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    Thread How to backup IMEI (efs parition) ?

    Hi folks How to take a backup of the efs partition ? I am not seeing it in twrp partitions list for backup. Any help is highly appreciated.
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    Thread ACT now for bootloader unlock | Official Whatsapp and Telegram groups Realme1

    Hello folks, So i've recently bought realmeone recently primarily due to its hardware. Am not a big fan of color os tbh and in my limited research found some stuff from the internet First, the bad bit : Realme1's twin brother oppo F7 still has no way of unlocking bootloader. Oppo seems to...
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    Thread Official Whatsapp Group for Le eco le 2 (s2) users

    Hello friends, So we've got a WhatsApp group running for s2 where we discuss all s2 related stuff and help each other . If anyone interested you can join via this link and join the conversation : MODERATOR NOTICE: Per the forum rules, using XDA to promote social media is no longer allowed...
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    Thread Help MOTO E XT1506 3G VERSION

    Both sim slots not detecting any sim . Im on 5.1 the phone's never been updated (2016 security patch) . Only sim 2 slot detects when i insert bsnl sim but shows no net work . All other sims dont work in either
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    So Xiaomi launched 5a recently with almost identical specs sheets as 4a , slightly lesser battery and aore affordable price tag . Share your experiences about 5a if you have one or ask any queries you have about it here Official Telegram group link : MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED Per the forum...
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    Thread New z2 plus over heating and not charging

    So I got my z2 plus just recently . Unlocked and flashed citrus caf on it the day it arrived as I couldn't bear zui . Everything was going fine . I flashed dm kernel with new camera blobs . Put it in charging and came back after a while to find that phone hasn't charged a bit it keeps saying...
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    Thread KCAL values you've found the best for rn4?

    I understand different people , different tastes but since now we have a few custom kernels that allow KCAL modifications I'm curious what works best for you ( so that I could give it a try)
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    Thread BOE vs Tianma display ?

    So I recently noticed some rn4 comes with BOE nt35532 dsi panel while others with tianma nt35596 panel. Which is better ? Which one has yellowish tint . Share your panel details with SS , it's available in information screen when you tap kernel version in settings>about few times Thanks Sent...
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    Thread [Snapdragon]Redmi Note 4 WhatsApp Group

    So I got my Redmi note 4 Snapdragon version (4/64) yesterday . We've a small WhatsApp group up and running. Check it out : Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Thread People claiming to have volte in second sim on Rr is it true ?

    If true how to go about getting it Thanks in advance Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Dues vulkan api work in any Rom ?

    You can check with aida64( from play) - under devices section if you're not sure. I want to know because adreno510 is supposed to be vulkan compatible Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Does wiping /system make any sense?

    Does any rom needs system to be wiped? I mean does system wiping even makes sense when 'system image is patched unconditionally' according to twrp live log? Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Second sim data problem

    So this happened after i flashed a Nougat rom - crdroid . Everything is working fine but if i change my data from sim 2 to 1 the network in sim2 disappears ? What to do
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    Thread Will Nougat roms bust our speakers ?

    So I've been trying a number of Nougat Roms lately and have found curiously that all of (atleast the one based on strix cm base) have insane volume output (like 50% more at least from stock) through speakers. I was wondering if the devs did this knowingly or is it some software amplification...
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    Thread Some questions from a noob on unlocking and rooting Kenzo . Pls help out

    So I've read a lot of guides but a few questions still remain unanswered am hoping anyone here can shed some light -> can I unlock on global stable (Lollipop) miui 7 version (on which am currently on) or do I have to flash global developer rom to be able to unlock ? -> can I use updater...
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    Thread Gaming performance on CM13

    So i've cm13 and been trying out some games like Vain Glory (which is awesome by the way) but the thing is it hangs and random frame rate drops i wonder if its the issue with Rom or does anybody has any idea like kernel tweaks etc to improve performance of modern games .Also i found GPU over...
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    Thread Xperia M whatsapp group

    So we've had his Xperia M whatsapp group for a while ( around 80 people) but now most have switched phones and the group is deserted save for 12 of us remaining.So if anyone uses whatsapp or is interested in joining PM me your whatsapp numbers . Here's the link ...
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    Thread How to Improve Sound Quality

    So i just wanna know how you people improve the sound quality on M.I use pretty standard headphones on cm 13 yet the sound is so crappy.I tried using Viper4android but without proper configuration of settings its useless .So if anyone can help it'd be aweosme or else we can discuss and find out...
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    Thread [REQUEST] Mahdi/n5x

    Can somebody please do mahdi and/or n5 experience roms. Must be easy coz we already have bug free cm11.Just a dumb request. And no i don't have to the resources to do it myself otherwise i wouldn't have bothered with this thread. So if anyone can spare some time id be glad. Cheers
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    Thread vipe4android querry - does this work on CM11? Anyone tried an most importantly did you feel any difference . I was hoping this could also help checkthe audio skipping bug to some etent in cm11
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    Thread [HELP] Updating to 4.3

    Guys I've been trying to update my c1904 to 15.4.a.1.9 but the Sony pc companion is always stuck at "Downloading". Now i think my only hope will be to flash the ftf directly. But am really scared to do it and don't understand the procedure clearly. I have read different threads but still not...