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    Thread [GUIDE] How to back out of KitKat to Jelly Bean? | Downgrade to JB LG G2

    Many of you will have happened to them what to me, upgraded to VDF KitKat and then realized that root could not be and without root cannot modify anything. You tried to Flash a ROM JB format KDZ and found out that you can't. Behold the solution!! Back to Jelly Bean in a LG G2 It is a bit...
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    Thread [MOD] Bootanimation and Shutdownanimation for LG FullHD | from Recovery flasher

    Here you have 6 Mod flasher from recovery for LG FullHD (1088 x 1920) It bothers you or you don't like the animation of power-your phone? So here are 6 mod so you remove them or change the originals from LG that comes in versions OPEN INSTALLATION: Phone must have any of the alternative...
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    Thread [UTILITY] LG-G2 Toolkit | Multi Root | Multi Flash Recovery | LINUX/MAC

    NOTE I've created this tool to see that most of the support for the G2 you have on Windows, and little or very little under Linux. So that I started to work and this is the first dislike, it is a beta, but I have tested it and apparently everything, except low Mac works, having no system iOS not...
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    Thread [KitKat] LG releases sources LG-F320 | V20a & V20b

    LG releases sources KitKat's LG-F320K/V20a, LG-F320L/V20b and LG-F320S/V20a Link OpenSource Code Distribution
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    Thread How to make a perfect unrooted

    HOW TO MAKE A PERFECT UNROOTED ATTENTION Before continuing, make... BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP, ... If rooted ever your phone system detects it, and if you enter in Download this screen will look In the box below you can read: And one of these three States: According to the European...
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    Thread [RECOVERY] Theme TWRP | Homero Bat v-3.5 | 1080x1920

    I have already finished the theme for the v- and v- TWRP Recovery. In it I have included a first, and it is the State of the battery with graphics and text. I wanted to give him a look more like bringing Android 4.2.2 in the G2. But better I leave a catch recreated with Gimp so you...
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    Thread Error to the CWM flasher L7 P700

    It is that I installed ROM Manager and Flash the recovery, tells me that OK CWM to the latest version, reboot and salts this: [7780] --------------------------------------------- [7780] [7780] Secure booting Error! [7780] Cause: boot veryfy certification [7780] [7780]...
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    Thread [APK] ROOTimg without using PC with Z4ROOT (L3, L5 & L7)

    I think this topic because I have received many private messages asking for root. A method is very easy to roortear the telephone, and sn using a PC. ____________ Froyo, GB, ICS, and JB has given some pain of cabexa to root! Well, that solves that. Credits Z4ziggy, Rageagainstthecage of...
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    Thread [ROM KDZ] L7 - V20A_00 Jelly Bean | ROOT | CWM | Unlocked BootLoader | by Homero

    ROM V20A Jelly Bean V-4.1.2, kernel v-3.4.0 To this the rooted ROM, incorporated the CWM Recovery and with the Bootloader unlocked. If everything in a single flashing, and with the advantage of not to lose information, you will have flasheais with this ROM (your phone will be updated of ICS to...
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    Thread [MOD] Facelock to the LG-L7 ICS (facial unlock)

    FACELOCK for L7 ICS As the title says, this is a mod that adds the unblocking of the terminal with the face of a person. This is an adaptation that I've done for the L7, (should work both the L5 as the L3).
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    Thread [TUTO] As unpacking a KDZ and a DZ [LG L7/5/3]

    In LG phones L7/5/3 to opted for DZ format, if we unpack one ROM KDZ we find a CAB, and if you unzipped the CAB seems the DZ. DZ files are tablets that can be flashed directly, and as always, you can unpack to extract the ROM in BIN format. NECESSARY TOOLS Unpack KDZ = LGExtract.exe by...
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    Thread [TUTO] Create ROM format KDZ, for the L7 - L5 - L3

    Create a ROM format KDZ It is strictly forbidden to copy this tutorial or parts of it in another forum, blog or website without the authorization of the author. A little knowledge KDZ is the official format that uses LG to update their devices. Each device has different content, in this case...
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    Thread [ROM KDZ] L7 - V10K_00 Stock | ROOT | CWM | Unlocked BootLoader | by Homero

    As the rooted from the P700 (L7) is expensive since left the V10K ROM, I've been given turns the issue rooted, wanted that it would be easy for the uninitiated in the field, and at the end tube success. This is the result, A ROM in format KDZ! This is the first Custom ROM I do format KDZ...
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    Thread [THEME] TWRP 480x800 - Holo O3D by Homero

    Theme Holo 3D v-3.0 based on TWRP version, for a resolution of 480x800 I have created 2 versions, one in Spanish and one in English. I hope you like it as much as I like to my. How to install: 1. Download or and rename it to 2...
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    Thread [Theme] TWRP 480x800 - Holo 3D by Homero

    Theme Holo 3D v-3.0 based on TWRP version, for a resolution of 480 x 800 I have created 2 versions, one in Spanish and one in English. I hope you like it as much as I like to my. How to install: 1. Download or and rename it to
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    Thread [TOOL] Optimus Toolkit 6 in 1 v1.1.1 | P990-Linux|Root-Flash-Backup-Ap/KDZ Toolkit

    Optimus Toolkit 6 in 1 v-1.1.1 - Linux After a few month programming here you have this 6 in 1, we say that it is the counterpart in Linux of the "All in one", though it seems. In you program have included 6 applications essential for the day-to-day management of Optimus, partitions...
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    Thread [TOOL] New universal method of rooted for the Optimus 2x | Linux/Mac | (beta)

    New universal method of rooted for the Optimus 2x After much programming and experimenting with another great part, already I can deliver my latest work. So far have only made for Linux and Mac. (there are methods to not be as done in CMD) Apparently it seems very simple, but it cheats, it is...
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    Thread CRBINAP - Creates files custom LGP990_AP.bin for flashing with Smartflah

    I've managed to build a BIN file to be flashed with Smartflash What I did was break the file LGP990_AP.bin on 9 servings, each of them belongs to an internal partition of the Optimus 2 x ICS Stock I've replaced the BOOTLOADER, BOOT, RECOVERY, SDINT and SYSTEM partitions by a modified by my...
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    Thread List of ROMs European ICS for the LGP990

    Here you will find links to the future European ROM ICS for the O2x
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    Thread [ROM] Opti-ICS LGP990 CWM6 V30a | Root | Deodex | Optitool Menu | NVflash

    This is a ROM based on the Leak V30a. NEW VERSION V-0.8 IMPORTANT: So there are no incompatibilities issues it is recommended that before you Flash this ROM is Flash the ROM V30a Stock to Smartflash[/URL]
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    Thread P990 ICS LEAK - RIL 1109 V28e & 1110 V28g ZIP_CWM

    ATTENTION: These RIL are for ROMs ICS V28x Here you have the installers I did for the RIL 1109 and 1110, besides build.prop corrected for the GetRIL or LG RIL functioning. Installing from CWM as any zip RIL 1109 P990 V28e Leak CWM - 261.71 KB RIL 1110 P990 V28g Leak CWM...
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    Thread [CM7] LG Optimus 2x CyanogenMod 7.2 Custom ROM Cyan-3D by Homero

    This ROM is based on the work done by CyanogenMod version 7.2, merits to them, I just have changed its graphic aspect and I added icons battery with 1% step, as well as animations of type ICS. All the menus looks 3D with blue gradient, these are based on the work of Daniel (AmnonDaniel)...
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    Thread Unpack-Repack Recovery LG Optimus for Android Kitchen 0.195 - by dsixda LINUX

    LINUX ONLY For LG Optimus This is an implementation for the Android Kitchen 0.195 - by dsixda, a new option is added to the menu 0 - ADVANCED OPTIONS The option is 25 - Tools for recovery image (unpack() re-pack etc) This tool made it to modify the TWRP Recovery and give that look 3D, hope...
  24. Homero2

    Thread [MOD] TeamWin Recovery 2.1.8 3D 2.0 EN/ES by Homero

    TeamWin Recovery v2.1.8 3D v2.0 EN/ES - Optimus 2x This is the recovery of TeamWin, is a touch recovery, with good features, it is the alternative the CWM I have included you a code of colors depending on the severity of the action: Blue - Normal Yellow - Regular Red – Danger These are...
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    Thread [THEME] Opti-3D Theme ICS Update v20s

    Opti-3D Theme ICS Update v20s Based on the Gabriesu ICS theme, modified for the Opti-3D touch and corrected some errors. MODIFIED APPLICATION - AlarmClockNew.apk - Browser.apk - Calendar.apk - Contacts.apk - Gmail.apk - LGEmail.apk - Mms.apk - Phone.apk - Settings.apk - SystemUI.apk -...
  26. Homero2

    Thread [ROM] Opti-3D v-1.4.4.r1 V20s_00 stock GB Clean for ClockWorkMod -Ext3

    Opti-3D V-1.4.4.r1 - based on the official ROM V20s_00 Open - Ext3 Clean application of LG ROM, these is extra, if you want to reinstall the system. With this new version you get more free memory, more battery-saving and more fluidity in the management. The RIL of this ROM is 521, so if we want...
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    Thread Calculator for Android - OptiCalc v-2.4

    OptiCalc is a scientific calculator that should bring all terminals Optimus series. It has many functions, the most important and the calculation of percentage. The original calculator belongs to Copyright 2012 Ralf Schroth - All rights reserved, has been customized by me, since the original was...
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    Thread [SmartFlash] Flashing BaseBand with multiple files

    Lately the Band Base are composed of 4 files, and most don't know as flashing, some say that we select the file may weight, but I found a very easy way to Flash this type of Base Band. -First of all remove the battery to the phone and while you press the key Vol- connect the USB to PC, once the...
  29. Homero2

    Thread [ROM] NVFlash Opti-3D v-1.4.4 V20s Stock GB Clean CWM | UNBRICK

    For OPTIMUS 2x This is the first version that I a custom ROM format NVFlash. INCLUDES: - Recovery ClockWorkMod - V20s clean style Opti-3D v-1.4.4 - Deodex - Zipaling - GPS FasterFix Europe Mod by 75markus - Fast Dormancy Off by Flix123 - Camera 1080 by Flix123 - Root - BusyBox - Bravia Hack by...
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    Thread [ROM] Links to all the Stock ROMs of the Optimus Black - KDZ

    On the link you will find all the ROMs of the Optimus Black, all countries and models KDZ ROMs
  31. Homero2

    Thread [ROM] Links to all the Stock ROMs of the Optimus One - KDZ

    On the link you will find all the ROMs of the Optimus One, all countries and models KDZ ROMs
  32. Homero2

    Thread [ROM] Links to all the Stock ROMs of the Optimus 2x - KDZ

    On the link you will find all the ROMs of the Optimus 2x, all countries and models updated 07/17/2012 - 269 ROMs KDZ ROMs
  33. Homero2

    Thread [ROM] Optimus 2x -Gingerbread - HomeroMod Opti-3D v-1.4.0

    Are you interested in a clean and stylish ROM Stock?.Then you are on the right site. ROM Opti-3D is what you are searching; personalised icons, status bar animations and much more. Besides, it is a clean and refined ROM that also take care of the battery with an optimum efficiency. ROM Optimus...
  34. Homero2

    Thread [Q] Custon ROM without wifi

    This is a question for the experts on the forum. I cooked a couple of ROMs for LG-O2X based on V20L and V20o. The problem is I can not actibar WiFi, this is disabled, only be solved if flash my ROM before flashing with Smartflahs or NVFLASH I even copied all O2X memory, when it is operating...
  35. Homero2

    Thread BIN/DZ Menu MultiLang v1.2.3

    Hello, here you bring my last work. Is a modification that made to the program DZMenu v2.0.1, to include him the DZDecrypt. This is a menu for the program DZCreate and DZDecrypt of BIGBOSS for copsfrance This have created it to facilitate the use of the program of BIGBOSS, that works in...