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    Thread oreo update

    just downloaded oem oreo update
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    Thread Can't root after Note 7 swap

    I swapped out my Note 7 today,, I can not root ... anyone else have this problem... ??? I have tried 4 times..
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    Thread BRICKED phone flashing kernel

    I was running Scotts CleanRom 4.25 on my s3 and flashed Saberkernel.13.4 and it bricked my sg3.. will not boot into recovery.. the kernal works on my note 2.. but just thought I would post to prevent others from making same mistake. I done the battery pull. and can only get a red light to come...
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    Thread overclocked my note to 1800

    I was able to overclock my note 2 to 1800,,, benchmarked at 19206:D
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    Thread [Q] Overeclock

    Does anyone know a way to overclock the Razr HD? I know in the past there were scripts made.. none of the apps work.:p