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    Thread Change Platform ID (AT&T Deplatformation/Debrand)

    Pretty easy. Use WPInternals and unlock the bootloader, enable root access. When in Mass Storage Mode, goto EFIESP\EFI\Nokia\PCONF, copy “config.pcn” to somewhere and use a HEX editor to open it. Change PXXXX_ATT to PXXXX (the XXXX is a 4 digit number, just replace _ATT with 00s), then save it...
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    Thread Unable to flash Lumia 920 QHSUSB_DLOAD - Getting "Failed to get response to HELLO_REQ

    Unable to flash Lumia 920 QHSUSB_DLOAD - Getting "Failed to get response to HELLO_REQ Hello... So I tried all available HEX/MBN files on my Lumia... I used the short R3209 resistor method and my computer recognized it as QHSUSB_DLOAD. Every time I try to flash it, here is what is going on...
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    Thread BlackBerry KEYone won't turn on Purple LED flashing

    Hello everyone. I have a problem. I was watching a youtube video when suddenly the video stopped and for a second a glitch on the screen was shown. Then it turned off and on and started to flash Purple LED. Pls help to fix this.
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    Thread Customizing your Windows Phone's sounds

    Applicable to: Windows Phone 8.1/10 Hello everybody! New tutorial here! I am gonna explain you, how to change your: Battery Low sound Charging sound Lock sound Unlock sound USB OTG Connection sound USB OTG Disconnection sound and much more... First things you need to do. Unlock bootloader...
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    Thread Mod your Lumia bootloader?

    Hello everybody! I don't know if this question was already given so.... Back to track I want my bootloader of my Lumia 920 to be customizable. Like I unlocked it using Heathcliff74's tool WPInternals. And enabled full root access. So I have FULL access to the file system. :| Is there a mehtod to...
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    Thread Returning to Windows Phone development!

    Hello everybody! Some of you may know that I got bricked my Lumia 925. Well... I got another Windows Phone! Lumia 920! So... I will continue helping others and maybe even making more software for recovery and much more! :good: :fingers-crossed: Fingers crossed not to brick this one!
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    Thread Boot a Lumia 920 without battery

    Alright, so I have a working Lumia 920 which doesn't have a battery... I want to boot it up but it doesn't even with a powerful power block. The problem is that NOKIA devices have a specially made battery with a BSI pin. BSI pin is like a data pin so that battery can send status of it's health...
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    Thread Unbrick your dead-boot lumia... WITHOUT JTAG!

    Welcome everybody... The wait is over... After not sleeping for 6 days long... I did this... !RECOVER YOUR LUMIA WITH DEAD-BOOT WITHOUT ANY JTAG!!! So... after many testings, you bricked your phone... Now it doesn't boot and even worse, an error message pops up on PC when connecting the device...
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    Thread Need Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 ROM for Lumia 925!

    Hi everyone! I am in need of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 ROM for Lumia 925 or RM-892. Maybe someone has got it... Please help.
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    Thread [ROM] [STABLE] GS3 Style ROM for GT-P1000

    Finally! I made this... the... GALAXY S3 STYLE ROM FOR GT-P1000 ROM Sources: Base ROM - Cyanogenmod Base Kernel - Linux 3.x ROM OS Ver/Type - 4.0JB/Android YOU TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR DEVICE AND YOU TAKE THE RISK! Make sure your GT-P1000 firmware is Android 2.3.x or...
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    Thread Problem with Windows 10 Mobile (Build 15254, Version 1709)

    Hello everyone! I have installed Windows 10 Mobile on my Lumia 925! I have upgraded it a lots of times before I got to build 15254 (with registry hacks of course) So here's the problem... Before updating to build 15xxx (my Lumia was in build 14393) the Bluetooth pairing worked normally! I could...
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    Thread Windows 10 Mobile Installer! New! Version 1.0

    Hello everyone! Today I am publishing my second program! It's called... the... Windows 10 Mobile Installer!!! Version 1.0!!! It's easy to use! It will be constantly updated via this forum! It comes as .wim package Extract it and you will find another .wim package Extract it too and you will...
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    Thread Bricked your Lumia? QHSUSB_DLOAD? Don't wanna write commands? Then try this!

    I made a program that unbricks your device, recovers from QHSUSB_DLOAD, QHUSB_DLOAD. It's called... Windows Phone Unbrick Tool (WPUT) It comes with an installer. NOTE: 1. You should enter the license key that is provided in the License Agreement section (for checking that you are not a bot, so...