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  1. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [ROM] [5.1.1_r13][OFFICIAL][DISCONTINUED] INFINITIVE-OS v1.3.1 | RRO for Honor 4/4X

    TeamIO presents Infinitive-OS Infinitive-OS is based on AOSP and SlimROM dedicated to providing users with a ROM thats stable and loaded with features . RRO Layers Custimizable QS Tiles SlimRecents SlimPie Screenrecorder settings Custom Hardware Buttons Options...
  2. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [Q] Xperia E3 version

    Hi, My contract with the phone carrier is ending in June and i planed to get this phone, because it's the cheapest one i can get that has a stable/semi-stable CM12 rom. I am a member of the Glade Dev team and i plan to port it for E3. But i can't be sure if the device i am getting will be...
  3. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Weird issue with the screen.

    So,i started getting some weird problems with my phone. The phone started randomly opening apps,closing,doing anything that could be done in the app i was. I activated "Show touches" in Developer Options and i could see touches all around the screen even if i am not touching it at all. This...
  4. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [Update 9.02.2014.]Rumrunner S-OFF

    WARNING : USING S-OFF METHOD YOU WILL GET VIBRATIONS ON BOOT ! They are caused because of a bug in the radio and can't be fixed! So decide if you are ok with it before using Rumrunner S-OFF! Well this is not just another S-OFF thread like you see around here. This is THE S-OFF thread ! I...
  5. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Apktool problem.

    I am trying to do some mods to the prism apk. It's working fine with framework-res.apk but when i try to do apktool if i get this : C:\Users\Ivke\Desktop\Apktool>apktool if Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException: Multiple...
  6. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [Q] Beats Audio

    Hi, Is it possible to somehow enable the Beats Audio on the speaker,not just the headphones ? I know we don't have a stereo speaker but is there a mod or something ?
  7. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Screen crack.

    So today my phone fell and i got a crack. :P It sucks. But,i got only two lines. Nothing to big i can see the screen and work on it without a problem. But i can't actually feel the crack under my finger. So is there a piece of plastic on top of the screen ? I can see the shadows that these...
  8. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Some questions.

    1. Anyone tried out the Xposed framework and is it working on our device ? 2. Can we get the quick settings in the statusbar on stock jb rom ? Like this. If not is there a great alternative to this ?
  9. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [Q]Drivers

    Ok,so i installed Windows 8.1 and i have some problems with the drivers in the Bootlader and Fastboot. I am getting Unknown Device (Device is not enumerated) in the device manager. But the phone is normaly detected and runing in recovery and when it's on. Any ideas ?
  10. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [Q] Streaming music

    I have tons of music,i really like music. xD I have selected some of the best songs i have but total size is about 5 GB and my sd has only 2GB storage space (i plan to buy 8GB one. :P). So i am asking is there a way to for example upload my music to Dropbox or any other host and then stream it...
  11. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [News] CyanogenMod

    Interesting news i would like to share with you. Looks like we are going to have some fun with our DX soon. :D
  12. nightwalkerkg

    Thread [Q] S-OFF

    Before you get all like : "Man use the search button" and stuff i know what is s-off and i know that our device doesn't have one. xD So here is the deal. What do we need to get s-off on our device ? Can we use the Revolutionary ? How different is the s-off for HTC Desire,HTC Desire S and HTC...
  13. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Mods.

    Ok,so i was searching through xda and i found these two mods for android phones. Did anyone try them and if yes do they actually do something ? :D I see that this one has been tested on our phone,i am on JB and the sound output from the...
  14. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Userbar

    Ok,so i am not allowed to post in the development section,i don't have 10 posts yet. :( So i made a userbar for the CM 10.1 that i would like to share with you,it's simple and i and i haven't put much time in it so it might not look that good but i will try to improve it,i am open for...
  15. nightwalkerkg

    Thread Good developers needed.

    Hi, Wee need a good developers to try and port CM9 to AlcatelOT990. We really need your help !