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    Thread FYI T-Mobile OnePlus 8T + 5G unlock now working

    FYI the unlock token page is now working for the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T + 5G
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    Thread Aux cable

    Anyone else have issues with any aux cable outputting a lot of static , my LG v10 did not do this, i have tried many cables :( this phone is so smooth I wish this didn't happen Sent from my LG-H830 using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread Stuck on S6 edge + boot screen

    Can someone please provide some help on this issue, I installed TWRP vid Odin, i flashed multiple different Roms but the phone never makes it to the android boot screen, just hangs at Samsung S6 Edge + powered by android boot screen. I have also tried Clockwork mod recovery as well, Issue...
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    Thread Partition issue

    First of all sorry if this issue has already been addressed, I looked around could not find much on this issue, anyways I have been running deathstalker s3 for a while, I decided to try deathstalker s4 , it installed okay but the phone kept force closing any system app I tried to run , I...
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    Thread [ Q ] AT&T HTC One X Evita mod flashing question.

    Can I flash the volume mods from the international HTC one x to my AT&T HTC One X... Sorry for the nooby question. Thanks in advance!! Sent from my One X - paranoid 2.12 using XDA Premium App!