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    Thread VOLTE Not Working [Oreo to Nougat]

    I used the TWRP Flashable ZIP to go back to Nougat from Oreo (Official). I am facing no IMEI, baseband or any country related issue. Just VOLTE isn't working. I tried every trick on XDA including *#*#4636#*#* method and Enhanced 4G LTE Toggle. Issue persists and I am not able to make calls on Jio.
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    Thread Fast/Stable/Daily Driver ROM

    It has been years since I have followed up on Moto E2's development (not post 2015 I suppose). I feel like the stock ROM (5.1.1; yes I went back to Stock) has become laggy after updating it with all these apps. So, any suggestions on what I should flash? I want something clean, fast and should...
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    Thread IMEi 0 after downgrading to Nougat from Oreo

    I went back to stock Nougat from Oreo and didn't flash the GPT or Bootloader. I have the IMEI 0 issue. No Unknown baseband though. Clearly shows that mine is an Indian Retail device (ATHENE_INDIA_DSDS_CUST). IMEI SV is 11 for both SIMS.. I flashed the stock firmware (correct one) from rajat's...
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    Thread Screen on-time on Oreo XT1642

    Greetings everyone, I have been using a G4 Plus (indian retail unit) since 2017 and was on Nougat for years now. The phone never got Oreo for me. I tried using this trick from the thread to successfully upgrade to Oreo. Now, ever since the upgrade, I haven't had any issues apart from the...
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    Thread AOSP Roms for Osprey

    Hey guys, Looking for an Android Oreo/Pie based ROMs which are stable and purely AOSP based. I like stock Android without any additional features (I mean it). I would like to use it as my daily driver and should have working VOLTE, Good battery life and Ram Management. Please point me out to a...
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    Thread Stable Oreo ROMs

    Can anyone link me to a few stable OREO ROMs for my Falcon? My device is XT1033 and 4 years old. Currently using a debloated KK (4.4) and sorta tired of it.
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    Thread Screen Issue on 4.4 during Powering Up I installed this firmware by lost101. When I power on my device. there is some sort of bar flickering on-screen which goes only when I've locked or turned off my device. Is it a fault with firmware? I want to use a stock firmware based on...
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    Thread Question(s) about Moto G

    After my Moto E2 went dead a few months back, I have been looking for a replacement device and had been using a refurbished Redmi 1 which I sold and got a restored Moto G (1st gen). It was one of the device I've wanted to own since 2014 but never could due to availability. Anyways, I was able to...
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    Thread MIUI 8 Lags on Redmi 1s

    I've been running MIUI 8 on my Redmi 1s for months. The ram management seems terrible with the 8.2 Global Update. While there's a decent 200 to 400MB free after all the apps are cleared, most apps in background are killed and the task switching between apps seems laggy. I have a Moto E2 and...
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    Thread AOSP 4.4 for Armani/Redmi 1s

    Is there a stable AOSP ROM for Armani based on Android 4.4 KitKat? I have been using MIUI 9 but would love to use a AOSP ROM. I'm not much of a fan of Marshmallow or Lollipop ROMs. Please link me one if you can.
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    Thread [Help] Unbricking GS3 and Installing Stock Firmware

    I had bought a GS3 a few years back but never used it. Had some carrier issues as all the SIMs here in India were not supported. Ever since I bricked my Moto E, I decided to start using it again. I realised that the sticker on the rear of my phone says it's I9300 (International Version) of the...
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    Thread Loader.img needed for Otus/XT1506

    dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 of=/sdcard/Loader.img bs=1024 count=168960 Need someone with a rooted Moto E2/Otus/XT1506 to generate me a loader.img so that I can use it to unbrick my hard bricked device. This was done here for Moto G and Moto X Style here. I hope someone will be able to help me...
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    Thread Hardbricked Moto E XT1506

    Hello guys, I've been running Android 5.0.2 on my Moto E2 for the past 2 years. After getting numerous OTA notifications, I decide to update to 5.1. I downloaded it today and let it run. Recovery booted up and when the update reached about 60%, the screen went blank and ever since won't turn on...
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    Thread New to Zenfone 5 Scene at XDA

    Hello, I've been using my Asus Zenfone 5 for last 3 years. It came with Jelly bean and got updated till Lollipop. After the Lollipop upgrade there were a lot of issues including battery, signaling, storage and apps crashing. I followed some tuts and recently downgraded to KitKat. Having no...
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    Thread Is Low Internal Storage an issue?

    Do you guys think that the Low Internal Storage, Partition Size and Storage is a problem for Moto E? I feel it is, when flashing ROMs and when it starts to get laggy due to the new ROMs. What about you guys?
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    Thread Installing a game with large OBB File

    I just downloaded GTA LCS. The game OBB size is around 1.8gb after extraction. The internal memory is not being sufficient. So, how can I play this game? Is there a way of installing the APK in Internal and have it load the OBB from SD Card? I want to do this the safest way without exposed...
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    Thread Windows 8 Lumia 520 Firmware

    I've an old Lumia 520 which had been lying unused for years. Ever since I recently updated it to Lumia Cyan, followed by Denim on Windows 8.1, the device seems to be lagging a lot which is hampering my experience. I was wondering if someone has the Lumia Amber or Lumia Black Update on Windows...
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    Thread Windows 10 on Lumia 520

    How can I install Windows 10 on Lumia 520? Not talking of the official version. Willing to take the risk.
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    Thread ZenUI Moto E

    Is there a ZenUI Rom for Moto E? I'm not talking about the launcher or any apps. I'm really hoping that some developer will be able to port ZenUI from Zenfone 2 to Moto E.
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    Thread TWRP Restart when Flashing Redmi Note Prime

    My Redmi Note Prime restarts back to the recoery when I try flashing a custom ROM with TWRP. I tried Philz and the same thing happened. I tried both TWRP 2.8.7 & 3.0.2 for gucci and getting the error. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thread AOSP based on KitKat

    Just wondering if anyone has a download to link an AOSP Rom based on Android KitKat. Would appreciate a Download Link.
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    Thread Stock Kernel

    Where can I download the Stock Kernel for Moto E XT1022? Also, will flashing the stock ROM via ADB and Fastboot restore stock kernel?
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    Thread [Completed] Username Change

    Hello, I'd like to have my username changed to SpiralX15. Can an admin do it for me? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] ADB Fastboot Question I get this message when I try re-locking boot loader. What does it mean by valid signed images? Recovery image? I am on stock rom for XT1506.
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    Thread [Q] Locking Bootloader and Flashing Stock Recovery

    Device Name: Moto E 2nd Gen 3G XT1506 I installed TWRP for CM12 and now I'm back on stock rom and need stock recovery to lock boot loader. Can someone tell me how to do this? Where can I get the stock recovery?
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    Thread [Spreadtrum] Installing NovaDroid Rom Trying to install this rom, but the files are in IMG Format. ResearchDownload can load pac files. So, how do I install the rom?
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    Thread Micromax A61 Android L Rom I was reading this Rom. It seems like the author posted this from a XDA thread. The rom link requires a survey for downloading. So, can someone link me to the thread, original one from here? I hope there's a...
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    Thread Custom Rom for my Spreadtrum Phone

    Model Number:Mtech A3 Infinity Android OS Version:4.0.3 Screen Resolution:320 * 480 CPU:ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)11000MHz RAM:219MB Memory:67MB/180MB Hardware Information Address:de:cf:ad:30:6c:3a Baseband Version: DM_BASE_12A_W12.43|sc6820_modem|11-02-2012 17:53:08 Kernel Version: