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  1. \/\/iLLow

    Thread [Keyboard] HTCSenseInput Dark Mod (QWERTZ only / hardcoded)

    Hey guys, i want to share my work with you. I made a QWERTZ dark template for the HTCSenseInput Keyboard (standalone/hardcoded, no SenseLauncher needed). I am using P20 Pro Emui 8.1.0 and it works without any problems. As i already wrote, i've only edited the QWERTZ part. Maybe i will add the...
  2. \/\/iLLow

    Thread [solved] BlinkFeed Pull-Refresh sound

    Hey Dudes, does anybody know in which folder i can find the sound file of the "BlinkFeed Pull-Refresh"? I want to use it as WhatsApp Notification. Thank you :)
  3. \/\/iLLow

    Thread [Q] Android Revolution HD 9.0.0 - Quicksettings gone

    Hey Dudes, ARHD 9.0.0 works fine for me but my "Quick-Settings" ("Kurzeinstellungen") are gone. Why? I've upgraded from 8.1.0 (Quick-Settings exist) to 9.0.0 without Super-Wiping. Reflash has not solved the problem. Please help :confused: Anyway nice rom - thanks! Edit: I've installed...