing here on o2 sim
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    Post Any UK 1055 users got an ota?

    No update here on Tesco/02 either
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    Post UK Owners Check-In

    anyone in the UK got the august update on the 1055? Im on tesco mobile and its still not showing up
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    Post No 1080p @ 60 FPS Video recording ?

    tried moto camera app, the google camera port and another one. all either didnt list it or said frame rate not available
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    Post No 1080p @ 60 FPS Video recording ?

    the google camera doesnt do it. any others you want me to try?
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    Post 5ghz wifi much slower than 2.4ghz, is it just me?

    its being tested next to a moto x play so the signal isnt the issue. the router has been rebooted a few times and it makes no difference. as I say, its only a problem on the z play and not the x play
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    Thread 5ghz wifi much slower than 2.4ghz, is it just me?

    so on my home network I have noticed downloads being very slow on the 5ghz wifi on the play z. I got my partners moto X play and ran the speedtest right next to my moto z play and hers gets 50mbs and I get 5mbs... to help me trouble shoot, is anyone else experiencing this? thanks!
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    Post charger (Car, mains) that trigger turbo power connected?

    seems many of the chinese ones cause issues such as car fuses blowing and such. not good, the usb c situation is a right mess at the moment.
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    Thread charger (Car, mains) that trigger turbo power connected?

    I see no official car charger is out for the z play and its only the hard wired mains charger that came in the box. does anyone have any good car chargers and mains chargers that charge with "turbo power"?
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    Post do notifications "breathe"?

    sorry, I mean without touching the device or any gestures, they just repeat without any input?
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    Thread do notifications "breathe"?

    hi friends. We have a play X and its a great phone. considering upgrading to the Z. the only issue we have with the X is that notifcations show once and go, no so called breathing. is the Z the same or do they come back? im hoping so with the amoled screen... thanks!
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    Post [6.0.1] Official Marshmallow is rolling out now. Bugs & impressions here!

    I have wifi dropping with concept anyway.... never seems to be fixed! all other devices connect just fine, z3 connected fine using 5.x maybe ill go back to official; then :)
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    Post [6.0.1] Official Marshmallow is rolling out now. Bugs & impressions here!

    yes thats how it is, shows you your using your data connection. im thinking of switching back to official from concept rom, but 575 isnt that great from what I read?
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    Post [ROM][6.0.x][v500][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 13.0 [20161107]

    what a great rom, has breathed new life into my partners v500!
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    Post Marshmallow OTA in the UK yet?

    tue/wed and nothing since swiping away
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    Post Marshmallow OTA in the UK yet?

    we got the notification, but I didn't want to upgrade for a bit and now its saying your phone is up to date!
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    Post what a quality phone this is, I was pleasantly surprised.

    that phone went completely under my radar! does seem very good for the price.
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    Thread what a quality phone this is, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Ordered this for my partner and have had it a few days now. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the purchase, considering the price (£260 with 2 years warranty). I was half expecting it to be kinda slow and clunky, but after installing all our apps, I am happy to say it is more than nippy...
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    Post moto x play charger

    I have this one that I use for my Z3 compact. plugged it into my partners x play and up it pops "turbo charging" quite impressed with the build quality (so far!) and while its not vital, its very...
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    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    yep, done that myself after the first lollipop.
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    Post Z3 users: Sony’s Concept for Android: Marshmallow available to try for 10,000 users

    is the sony connect app present? or could someone try something for me, using trigger or tasker etc. can they switch the sound profile to priority mode? there is a bug in my 5.1.1 which means sony connect and other apps cant switch to priority and i kinda need it, so would "upgrade" if this is...
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    Post Android M not coming to Tab S

    where you hear?
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    Thread Any way for an NFC tag to put the phone in priority mode? nothing working so far

    even sony connect doesnt work, it has the option but nothing happens. works fine chaging it to vibrate, but I bought the NFC tags to put the phone into silent mode at home and work.
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    Post 6.0 Test Build by Sony is coming out if anyone would like to sign up.

    signed up as it said I could always go back to stock sony software any time, so why not give it a go :)
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    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    is there a generic UK version of this out yet?
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    Post 23.4.A.1.232 is rolling out [UPDATE: vulnerable to new stagefright!]

    it can only update from your specific version and currently it looks like no providers have updated, only generic.
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    Post New firmware 23.4.A.1.200-R9C

    no ota on my phone, but pc companion found an update for my UK o2 phone. xperifirm also seems to suggest its out for generic uk and virgin mobile as well. ---------- Post added 27th September 2015 at 12:09 AM ---------- Previous post was 26th September 2015 at 11:47 PM ---------- for the love...
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    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    v4.8.0 xperifirm now out and working, yey, sorry if someone said this :)
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    Post Sony needs to fix double tap to wake...

    make it unprivate :D
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    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    any UK unbranded out yet does anyone know?
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    Post NEWS: Gpad 8.3 Lollipop updates rolling out soon!

    it should just be changed to: "tears" I have given up on getting any more updates for the tablet. still does its job nicely though so will keep it going.
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    Post [Q] Would you still buy the Z3c today?

    if you can find a good deal on it, then yes, I would have zero issue suggesting it today. There is just no reason why its not still an amazing phone today. I too came from the nexus 4 which I really liked but this phone, for me personally, is probably as good as it gets. I know the camera isnt...
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    Post QuickCharge 2.0 Z3 Compact - Not working

    I picked up an aukey cheap QC charger from amazon, any apps to test its charging or even what I should be looking out for to make sure its QC2? seems to do about 1% a min in completely unscientific testing, so I am quite happy so far
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    Post NEWS: Gpad 8.3 Lollipop updates rolling out soon!

    very politely put, yes we all like to check if there is any news and its a pain to have to read through x number of posts about other things.
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    Post 5.1 for Moto g baked and served ; possibly marshmallow getting baked

    yes sadly a lot of these sites know full well including any guff about 5.1.1 will drive in lots of traffic :( I only trust the main sources. even the title of this thread is irritating!
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    Post [DISCUSSION] 5.1.1 stock released! Post your impressions & bugs here

    two different networks so far though, three and vodafone.
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    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    going to assume its not fixed?
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    Post [List][FTF] Stock Firmwares + Concept (18/10/2016)

    UK version has NFC icon in system try if anyone needs that.
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    Post 23.4.A.0.546 - Z3C 5.1.1 4G - Signal Problem

    I switched to the UK o2 version (my carrier) and things seem to be back to normal and I now have the NFC icon in the notifcation panel, something absent on the version I had installed before. very odd. but I like the o2 version as it allows me to chose just 4g/3g/2g etc for when I am in areas...
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    Post 23.4.A.0.546 - Z3C 5.1.1 4G - Signal Problem

    yeah I am having issues as well where it drops out and gets weak. I have another 4g phone on the same network and that isnt having the issues. edit: using 23.4.A.0.546 - Unbranded - BALTIC (1288-5413) on a UK z3c