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    Post LG G7/G7+ Sim Unlock Code

    unlock a sprint lg of the latest models that can not be box, costs 150usd in the sprint telephones it is not useful to enter unlock code because these do not have that type of security for unlocking and less the last ones that have encryption by RSA

    Post Boost Mobile ZTE Unlock - Need to know what company CAN do this

    this unlock and root I did it myself :o:o:o

    Post LG Tribute HD (LS 676) root?

    LS676 unlocked for GSM and Mobile data working! for Claro Honduras! If someone has a 100% functional way to share usb via ip free, I can help them to unlock their phones! Unfortunately the options I find to share usb ports are pay, and somewhat expensive :(

    Post Not able to Add APN for use with other networks

    in another forum I was the one who found the solution too, and here also say that it is not free because you have gcpro to do the unlock, and not all phone unlocking is applicable and have the mobile data, ls775 sw ZV5 the phone becomes unusable phones that were released octoplus for now can...

    Post Not able to Add APN for use with other networks

    if they need help contact me via skype [email protected] since the procedure is remote!

    Post Unlock SIM card

    but its no free!

    Post Not able to Add APN for use with other networks

    i have solution for ths problem but its no free

    Post [RESTORE][TOT] Sprint LG G5 (LS992) ZV5 TOT

    I can degrade Zv5 to Zv3? without any problem?

    Post LG G5 Locked APN settings

    You need your MSL / SPC to enter and add a new apn
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    Post [ROM][ZVB] MellowMallow | Debloated, 60fps 4k Cam, Adblock | v1.04 | 6.14.16

    El problema no es mio lo pienso vender y por eso quiero regresar a stock por si hay mas de algun bug por el cual cliente se pueda quejar!
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    Post [RESTORE][TOT] Sprint LG G4 (LS991) ZVB TOT

    as back to this version? just enter the toto in the lgup and upgrade? I'm in Mellowmallow but I need to get back to stock
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    Thread Lg g5 mobile data problem

    I have a lg g5 unlocked, but I can not have mobile data Edit: problem solved
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    Post [ROM][ZVB] MellowMallow | Debloated, 60fps 4k Cam, Adblock | v1.04 | 6.14.16

    The same Problem :/ Edit: data Problem Solved :) now I need to return to the stock as I do? as I need the app messages
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    Post Not working data in sprint lg g4 ls991

    this does not work for me, I have the same sprint LG G4 (LS991ZVB) but no works
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    Post Sprint/Boost/ US Cellular Moto e 2015. Sim Unlock

    Versions Sprint / Boost Mobile and US Cellular and if operating outside US in gsm, I have one running in Tigo Honduras
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    Post [GUIDE] SUCCESS!!! SIM Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, Note 5

    I have a free solution for all versions software :D
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    Post [KERNEL][920P/R4] UniKernel v9 120615

    its posible downgrade from v9 to v8?
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    Post Sprint Samsung Unlocker - Unlock any Sprint Samsung phone

    Thank you very much, but the apk works well, after a long wait really is thank you but I think that should not be free many people are going to profit from this
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    Post help with my milestone A953

    my question is if there is a milestone 2 that the bootloader is 70.13? does the Droid 2 also has the same bootloader Milestone 2?
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    Post help with my milestone A953

    egirche thou I have a Milestone 2 verizon if another phone would use a OMAP3630 processor and the phone before flashing in soft info told me it was a A953 te agredeceria que me ayudaras
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    Thread help with my milestone A953

    hello anyone can tell me which is the official sbf milestone 2 verizon? * brick the phone and I want it back but do not know which is the official sbf since rds lite api gives me error 0xe0000042 every time flashing a sbf :/ and I do not remember if it was before with froyo or gingerbread I...
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    Post [Q] I need to clarify a small doubt

    Thanks for the help! I have now!:) ROM: Android Revolution HD 7.2 (with Beats Audio) FIRMWARE: 3.32.401.154 KERNEL: v1.5.2 by SebastianFM I'ma noob was not difficult but if taken for fear that you have when you are Noob :D to damage the phone but if you follow the steps goes all excellent...
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    Post [Q] I need to clarify a small doubt

    I did all the processes except flashing the firmware I'm stuck in that area because I do not understand that I need to flash firmware My HBOOT'm now on 01.17.1111 Recovery is Installed Supercid and Root Now is not that flash to upload firmware to ICS
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    Thread [Q] I need to clarify a small doubt

    Hi I have a question with my Sensation 4G for T-Mobile I want to update my phone to ICS my phone is with gingerbread can not update via OTA if I look at the HTC Software update says I already have the latest update and am still on 2.3.4 made ​​the Unlockboot with HTC DEV ***UNLOCKED***...
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    Post How To | Unlock Booloader | HBOOT S-Off | Flash Recovery | Root | Sensation

    This works in a Sensation HBOOT 1.18? I ventured as unread aa do with the htc method Dev and now I have the bootloader unlocked but still on S-ON I want to know if I can continue with this guide or is there any way to make it return back to revolutionary