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    Thread Root?

    I can't find my exact model anywhere. Anyone ever rooted this one?
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    Thread cwm doesn't see sd card?

    I have yet to run into this one. I had to odin my epic. When it was time to flash from my sd card, cwm didn't see it??? I tried mounting it, but it says there's nothing to mount. When I boot up into stock, it see's it no problem......soooo now I have a sort of not really rooted phone.....LOL...
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    Thread Firefox OS?

    Anyone here play around with this for our Epic yet? I wouldn't mind checking it out, but I know nothing about developing :(
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    Thread Dual Boot when Win7 is on RAID0?

    I've been looking around this forum and others as well and haven't found anything about dual booting when Win7 is on a RAID0 volume. I've already tried a couple of different ways and keep getting the same error message......Win8 can't edit the master boot record, which I believe it can't because...
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    Thread Search

    I'm gonna show my noob here.......but I can't figure out to search a thread the with xda app.....the only search I can find is for all of xda.......anyone care to help out the noob? Thanx in advance Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium
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    Thread Wallpaper size

    is there any way to make any wallpaper fit?
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S III

    I see alot of people getting this, getting excited over it. I'm confused....why? I like the dual core 1.5Ghz processor....but it doesn't have a physical keyboard.....which is my own personal preference.....but anyway.....whats so special about it???
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    Thread Root without odin??

    Is there any way to root stock EI22 without usng odin? For some reason odin won't see my phone anymore :\ Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium
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    Thread Rotating Screen problem.....

    ok...I'm having a problem with my screen rotating to the side and staying there....It started doing this when I installed the ACS ICS 5.0 ROM for EI22. I love this ROM and want to keep it. I just the 5.1 version and installed it hoping that would fix it, but it didn't. Can anyone help? Its...
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    Thread Extended Battery and EH17

    I have an extended battery, but the battery life is the same as the standard battery whenever I'm runnin an EH17 ROM.....when I go back to EC05 I get the great battery life of my extended battery.?.?.? Any thoughts as to why a EH17 ROM wouldn't recognize my extended battery? Also I have tried...
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    Thread modem relation to ROM?

    I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'd like to be sure. You can only use a ROM that was made for your modem, as in EC05 or EG22 or any of the others, correct?
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    Thread [Q] EXT4?

    Is there any way to see if I have ext4 file system on my phone?
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    Thread [Q] Market Apps

    Is there anyway to get the setup files you download from the market? I'm after the Software Data Cable. I found most of the setup files in /data/app but for some reason that setup file wasn't in there or the app-private folder. Yes I know I can re-down load them all, but I prefer to have my...