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  1. Jorge Moreira

    Thread [Q] Xperia Miro - I can not do unlock bootloader

    Hi, I'm tired of trying to unlock bootloader, but without success: Command line I write: fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version says: "waiting for device" and there is nothing, it is always so. And hold in vol + button and connect the USB cable to the computer, but nothing. What I have to do...
  2. Jorge Moreira

    Thread [Tip] Accessing the service menu ...

    Certainly some will already know, but for those who do not know here it is. Accessing the service menu in your smartphone press *#*#7378423#*#* Can you do some basic tests on the phone. :good: Best regards, Jorge Moreira
  3. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Xperia Miro stops at the Sony logo, is nothing here.

    Hi, Was testing the file ( to the CWM without charger and now I had no phone. Stops at the Sony logo, is nothing here. How to solve this? Is I need the phone to work. Best regards, Jorge Moreira
  4. Jorge Moreira

    Thread TIP - ADB for Wireless - no need to resort to using cables.

    Hi, Despite this tip to give various equipment, I decided to put here. If the moderators deem fit to change, are comfortable. Adb for wireless is very simple to make!!! :good: Requirements: - Root - Terminal emulator Enter the following commands in Terminal emulator: su setprop...
  5. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Tip - How to capture screen image on Xperia Miro, possibly Xperia Tipo and Xperia J !

    Hi, To capture the image that is on the screen of your xperia miro, possibly Xperia Tipo and Xperia J, simply put pressure on the key "off" button and "volume (sound) -" simultaneously. And voilá, capturing the image stored in our photo album :D If you liked the hint click (Thanks) Kind...
  6. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Overclock Xperia Miro

    Hi, I saw this topic and I was wondering if you can not apply the supercharger on Xperia Miro. How do I know if I do or not to overclock xperia miro? I await your opinions. Kind regards, Jorge Moreira
  7. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Add (activate) the Sony Bravia Engine in Xperia Miro / Tipo / J / E !!!

    I'll leave here the procedure to activate the sony bravia engine on Xperia Miro. I managed to do it correctly and worked with me. I can not vouch for any damage that may cause to your equipment. Do at your own risk!! requirements: - root - Root explorer or equivalent - Terminal Emulator...
  8. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Xperia models - How to free up memory space?

    Good morning, I'm trying to install the game ducati challenge (which was already installed in the phone) and always gives me the following error: "Could not install Ducati Challenge. Free up some space and try again." :mad: Currently I have the following memory on Xperia: :confused: 754...
  9. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Sony Xperia Miro + ICS + CWM. How to achieve?

    Hi, Is there any way to get the CWM recovery in Sony Xperia Miro? I have the Xperia Miro as root with ICS, but I need to have CWM recovery to make some experiments, including putting the Bravia engime working. I've tried with X-parts, but without success. How to achieve? Kind regards, Jorge...
  10. Jorge Moreira

    Thread Sony Xperia Miro and others - Record/run games off the internal memory of the phone?

    Good morning, I have a Sony Xperia Miro with 2GB of internal memory available to the user, but after I realize that I record every game must go to the folder mnt / sdcard / android / data. As already installed some games "heavy", I start to get a little limited to the internal space. I have a...