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  1. aiiro

    Thread Open with --> forward modified intent?

    Hey. Have been trying to search an answer for this but it's quite impossible. So I'm using two apps: 1) Using Calendar Notifier for reliable calendar reminders and managing them since other apps, including stock calendar app ones are not firing reliably and don't fire since already Lollipop...
  2. aiiro

    Thread Google Now "View email" link opens browser instead gmail app

    It's said in the thread name. Is that normal or what should I do to get it right? I tried to search this subject but it's impossible to search as the search words are too common and I can't filter out the results I need. Please enlighten me in the subject matter... Thanks in advance. P.S. It...
  3. aiiro

    Thread Does anyone recognize what's on this screenshot? PLZ...

    A picture is worth a thousand words... So they say. But this picture is missing one word - the name of the software. Suspects are: Qmenu, SPB pocket plus, Phonealarm, WM native behaviour. If anyone knows this, please share, I'm having weird battery problems (like shutdown on 30% and then after...
  4. aiiro

    Thread SMS notification expires?

    When I receive a new SMS, the notfication only stays for 30 min to 1 hour or so (I haven't been able to determine that exactly), but for missed call it stays there indefinitely. Is this another WM idiotic default behaviour? Is there a way to change that to "normal", so the SMS icon stays until I...
  5. aiiro

    Thread [DEV] [REQ] C++, rewrite existing code

    First I would like to thank the whole forum (with few exceptions that I'd like to not mention here) for the past 2,5 years, which have been very educating for me regarding Windows Mobile as a system. During that whole time I have searched for the perfect simple-to-use, lightweight app for...
  6. aiiro

    Thread [SOLVED] Iconsoft PhonEx mystery

    First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, but it kinda didn't feel like posting in the Q&A section cos if answered, this is valuable piece of information and secondly, nobody knowledgeable doesn't really read the Q&A section. So I'm just hoping that maybe it doesn't get move to Q&A...
  7. aiiro

    Thread Vidya Pocket Port Commander

    Found this software. Searched the forum, it hasn't been mentioned. Maybe it's useful to someone, it sends commands (ex: AT Commands) to communication ports (ex: COM1) and gets responses. Haven't tried it myself tho.
  8. aiiro

    Thread Large title bar versions - plain HTC, Polaris, Opal and ??????

    There are 4 kind of different large title bars that I know of, from which 3 are these: Could anyone please remind me what was...
  9. aiiro

    Thread any way to set default windows tab height

    Searched - nothing came up. So, the question is, is it possible to set the tab height somehow for default windows like Start -> Settings, where there are 3 tabs - Personal, System and Connections? Thanks.
  10. aiiro

    Thread Sixth sense

    I hope I'm not double posting, but it would be worth it anyway, if I were - It's quite crazy what future might bring.
  11. aiiro

    Thread SPB Mobile shell - non full screen possible?

    Being ignorant on the possibilities of WM6 and unable to find anything on the topic - would it be possible to run SPB Mobile shell like normal app, I mean without being full screen? Would it be possible for other apps as well? Thanks for Your effort.
  12. aiiro

    Thread Stupid question - are ROM files REALLY ROM files?

    Hi. I am relatively new with the PDA scene and as much as I would have loved to read an answer to my question from some other thread instead of starting a new one, I could not do it cos there are none. At least in "idiot's guide" style. To the question that is stated in the title. As much as I...
  13. aiiro

    Thread Choosing between WiFi, GPRS, VPN etc. - any simple utility outthere? plz...

    Is there a kind of utility that if a connection is required, asks user how to connect? Something like there use to be on a PC, when You start IE? I don't remember which version of IE/Windows it was but it looks something like this - The problem is...
  14. aiiro

    Thread Anyone here from CHINA ???

    I have a weird problem... I ordered the e-cig (China) and after extensive talks with local Customs office, National Medications Department and TNT, I could not get my shipment from them. The problem is, in Estonia the E-pipe is regarded as "medical device" and the cartridges and liquid as...
  15. aiiro

    Thread Unhide EXT ROM on ASUS P550 / Vodafone v1520

    I have the v1520. Been searching for almost a week now in various forums, how to unhide the EXT ROM. Been trying every registry setting and unlocking tool and/or other trick there is and that I could find. Been asking senior members here who refer in other posts like they knew something but they...
  16. aiiro

    Thread [POSSIBLE SOLUTION] Activesync working in "turbo mode" & tray icon removed

    [POSSIBLE SOLUTION] Activesync working in "turbo mode" & tray icon removed I had the problem with ActiveSync turbo mode USB connection staying in the "acquiring IP address" loop forever. After countless hours in search of a solution for this (and also after many years dealing with MS networking...
  17. aiiro

    Thread In call volume slider not working :(((

    Using WM6 Vodafone v1520. And as the headline says, when in call, the volume slider has absolutely no effect whatsoever. I can only hear the ticking of the slider (or watch it move up/down) but it doesn't affect the volume level of the earpiece. If I switch to speaker phone the speaker phone...
  18. aiiro

    Thread Any way to set background image for top/bottom bar w/o Wisbar or other apps?

    Like the title says - is there any way or some small utility to apply background image for top and/or bottom bars? (I know You can't make them simply transparent). I have tried Wisbar, rlToday etc, they are all either doing too much on the side, consuming way too much memory or just buggy. I've...
  19. aiiro

    Thread shortcut (*.LNK) to minimize all / show today

    There are many solutions available to assign "minimize all windows" / "show today screen" either to an icon on the taskbar, do it via some apps menu or even hardware button, but I can't seem to find a tip to launch that function via shortcut. I need this to assign the link to gesture "down" in...
  20. aiiro

    Thread GPS and cached google maps

    I've been searching like crazy past couple of days but with no apparent luck. If not to take into account the countless bookmarks that I have been creating. God knows why. The problem for me is that I have never used a GPS software and as far as I have been reading, it is either...
  21. aiiro

    Thread Weird double call tone... help?

    I just put in the SIM card on my smartphone and tried to call and I get a weird call tone - instead of one I get two overlapping ones, one being solid "beeeeep" and the other more like a bit vibrating one. And if the line is busy, the call ends with the usual "beep-beep-beep" but instead of the...
  22. aiiro

    Thread ASUS P550 - help?

    Hi, I have a problem and after doing a massive research I found this forum and I am wondering if someone could help me. I have been trying to locate ASUS P550 for several weeks now and although it's sold in the UK as Vodafone v1520, it's modified for branding purposes and no good. At least I...