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    Post Bricked Device HELP Pleeasssee.... OP7P
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    Post Working Theme Store for Global

    have you tried if this method works?
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    Post [STABLE] MSM Xtended XR Release v13 [R | Android11.0 r20][December 19th, 2020]

    I had the same bug, which firmware should be used as a base?
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL][Q][r41 BlissRoms v12.11 [7PRO][08/21/20]

    Hi, sorry, I tried several times to install the rom following the instructions but in the end I only get a restart in twrp, can you help me please?
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    Post EMUI 10 beta for global users?

    do you also have a monosim brand? it seems that only these should receive the update
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    Post [8.1][sGSI]MIUI 10 MiRoom for Project Treble

    how did you partition your v30? I used the tool for axon 7 but installing the miui the phone goes into bootloop
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    Very thanks, instead to restore gallery, you know how to do?need flashing it?in the meantime I installed quickpic.........thanks and Merry Christamas!!!!
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    No, but dialer app works, when i do a call It does not appear the call screen, I still have to put as the default app?
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    echo is still there unfortunately, after flashing echo fix, not working dialer, please help me
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    Post OnePlus3_MIUI8_V8.0.2_Global_Stable Ported (update)

    all the languages other than Italian :confused:
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] MIUI 8 (multiple editions)

    Many thanks it worked out ok but it seems that dash charge does not work, you have to activate it from the app?
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] MIUI 8 (multiple editions)

    I flashed it but i have Find error, have you a solution?
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] MIUI 8 (multiple editions)

    Dev. says that his release doesn't elementalx, have you installed it manually? image you attached says 0.24, the last is not 0.23?
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 8 OnePlus 3 [6.0.1]

    Excuse me Sir, your last release "rev1" has elementax oos version?If yes, has also gestures to wake?
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    Post [KERNEL][Oxygen/Stock/MIUI] Mono Kernel (31 October)

    when you think that this feature will be implemented? early or have to wait a few weeks? Thanks
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    Post [ROM] MIUI 8 OnePlus 3 [6.0.1]

    Download GMAIL, giving all permissions to google and gmail applications, reboot and open gmail, if not synchronized restart again and open gmail
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    Post [ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

    Older Versions Where to download older versions, for example 2.0.1? I deleted
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    Post [ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

    Touchwiz UX UI Sorry dev., thank'u for the development but why write full UI if is not full?
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    Post [5.1.1_r6][N910F/G/T/P][ROM] [Unofficial] AICP. Android Ice Cold Project[ 04-July15]

    Xposed Lollipop I tried to install it on both cm12 AICP compatible modules following the guide to install Xposed but does not work. How can I do?
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    Post [ROM][N910F] Unofficial CM-12.0 for 910F Note 4. (trltexx)

    Nightly Mod Edit, English language only please.
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    Post [rom]galaxy-s5[gt-i9192]

    wifi wifi doesn't works :crying:
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    Thread [Q] Thermal Throttling

    Also Note 4 with Snapdragon suffer thermal throttling, resulting in lowering the brightness? :confused:
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    Post [ROM][N9005][4.4.2] Galaxy S5 Stock ROM - Final v40.0 - Clean, Fast and Stable

    Floating Icon I wanted to ask if you know how to disable that icon that appears floating in many applications. This icon is not the toolbox but an icon that when pressed opens the settings. can you help me? :crying::crying:
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    Post [Q&A][ROM]S5 Clean Port by fahadali2315

    did you find out what is floating settings button? There is in more s5 ports but i did not understand how to disable it
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    Post (car audio) Parrot ASTEROID Smart

    Before you have to copy the vending to system/app, after with root browser change permission " Owner read write excute" Groups and Others only read. Bye
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    Post (car audio) Parrot ASTEROID Smart

    Finally works!!!! Finally the tutorial of AL-d82 works, but i changed permissions after copying the vending to system/apps. ES Manager has not changed the permissions, i used Root Browser. Thanks Man!!!!