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    Post Inbox invites

    Hi, i'm very curious to try inbox, can you inviate me? I will give you a lot of money and a beautiful girl :) :) thank you in advice
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    Post [APP]Disable Service[Guide][Android 2.2+]

    Somebody know wich services i've to disabled for deactive checkin handoff wakelock? My phone doesn't go in deep sleep... Thank you in advice
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    Post [APP] About Disable Service

    Somebody know wich service i've to disable for deactive ''Chekin Handoff'' wakelock? i'am using CM 10.1 by arco68 with 3.4.91 kernel by Arsadu. Sorry but i don't know if this is the right section for ask it... Thank you in advice
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    Post [APP] About Disable Service

    Problem with gps After disabled this services GPS doesn't work, i think all location services aren't safe to disabled, if i want to use GPS but i'am not sure. What do you think about it? Thank you