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    Thread Belkin WeMo... works with the N4

    Belkin released their beta WeMo app to the Play Store. While I tried this on my HTC HOXL, the option was there to install to my N4. App is still in beta, but setup and basic features work... At least on my HOXL. No rules support yet. I have no affiliation with Belkin, just wanted to get the...
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    Thread Belkin WeMo... works with the HOXL

    Belkin finally released a beta Android App... And it works with the HTC One XL. While the S3 was the target device, Play Store shjowed compatibility for my HOXL, Flyer, N4 and Desire Z... But not the N7. Dusted off my 6+ month old WeMo and it worked with a few minor glitches which I resorted...
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    Thread Autozkins / Clearplex... thumbs up!

    While traveling to Thailand, my plane ticked somehow got caught under my Bodyguards screen protector, and obviously ruined it. Plastic films for the HOX are fairly common at the malls, but they don't provide full coverage of the screen. While poking around the iStudio, I came across a brand...
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    Thread [Q] How to mount microSD card to /sdcard?

    As I was rooting my device, I realized the external microSD card is not the /sdcard and is actually /sdcard2 or /sdcard/ext_sd. I haven't pulled my microSD card to check, but I'm willing to bet its probably blank. I'd like to have all data saved to my external microSD card versus the internal...
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    Thread Reducing Scribe pen noise...

    I haven't figure this out completely... But the pen seems to work through a layer of thin fabric. The fabric reduces the clacking sound of the pen against the glass. The screen (set to minimal brightness) was bright enough to be visible through my test piece of fabric, which happened to be a...
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    Thread Honeycomb in August?

    Thought this was interesting. The blogger cites the source from: Pretty interesting... we'll see how long it really takes, but seems to be in the works... hopefully with an unlocked...
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    Thread Phone App

    While looking through the Astro file manager app, I came across the "Show process" feature under the Told menu. The first process to my surprise was a Phone app. Opening the app, it allows you to add SIP accounts for IP calling. I don't have a SIP account, but maybe it's time to figure out if...
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    Thread Airplane Mode - Improved battery life

    "Cell Standby" was draining my battery according to the power statistics page. Airplane mode kills this process and greatly improves battery life. I can still use wi-fi... haven't tried GPS though. Anything I'm missing here?
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    Thread Front facing camera quality?

    How is the quality of the front facing camera on your Flyer? Mine seems pretty bad. Originally I thought it was the low light during initial tests last night, but I'm still getting vertical banding in the image. I may have got a lemon.
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    Thread [Q] Android 2.2.1 update for Desire Z (NAM)?

    Sorry if this has been discussed. I'm running the stock ROM with some apps removed via TB. I use Vlingo to issue voice commands to my Desire Z NAM. After issuing a Vlingo command through my BT device (Blueant S4 or Q2) and then turning off BT or the device, my phone reboots (and gets stuck...
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    Thread Alarm sounds from AT&T stock

    Can someone zip and upload the alarm/notification sounds from the original AT&T Fuze? I flashed my phone recently and the ROM doesn't have the recent sounds. Thanks in advance!
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    Thread BT headset dropping outgoing audio?

    I apologize if this has been discussed, but I'm hoping someone can point me to the thread or re-cap the workaround. Every so often my HBH-300 drops the outgoing audio during a call. It usually happens 30-60 seconds into the call. Basically, I can continue to hear the person on the other end...
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    Thread Charge and sync cable compatible with HPs 2200?

    Just wondering if anyone has experimented... I performed a search in the Blue Angel forum, but came up with no leads. Actually, answered the charging portion myself... the HP car charger for my 2200 will not charge the SX66... it seems like a difference in wiring of the contacts. Is this also...
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    Thread Transfer sound to Speakerphone from BT Headset?

    Hello, Just purchased a SX66 and wondering if its possible to transfer sounds from one BT handsfree device to another or back to the phone itself. For instance, pick up the call from my headset, transfer sound to my in-car or back to the SX66's speakerphone... This is something I utilized on...