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  1. muhtesem insan

    Thread The tempature of your phone too low.

    Hi, yesterday I have started to having this error with random intervals and since then my phone stopped charging. When i connect it to charger it would say charging but battery icon won't change, led would not turn on or battery percentage would not change. Has anyone encountered this problem?
  2. muhtesem insan

    Thread new update for exynos model N9000QXXUCMJ8

    Turkish Exynos model N9000Q(Which is identical to n900) had a new update OTA it's 20,04 MB. Here's the info from Sammobile. Model: SM-N9000Q Country: Turkey (La Fleur) Version: Android 4.3 Changelist: 2018955 Build date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 08:28:23 +0000 Product Code: TUR PDA: N9000QXXUCMJ8...
  3. muhtesem insan

    Thread samsung portable battery pack

    Apparently I won a Samsung battery pack for being in first 1000 people bought note 3. i had an extended battery with my old note and i was planning to buy with this too. I haven't got used a battery pack before bu i guess it would be problematic to carry two separate devices in summer. Has...
  4. muhtesem insan

    Thread [Q] What would happen if I flash a Rom from other Region (sim lock)

    I wonder what would happen if I would flash a firmware from a region from other than my own. Will my sim stop working or is it handled in lower level?
  5. muhtesem insan

    Thread How to disable S Finder

    S finder is bugging me. It pops every time i hold the menu button instead of apps built in search function. Is there a way to reverse tihs behaviour.
  6. muhtesem insan

    Thread Model Number SM-N9000Q

    Hi I just bougt Note 3 in Turkey. We have Exynos Octa version. But model number in Turkey is a little different. AFAIK model number for Exynos version should be N900 but when i look at the model number it says N9000Q. What is this model? Is this different from other exynos models or this naming...
  7. muhtesem insan

    Thread [Q] USB Device not recognized (Minor Annoyance)

    Sometimes when I connect my note to pc(windows 8) i get the error "the last usb device you connected to this computer malfunctioned and windows doesn't recognize it". It goes away after restarting the phone but its frequency increased after I flashed LM5 leak and starts to annoy me. Is there a...
  8. muhtesem insan

    Thread [Q] Buying online from US

    Here's the problem, In Turkey due to taxing policy electronics is really expensive. A relative of my friends live in US and they're coming here next month. So I'll buy it online and show adress as theirs and they'll get me one. The problem is I don't know any online retailers in US except...
  9. muhtesem insan

    Thread Jelly Bean

    So we got ICS, what do you think of our chances of getting Jelly bean too. I don't expect but one can still hope :P
  10. muhtesem insan

    Thread idx/sub(vobsub) subtitles

    Is there any app that can play idx/sub subtitles?
  11. muhtesem insan

    Thread [Q] RocketRom Inverst lockscreen

    I've flashed my note to rocketrom v22, sometimes lockscreen inverst in both x and y axis, but touchscreen responds as it is normal. Has anyone encountered with this?
  12. muhtesem insan

    Thread [Q] Stock Rom for another country.

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but couldn't find it. What happens if I flash a stock rom for country intended other than mine? Is there any advantage/disadvantage to it?