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    Thread 5ghz wifi much slower than 2.4ghz, is it just me?

    so on my home network I have noticed downloads being very slow on the 5ghz wifi on the play z. I got my partners moto X play and ran the speedtest right next to my moto z play and hers gets 50mbs and I get 5mbs... to help me trouble shoot, is anyone else experiencing this? thanks!
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    Thread charger (Car, mains) that trigger turbo power connected?

    I see no official car charger is out for the z play and its only the hard wired mains charger that came in the box. does anyone have any good car chargers and mains chargers that charge with "turbo power"?
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    Thread do notifications "breathe"?

    hi friends. We have a play X and its a great phone. considering upgrading to the Z. the only issue we have with the X is that notifcations show once and go, no so called breathing. is the Z the same or do they come back? im hoping so with the amoled screen... thanks!
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    Thread what a quality phone this is, I was pleasantly surprised.

    Ordered this for my partner and have had it a few days now. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the purchase, considering the price (£260 with 2 years warranty). I was half expecting it to be kinda slow and clunky, but after installing all our apps, I am happy to say it is more than nippy...
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    Thread Any way for an NFC tag to put the phone in priority mode? nothing working so far

    even sony connect doesnt work, it has the option but nothing happens. works fine chaging it to vibrate, but I bought the NFC tags to put the phone into silent mode at home and work.
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    Thread cant change data cycle, moto g 4g. can anyone else?

    hello! I just tried changing the mobile data cycle on my partners phone to match her billing cycle, but the drop down doesnt have the change cycle option?? my phone, the z3compact does on 5.1.1 but nothing on 5.1 on the moto go. is it just me, can anyone even bring up the change cycle settings...
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    Thread massive battery drain from google "ok google" detection - from any screen being on

    massive battery drain from google "ok google" detection - from any screen being on On my z3 the okay google setting for any screen just runs my battery down in hours. every time the google search app updates, it turns the damn setting back on and it runs it down again. just letting folk know...
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    Thread [Q] Who has had their magneitc charging port come loose

    I've heard that a few people have had issues with the charging port coming out completely, how wide spread is this on the z3c? I have a New Magnector X2 charging adapter and ive tried it once, but then heard about these issues so have decided to hold off.
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    Thread 3110 Jelly Bean update now available OTA

    351mb UK based edit: JB OS Update, tablet rebooting. Stock untouched and unrooted. Edit 2: Seems good enough, smoother but not as smooth as the nexus 7 as expected. Oddly terms and conditions acceptance comes up in spanish even though its a UK language model! GF not complaining so cant be...
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    Thread [Q] Has anyone managed to get any gamepad working, natively?

    I got my OTG USB cable and mice etc. seem to work fine. Tried the wired xbox controller and while it is detected via the BT joystick test app, it wont work in any apps. Tried another generic USB gamepad today and nothing, not even recognised in the test app. So has anyone managed to get a...
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    Thread does the xbox wired controller work? having issues

    Hi, got my OTG cable today and tried plugging in my wired xbox controller. The lights flash on it but its not recognising any button presses. Anyone know if it works? if not would a cheap USB controller work?
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    Thread Small 20mb updated for GT-P3110 UK , any ideas what it is?

    P3110XXBLH2 auto updated just now, no notes as to what it did. any clues?
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    Thread UK genuine Samsung USB cable for cheap on ebay (£3.45)

    I got this today in the post and tested it out and appears to be geuine samsung, charges and dats works fine. also B&M shops do a generic USB port car and wall charger for £3.99 so you can...
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    Thread UK USB adapter for GT-P3110?

    hi, anyone know where I can get the samsung made USB adapter for the UK model? want to use it with my xbox controller which I assume I just plug and go?
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    Thread [Q] If I root the device can I remove the bloatware?

    just curious as I hear you cant move apps to the SD card. which wont be such a big deal if I can remove some of the existing junk put on there by samsung and increase the space available. or have I missed something obvious.
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    Thread [Q] 2.3.4 deleted apps now no "more games tab" in experia play app?

    tried adding in a getgames.apk and it just hangs at loading even if i hit refresh. extracted the 2.3.4 UK rom and cant find any newer version? any help!