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    Thread Factory Reset Stock ROM with SS

    If I perform a factory reset within my stock ROM will that erase SS and all other custom ROMS on my phone? I'm transitioning from liquid smooth back to stock because I need more stability. I think it should only reset the data on the stock ROM but just making sure. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread A few Carbon Rom questions

    Just a few general questions on the stable version of Carbon Rom v 1.8 for our xt912's. I'm switching from liquid smooth because I can't stand the lack of support from the developers. I know version 1.8 is Jelly Bean 4.2 based so I just wanted to make sure there were no critical issues with this...
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    Thread Can't sign into AOL associated Google account - Droid og

    I'm currently in the process of restoring my brothers A855 and I've run into a strange issue. When I try to sign into my google account it is saying my account is not recognized. It is an aol email but it is the one associated with my google account and it works fine on my Razr Maxx. Can you...
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    Thread Problem installing Soak Test Update

    I Downloaded and installed the soak test from droid-life. It looked like everything installed correctly but when I rebooted my phone turned on and booted but the homescreen was all black and I could only pull down the notofocation bar and get to settings. Going there confirmed that I had 4.1.2...