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    Post S8+ root?

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    Thread oreo update

    just downloaded oem oreo update
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    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    snapdragon? is this for Snapdragon?
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    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    failed I am running 955USQU2CRB6 , and this wont flash,. I get error 7....
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    Post [OREO] Oreo Beta on ANY USA/Snapdragon S8/+! [04/10/18]

    failed are you sure this is for the 8+? It would not work for me?
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    Post Anyone think the headphones are crap?

    crap... I bought some decent ones off ebay.. Klipsch X11 Noise Isolation Audiophile In-Ear Headphones for under $80...
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S8+ (Exynos)

    Korean download ? International ?post #1
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    Post Can't resize widgets?

    try Nova launcher,,, works with that
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    Post Stuck in "Recovery Booting..." loop after flashing jk's Hybrid TMO rom

    Try holding down power, BOTH volume and and down and the home key. all at the same time.. dont release any buttons... just wait about 8-10 seconds... that brings up a different boot option screen. (reboot normal, safe boot. wipe ... I was under the impression I could flash the Hybrid mode...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] ROOT Method For Nougat

    lag when rooted I tried this method 3-4 times,, terrible lag,,, now we have the Nougat straight from Verizon and I rooted it also with this method, not worth the lag, its a start, but some one needs to dig deep into making a rooted rom that adjusts the lag..
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    Post [DISCONTINUED] ROOT Method For Nougat

    I also lost data,and root was only temporary. Flashed this 3 times.
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    Post Galaxy Beta

    VR doesnt work per the FIRST post.. look at the very bottom
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    Post Galaxy Beta

    error 7 I am also getting error 7... have tired to different SD cards.. gave up on it.. Is it possible that the latest update wont let us flash it even by going back to PH1...? I was running the Beta.. and went back and forth a couple times.. doesnt appear to allow me to do so now.. any ideas?
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    Post Nougat Beta Thoughts & Issues

    Performance? I installed the Beta and felt my phone actually was slower than stock rom.. Anyone else feel this way .? I flashed back to stock...
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    Post Battery life after root?

    battery life and performance issues are why I am back to stock after flashing all roms that are out there and still not worth being rooted.. I have been waiting for the better roms to come forward, but not to much support for the Verizon s7 due to the locked bootloader
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    Post Sell me on root

    rooted, back to stock.. 7-9 times.. root hurts battery performance big time.. The benefits of root are not worth the battery or performance loss in my opinion..
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    Post HELP please Software Version: MMB29M.G935VVRU2APG5

    just do a search on google for it.. then download and flash with Odin
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    Post After root lag /slow phone

    I have rooted , unrooted,, back and and forth 7-10 times. Bad battery life,, and none of the roms run as smooth and fast as stock.. Not worth the rooting for me yet.. back at stock and just disable some of the apps that I don't want appearing on my phone and used a different launcher.
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    Post Im an idiot, i bricked my phone, and i need help..

    use Odin and you can reflash the stock firmware . If you want to root you can try it again.. You are soft bricked.. and not bricked.. your phone can be repaired.. I have also used Samsung Kies to restore to stock, but you need the serial number of your phone to do so.
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    Post Can't root after Note 7 swap

    PHE and can't flash back
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    Post [Root] Complete Stock PH1 Setup with Root - Everything working

    yes, I saw that this is based on P1, but saw this on post 285 Quote: Originally Posted by brentsten I haven't tried this, but found it earlier when searching for root on Verizon PH3 firmware. Seems the same as PH1, but with the newer firmware...
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    Post [Root] Complete Stock PH1 Setup with Root - Everything working

    doesnt work,, tried it twice.. with two different Odins and tried a second download .. you get the MD5 error.. binary is invalid.. wont even begin to flash
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    Post [Root] Complete Stock PH1 Setup with Root - Everything working

    you can not downgrade to PH1 after your phone is running PHE
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    Post Original stock rom

    You can download it,, but you can't flash it .. the update wont let us go back to the prior one.. I have tried 6 times..
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    Post [ROOT] VZW Note 7

    I tried to down grade but get the error with odin, I had to use smart switch to get up and running each time I got the error.. I will try another Odin,, I am using 3.11.1 , I will try 3.12
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    Post [ROOT] VZW Note 7

    cant root mine either,, tried 4 times last night,, ---------- Post added at 09:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:37 PM ---------- you are correct... someone needs to find a new way to root.. they changed something in the update..
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    Post [ROOT] VZW Note 7

    yes. it's updated,, ---------- Post added at 01:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 AM ---------- build number is now MMB29.N930VVRS2APHE.. not sure if this is the same as before or not?
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    Post Universal Firmware Still Capable on NEW Note 7 Units

    I was not able to root ... tried 4 times.. was rooted with last Note 7. which method did you use? I get an error when flashing the Sprint firmware in odin.
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    Thread Can't root after Note 7 swap

    I swapped out my Note 7 today,, I can not root ... anyone else have this problem... ??? I have tried 4 times..
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    Post [ROOT] VZW Note 7

    Swapped out note 7 today,, unable to root now.. tried 3 times.. ? anyone else been able to root?
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    Post [ROOT] VZW Note 7

    Back to Stock Ok,.. I did this and it is working.. but since there are no roms I would like to go back to stock.. Any suggestions?
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    Post Debloater(Lets remove all that carrier bloat !! Root not required..)

    when I see "remove bloat" that is why I mean it's misleading,, doesn't remove anything.. sorry if you don't understand that..
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    Post Debloater(Lets remove all that carrier bloat !! Root not required..)

    debloater this doesn't remove apps.. it only disables them,, which you can do and have been able to do for the last 3 years.. kind of misleading..
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    Post [Firmware] [Official] Firmware / Kernel / Modem / Recovery [N920VVRU2AOJ3]

    My bad... I now realize I was flashing with the wrong tab,, I was using CP instead of the AP tab in Odin.. Works fine...
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    Post [Firmware] [Official] Firmware / Kernel / Modem / Recovery [N920VVRU2AOJ3]

    Flash hsbadr, I have tried several times to flash the full firmware and get an error every time.. I have even downloaded the firmware 3-4 times.. I am not bricked.. but just wanted to try it. I have to flash the kernel or do the Verizon repair in order to get the phone up and running each time...
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    Post VIDEO- Iphone 6 Beats Note 5 In Speed Test

    who really cares? curious why this is even in the Note 5 section?
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    Post Galaxy S6 Edge+ G928CXXU1AOH3 System Dump

    :pwhy is it asking for a password when trying to unzip?
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    Post [Firmware] [Official] Firmware / Kernel / Modem / Recovery [N910VVRU2CPF3]

    Jasmine Rom hoping you can crack this note 4 and get that Jasmine Rom rocking it!
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    Post ☞ [Rom][4.4.2]★ AllianceRom - Build 2 ★ Untouchable![10/31/14][NC4]

    NOISE Okay I am running Baha Rom 16.1 and today I was charging my phone through my usb port. When I lay it down on the mouse pad it makes a 'clink noise and vibrates for a few seconds? even does it when its not connected to the usb port.. What is this? Is it trying to do a wireless charging or...
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    Post [Q] Why it isn't possible to dowgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.3?

    No not if you take the OTA update,, sorry if I mislead.. I was speaking of running a NC2 rom which is 4.4.2 and then odin back to 4.3..
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    Post Successfully Rooted Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Install Safestrap

    root It appears we are talking 4.3 not 4.4? When someone develops root for 4.4 it will be a Milestone achievement:p
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    Post [Q] Why it isn't possible to dowgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.3?

    downgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.3 I have note 3 verizon,, I can odin back to 4.3 from 4.4.2,, I have done it several times. Not sure if this is true for all note 3's