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  1. sorinm

    Post [DISCUSSION] Android 7.0 Nougat

    Iphone models have infinite smaller hardware diversity than android phones and for this is easier to have timely updates. Where Samsung is doing it wrong is in the operators/providers versions. They should not bow to the pressure and just do only one model/one update. The average end user is...
  2. sorinm

    Post Motorola Solutions TC55

    Hello Can anybody provide a firmware for this TC55? I'm looking for KK with GMS, i just have one phone and no acces to official support. Another question: how to restart the phone in normal mode? Phone starts in fastboot. After "fastboot -i 0x05e0 reboot" it still starts in fastboot. thanks
  3. sorinm

    Post [DEPRECATED] SlimLP

    I flashed 20150111 and found no problems so far with bootloops or the apps i use. Thank you Andi
  4. sorinm

    Post P5100 JB 4.2.2 Official ROM released

    I have been waiting for this for over a month (34 days :D ), since the P3100 XEF was released. Not very much in love though with stock 4.2.2 I hope it is not the end of the journey for P5100.
  5. sorinm

    Post About root & recovery/boot/root for s-off

    nice job raskal :)
  6. sorinm

    Post HOW TO USE AN ENGLISH ROM to switch the SGH-i718 from Chinese into English

    the rom is ok for i710 pda part use usb cable phone part use serial cable (i used also one prolific based cable) br sorinm
  7. sorinm

    Post Help me Unlock SPV C600 AKU20 SPL ver

    thanks for this xcingular rom i was able to unlock these new c600 from orange