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    Thread changelog?

    I'm wondering if there's an official changelog for miui releases, I can't seem to find any information on it. So far in I've noticed: -Picture in picture is fixed, youtube vanced now works in background like in Android 9 100% of the time. -Fingerprint scanner works close to 100% of the...
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    Thread 7 things I wish I knew before buying the K20 Pro

    This isn't a rant, just things which I've noticed of considerable concern. Hi, just a full disclosure. I bought a K20 Pro Chinese rom from Aliexpress, waited 3 months and watched a lot of reviews. I'm english speaking, so none of these issues were brought up in the video's I watched. 1) The...
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    Thread Unknown MCU - Panlelo S13 - px5

    Hi, I've unfortunately purchased a head unit I fear has no support. Here is a picture of the about section, the MCU does not appear to have any structure to it. And I'm uncertain if opening it up (voiding warranty) will let me identify it. (I don't mind voiding it by flashing) As there's no...
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    Thread A bit shook after the S2 I had exploded

    Hi everyone, after experiencing my ex's S4 explode - I did not see the S2 coming. Just 5 minutes ago I was chilling at my pc with an S2 plugged in, I heard a funny noise, looked at the phone and it was smoking - I hit it off the desk in a panic and it exploded. :confused: I'm a bit rattled...
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    Thread [Request] D800 Jellybean (d80010) rom needed - otherwise QPST won't detect my device

    I'm in need of a D800 rom, all of the .tot firmwares available are forever rebooting every minute or two - and the keyboard doesn't work. Could anyone please provide me with a working link to a custom rom or even a tested .tot file which isn't constantly rebooting. Thank you. <3
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    Thread D800 - Request for EFS backup from TWRP to fix unknown baseband issle

    Hi, my device has a nulled out IMEI and unknown baseband. Would anyone please be willing to backup their EFS partition in TWRP and private message me it, as I'm unable to connect to cell towers without it functioning. Thank you.
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    Thread New S7 Design Flaw - Causes bootloop/brick

    Hi, after going through the process of getting the S7 fixed - and Samsung denying everything (as usual), I'd share this issue as it's been happening to multiple Samsung devices in the workplace. Here's how to brick your phone: -An unwilling user goes on a business network, which happens to...
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    Thread Unable to find any AOSP Based ROMS

    I recently received a galaxy note 5, previously I was using an LG G2 with Resurrection Remix. One of the things which VB surprised me about the note 5 was how slow, buggy and poor the battery life was compared to my old phone. Unfortunately I've not been able to find a single stock AOSP rom out...
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    Thread Variant compatibility for SM-N920V? (Verizon)

    Hi, I've just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, N920V I presume. But the issue I'm having is, there's pretty much no kernel or rom which supports this variant. Could anyone help me understand which variants are compatible. Most releases seem to be released for N920C, would I brick my phone if I...
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    Thread G2 Benchmarks (Resurrection, AICP, Liquid, Vanir, Render Kernel, Cloudy, +)

    Why am I doing a superficial benchmark? Because I'm a self diagnosed rom hopper and want to sacrifice my time for the greater many. What are you trying to prove? That you shouldn't always believe ROM/Kernel descriptors. Online Office Link: View Online Testing Method: -Clear all regular...
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    Thread [Q] BiG storage layout gallery crash - Unable to find external storage

    Hey tough guys, yesterday we went over to the new storage layout as we kept running out of app space. Unfortunately after flashing Resurrection Remix, the gallery application and other applications error due to them unable to find external storage. Many other apps still work however, like the...
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    Thread Major heat & terrible battery life. Any ROM/kernel recommendations?

    (This is not a "best rom" thread.) I've flashed my girlfriend's phone awhile ago and have been running AICP for a year and a half, which has been a complete disappointment in all aspects, except features. (When they're not bugged) Her phone is heating up to the extreme and battery life has...