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    Thread Urban precision v2 rom function problem

    Ok, u guys know that last night I installed the urban precision v2 rom. The akward part is, it was working fine for awhile, and then a couple hrs later, I started having all kinds of problems. My phone froze up, no buttons wanted to work and it was rebooting all kinds of ways. Especially...
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    Thread Any excellent suggestion for anyone who has trouble with bml or ext4 roms.

    i just brought my phone back to full life from installing one of the custom roms, that for some reason gave me a bunch of problems. boot into cwm, do a full factory wipe, convert back, then nandroid restore. you should be good to go.
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    Thread The legendary rom downloads??

    What's the difference between the 2 zip files under "full rom downloads", for the legendary rom? Cuz the link qbking has in his video and what's in thread are different. Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium
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    Thread Cleangb and data question

    Ok check this out. I'm using the normal cleangb rom, but I want to reinstall it again to check on some light functionality issues. Now if I reinstall it, is my current data setup going to be erased? I don't need to wipe anything to do this right? Considering I'm just reinstalling the same rom...
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    Thread [Q] MTD???

    what is the big ordeal about using MTD? since it has so many problems, and takes so many steps with so much effort to make anything happen. *not trying to insult anyone - to be on record*
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    Thread Just saying "happy new year everyone"

    Sent from my SPH-D700 using xda premium
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    Thread Rom setup help.

    Does anyone know if there are videos showing you step by step how to actually setup a rom, once u have it installed? Last night I installed the sleeper rom, and I couldn't figure out how to get the phone dialer installed. Plus I started getting system force closes. I'm assuming that I should...
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    Thread [Q] factory reset clear framework error?

    hi everyone. ok here's my problem, yesterday i installed acs ics 5.5 rom, then i nandroid restored the ei22 deodexed stock just to test the nandroid restore, just to see if it worked for me. i then again flashed back to the ics 5.5 rom, and this morning i nandroid back to ei22 again, because...