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    Thread Is someone using an Android N ROM with 2 sim-cards on the XT1562 (single-sim)?

    The title is pretty much the question. Does it work for you? Because my sim-cards just doesn't get recognised, no matter what N-ROM I use... Edit: I erased the modemst1 and modemst2 and now it recognised a SIM but there is no signal at all... and there is always an error while searching for a...
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    Thread 1. SIM for mobile data and 2. SIM for calling?

    Hi guys, like the title says I want to use 1 SIM only for mobile data and the other SIM only for calling. I know there are settings for this and that this is possible but I want to know if I can use the "mobile data SIM" in LTE mode while receiving normal calls using the other SIM? Is it even...
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    Thread Massiv battery problem on 5.1.1

    Hi guys, i'm currently on 5.1.1 ( and I got a massiv battery problem. It seems that the GApps are the problem. I installed the OpenGApps for 5.1. (nano). Can you guys help me?