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    Post [ROM][G935F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    I believe security updates have been discontinued for the Galaxy S7. However, once in a while Samsung drops an update. I think the September 2020 security Patch is the latest. A list of devices that Samsung currently supports for security patches is available at...
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    Post I forgot my S10+ password ?*♂️

    Are you talking about the screen lock? If so, isn't there an option for "Forgot Passcode/Pattern, etc" which allows you to prove that it is in fact you by checking your Google Account credentials and unlock?
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    Post [ROM][G935F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    Yes, the link you're looking at is updated and the right one if you have an S7 edge. Knox 0x1 means that the moment you flash twrp through odin, it trips Knox. Once knox is tripped, samsung pay, secure folder, and other samsung apps that depend on Knox, break. If you use TWRP in read-only...
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    Post Xioami MI 5 boot loop data recovery, please help!

    Hey there. This question may be better suited for the Mi 5 forum in the Q&A section. it will be easier for other users of the phone to help you. Please go through this thread and see if it helps you...
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    Post ported twrp for infinix s4 x626b

    Which TWRP did you use? Did you try commenting on the thread you installed the recovery from? This recovery seems to be working for people with the same model number as you have.
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    Post [ROM][G935F/FD][ALEXNDR] * U8ETI2 * DevBase v7.3 * Encryption support [Oct-20]

    VoLTE works fine .You can choose to force install the INS (Indian) csc by changing the file name to "" (without quotes) ---------- Post added at 09:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:09 PM ---------- Can you please elaborate?
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    Maybe try without flashing magisk during installation. If it doesn't work , you can post the relevant logs and file a bug report. If it does work, flash magisk after the first boot
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    Post Samsung A20e help please

    follow the commands with .\adb devices and .\adb reboot. You can PM me for any more assistance on this . I completely missed this notification. Sorry for the late response
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    Post Samsung A20e help please

    You can try using adb. For that , Download and install adb from Connect your phone Open the terminal/command prompt/powershell Type adb devices It should show a device ID and beside that "recovery" . If it shows any output , you can go forward...
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    Post [STABLE] LineageOS 17.1 for S7 Edge build 21

    You definitely should wipe data or else it may not boot or break stuff
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    Use the jio voice app . Without that you can't make or receive calls . Volte doesnt work on any AOSP based ROMs
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    Calls via the Car's Bluetooth work fine for me . Try taking a logcat and file a bug report as mentioned in the first post so Ivan could probably take a look.
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    1) Yes, this rom has better performance and battery life as compared to stock. 2) Camera quality isn't great but can be improved using unixcam or footej camera or open camera 3) You should upgrade because you're getting an android stock experience with some customisations and you're saved from...
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    Post My device is Bootlooping because of a build.prop change, help

    I need more details to help you. Which device? Does it have a custom recovery like TWRP installed?
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    Post Samsung Health error

    Since knox is tripped , it won't work . You can simply root the device and modify the build.prop by changing ro.config.tima=1 to ro.config.tima=0. After doing this you can unroot your device and shealth should still work fine
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    Post Can I keep my BT pairings when I install a new rom

    Although you may be able to restore the bluetooth pairings on your s7 , your headphones may not connect directly unless pairing mode is activated on it . Samsung cloud backs up the bluetooth pairings . So, switching samsung roms should be fine subject to above. This is also a link I found...
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    Post Very weird overheating s7 edge bug

    Which governor and min-max frequencies are you using? Have you used overvolt options?
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    Post Most debloatable pie rom port with latest security patches

    Double tap to wake will work on any pie rom which is using MORO Kernel . The most debloat options and sound mod is available in Light Rom . I'm not aware if it has the rotation and reboot to recovery button features
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    Post Very weird overheating s7 edge bug

    Which ROM are you on? Are you using the charger cable and brick that came with your phone?
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    Post 2 boot logos and random reboot

    Try flashing the latest oreo build via odin or you can update the bootloader through twrp and reflash resurrection remix. It should work fine after that
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    Post J600G couldn't find new update

    If you are in India Flash INS. If you're in Bangladesh, flash BNG
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    Ivan has already addressed this in the changelog
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    Post Unlock the bootloader, i need help

    There's a dedicated forum for your Tablet. You may get a better response there :)
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    Post J600G couldn't find new update

    You can visit and check the latest firmware for your device .The latest update is showing Android Pie for SM-J600G released on 18th April in India. You can download the firmware from there and install using Odin. Further , you can follow this guide to install the latest firmware...
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    Post [GUIDE][COMPLETE] Android ROM Development From Source To End

    remove line 96,108 and 111 from device/TCL/5010D/overlay/frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/config.xml or comment them out
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    Post Can SM-A70F be rooted right now ?

    I don't have the device but if you provide the boot.img and recovery.img and are ready to test, I can compile TWRP for your device
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    Post [ROM][TW Official OREO 8.0] CivZ-G935F/FD-G930F/FD Multi CSC [XXU5ESD2][25-05-2019]

    Yes it is . Choose the CSC for your region while installing
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    Post LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1.0) for S7 Edge build 53 18.20.2020.

    It's safe but a clean flash is recommended However, if you dirty flash , make sure you wipe system and cache , flash the rom and gapps and then wipe cache again .. ---------- Post added at 04:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:55 PM ---------- Working fine here. Try redownloading or...
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    Post Phone for Lineage OS.

    OnePlus doesn't require a key from the manufacturer. OnePlus 6 or 6t should be a good bet if you don't mind the notch . However, unlocking a Xiaomi bootloader may be time-consuming since you need a code and it can take time to get. EDIT; You can't go wrong with a Google Pixel 2XL , all roms...
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    Post Phone for Lineage OS.

    Why not just shortlist a few devices you like and then checking whether they have good dev support? Samsung is the toughest to get a bug-free lineage os rom, so strike that OnePlus has good dev support and some Xiaomi phones too
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    Post Samsung S7 shuts down

    If you're unrooted , it's really strange to witness such an issue . Backup your stuff including the internal storage and then boot into recovery using the Vol UP + Home + Power button together . Scroll down to wipe data/reset . AFter it's complete .. reboot . WARNING : This will wipe your phone...
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    Post LineageOS 16.0 for S7 Edge build 30

    It's only for "F" and "FD" variant
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    Post What is the difference between XDA Assist and Questions and Answers forum?

    XDA Assist is no longer available for posting questions. You can go ahead and quote my post to ask any question relating to root and nandroid or post your question at
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    Post Cant take a screenshot.

    This happens generally in certain apps that don't want you to take screenshots. There's no issue in your phone or the ROM it's running . It is the app that is stopping the screenshot from being taken.
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    Post [P-EOL] [Official] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 for Galaxy S7 edge

    A clean flash is recommended but you can try wiping only system and installing the rom and gapps
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    Post [P-EOL] [Official] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 for Galaxy S7 edge

    Nothing RR specific except for an upstream merge. But the graphics stack update .. Blobs update etc . refer to Ivan's change log for a more detailed list :)
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    Post [P-EOL] [Official] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 for Galaxy S7 edge

    I personally like RR alot so that's why . NItrogen OS Oreo is not updated since Android 8.1_r32 alot of stuff will be broken and it won't build
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    Post [P-EOL] [Official] Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 for Galaxy S7 edge

    So , I've compiled RR with the latest sources and changes by ivanmeler Further, I have messaged turbolukex5 to continue maintaining this ROM. Till he replies, try this build. If he allows, I'll create a new thread and continue maintaining. :) S7 - S7 Edge -...
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    Post [ODIN] [OREO] [OFFICIAL] Samsung G935FXXU2ERE8 Oreo Updated Firmware (May 12)

    The network drain is because your signal is too low. Switch to 2g when you're not using mobile data. Basically when signal is low the phone keeps searching for a better network or tower to connect to .So the battery drain
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    Post Kaspersky Giving Rootnik Trojan Alert for FlashFire

    Did you install it from the playstore?
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    Post my s7 edge does not turn on the wifi and the bl

    Need more details.. about the rom name and stuff .