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  1. smouker

    Thread Strange behavior after screen replacement

    Hey Folks So I replaced my screen in order to fix those ghost touches. I ordered a screen from aliexpress and its totally fine. But since the replacement my cellular network connectiom goes crazy. 1. I wasnt able to register the phone in the providers network, so I double checked the antenna...
  2. smouker

    Thread Microphone Headset

    Hi Guys I noticed that the microphone of my Headphones does not work with my Poco. (AKG from Samsung S8) But the Microphone works fine on other devices. Is this a known Problem? Does someone else got that problem? Cheers Smouker
  3. smouker

    Thread VR Headset

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if someone uses a VR headset with the Honor 8 Pro. I dont like the Cardboard that comes with the phone and I would like to buy a VR Headset. What kind of VR Headset do you guys use? Cheers
  4. smouker

    Thread Charging Times

    Hey Everyone, just a quick Question: Is someone else facing really slow charging times? Cheers
  5. smouker

    Thread Color Temperature OP3

    Hello all I was wondering how you guys have set the Color Temperature of your Display. What's the best Setting in your opinion? :) I have mine set to: Day: 9500K Night: 7000K Cheers
  6. smouker

    Thread Bootanimation Change

    For everyone whos intersted: I was able to flash another Bootanimation with this tool: Maybe you already knew it, but I thought I share it (:
  7. smouker

    Thread Broken screen

    So I just broke my screen glass of the Gflex 2 at a party lol Does someone know if we can already buy replacement parts somewhere.? Pce
  8. smouker

    Thread OTG device question

    Hey guys I got a problem with my OTG device.. If my mass storage is connected im able to turn the display on With volume up/down. And if its not plugged in everything is normal. Is this a function or an Issue.?! I didn't enabled it in venom tweaks! Does someone got this "problem" also.? Is it...
  9. smouker

    Thread Getting s-off

    Hey guys I just got one question.. On the Moonshine Website is written i need the correct Firmware.. Im currently using Trickdroid 5.6.0.. Do I need to upgrade to an original OTA or can I stay on this Rom to get s-off?? Sorry for my bad english Pce
  10. smouker

    Thread [Q] MTD partition error

    Hey Guys I have the following problem: I've maked a Backup of my current Rom to flash another rom Now i want to go back to my old ROM with the backup When i try to restore the backup comes this: Checking MD5 sums... Erasing boot before restore... Restoring boot image... Restoring system...