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    Thread Cannot flash using MiFlash Tool

    Hi - I was on the stable China rom for a few months and I decided to update TWRP and flash a custom ROM this morning. After updating TWRP I went into recovery to backup the current ROM but it gave me a bunch of errors saying the filesystem couldn't be mounted. I repaired the filesystems and...
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    Thread Random folders created multiple times a day

    Hi I've got a MZP with a 128gb SD card and I notice that the SD card is full of folders with nothing in them but it's a pain in the neck trying to browse to a specific folder. I'm.not sure what's creating these folders and battery life has virtually halved since this started happening. Any ideas?
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    Thread RAW Support and long exposures

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a way to save images as RAW in the Moto Z Play? Also, the manual (pro) mode allows you to change the exposure duration but this seems to be maxed to 1/6 - any way to get to longer exposure times? Thank you.
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    Thread Cannot lock on to a 4G signal on my SM-N900T

    Hi So I have a T-mobile unlocked SM-N900T that I'm currently using in London. I'm on Lycamobile and want to try their 4G network but for some reason my phone just will not connect to LTE. 3G works fine but that's as far as it will go. I've been able to use 4G in India on the same phone so I...